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Thelma and Lindel Had A Perfect First Date – Now It’s Happy Ever After!

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We are always excited about all the magic that comes with the first date! Thelma and Lindel knew they had found love when a first date meant to last for one hour went on for three hours!

It all began when a mutual introduced them to each other. They formed a connection over the phone and getting to meet physically strengthened it! Today we get to see their beautiful pre-wedding photos and we cannot get over the beauty that their hearty smiles and sweet love bring. They make such a perfect pair and we are excited about the love they share.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below.

How we met
By the bride, Thelma:

Lindel and I met through a mutual friend in 2021. We were both single and our friend thought that we would be a good match for each other. Lindel sent me a message introducing himself and asked me to let him know a good time I could talk. I responded and he called me. We spoke for a while and texted for the rest of the day. He was such a gentleman & so intentional from the start.

The moment he got back from a business trip, he asked me out to dinner the next day. We met at a cute restaurant, and a dinner that we assumed would last for an hour turned into 3 hours. We talked about everything and had such a great time. He was honest and very open in our conversations. I got home, called my sister and told her I just went on the best date ever.

From that day, Lindel would send a message to me every morning and call me to find out how my day was. We would hang out daily if we weren’t travelling for work. Exactly a month after the meeting, he officially asked me to be his girlfriend, and I said ‘yes’. We realized that we shared literally the same values regarding our faith, family, lifestyle & principles for living. We are so alike in many ways. It was such a peaceful courtship; he always made me feel safe, loved & cherished. So happy that God brought us together.❤️



Bride-to-be @charis_tee
Planner @2706events
Makeup @kandybeatinc
Photography @thedavidmartinss

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