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Revitalize Your Skin with CLARINS: A Beauty Staple for All Ages

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We are currently seeing the iconic brand that has been long associated with older generations pop back up on our feeds and timelines.

CLARINS, the brand you grew up seeing your mom use and was a staple on her vanity is seeing a resurgence in the beauty cabinets and skincare routines of our favourite content creators and personalities.

The younger generation is tapping into and falling in love with the iconic brand’s effective yet gentle ways of handling skincare concerns such as dull skin, lack of hydration, and fine lines. The must-have skincare essential, Double Serum is a serum for every skincare routine with benefits such as firmer, more radiant, and even complexion, and diminished pores.

Fashionista and lifestyle content creator Powede Awujo swears by the iconic Double Serum and Double Serum eye which is a staple in her morning and night routine.


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Actress Omowunmi Dada has also been spotted showing off her skincare routine for her flawless complexion which is filled with must-haves from CLARINS including Double Serum and Double Serum Eye


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Another Clarins’ icon is the Bright Plus Serum, which is an advanced, fast-absorbing brightening serum that targets dark spots caused by pollution, UV rays, and blemishes. The serum is for all skin types and leaves the skin looking more luminous and radiant.

The beautiful Betty Irabor has also included this popular serum in her routine which fits perfectly to her lifestyle and needs.


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Double Serum
The iconic Double Serum is a Complete Age Control Concentrate that stimulates the 5 vital functions of the skin for a more youthful and radiant complexion. Working on hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, protection, and regeneration, Double Serum contains 21 active plant extracts including turmeric, known for its exceptional anti-aging properties.

Double Serum has been reformulated in a new texture, Double Serum Light Texture. Double Serum Light Texture is light and imperceptible and its more suitable for oily skin, and warmer temperatures like Nigeria

Bright Plus Serum
Bright Plus is a potent fast-absorbing serum, this high-performance formula contains Rose Myrtle, Acerola Seeds, Hyaluronic Acid, and Organic Sea Lily to increase cell oxygenation while providing hydration and helping reveal an even skin tone, Bright Plus is a serum that delivers results quickly.

This ultra-lightweight serum absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving it hydrated, radiant, and brighter. Combine the Bright Plus Serum with the Bright Plus Emulsion for optimal results.

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