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ARISE Fashion Week 2023 – Runway Day 1 | BLOKE

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ARISE Fashion Week 2023 has officially kicked off with top African designers showcasing their pieces for the new season.

BLOKE made an appearance on the runway Day 1, and here is your BellaNaija Style recap.

BLOKE is a label introducing a distinct notion of luxury by bridging contemporary design with an handcrafted sensibility, enveloped with an undertone of self exploration. Founded by Faith Oluwajimi in 2015, to continually explore the possibilities of creating ethically made garments that champion the values of inclusivity and collaboration forging a new path of cultural exploration with avant-garde approach to textiles and knitwear.

Generously interpreting the exuberance of its local milieu, Bloke challenges the relationship between art, culture, and fashion with its well-crafted and experimental offerings.

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See the collection below:

Photography: Kola Oshalusi for Insigna Media

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