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Uchenna Gboneme Launches ‘Generational Business’ Podcast to Empower Entrepreneurs | Listen on BN

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Media Director of Orange Group, Uchenna Ezenna-Gboneme, has announced the launch of her new business podcast show titled “Generational Business.”

Launched for the purpose of exploring how generational and family-led businesses thrive in Africa, the 10-episode podcast will be hosted on Africa Business Radio.

“It is eye-opening to show the different businesses in Nigeria that are family-led. My goal for ‘Generational Business’ is to throw light on how generational businesses thrive in our climate, how they are able to set up structures that stand the test of time, and ultimately, how to balance the delicate dynamics of family ties.” Gboneme explained.

A second-generation business leader herself, Gboneme is hoping to simplify the “ambiguities and complexities” surrounding family-run businesses in Nigeria. “Generational Business” will feature successful second and third-generation leaders of these family-run businesses.

In the three episodes that have been released, “Generational Business” has featured Funtuna Limited’s Tolulola Olumide, Chisco Energy’s Chidi Anyaegbu, and Punch Commercial Publishing Limited’s Olufolahan Aboderin.

Listen to the first three episodes below:

Episode one with Chidi Anyaegbu Jr. Managing Director, Chisco Energy.

Uchenna and Chidi Anyaegbu Jr. discuss the intricacies of family businesses and succession planning in Nigerian society. Gain valuable insights on navigating the unique challenges and opportunities of running a successful family-owned enterprise in Nigeria.

Episode two with Tolulola Olumide, Executive Director, Funtuna Ventures Nig. Ltd.

In this episode, Tolulola Olumide discusses the importance of family values and how they’ve helped Funtuna Ventures grow and thrive.

Episode three with Olufolahan Aboderin, Director Punch Commercial Publishing Ltd.

This episode talks about how keeping the business in the family helps with longevity.

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