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Neighbour Turned Lover! Ida and Jumbe’s Love Story Will Make Your Day

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Today is all about Ida and Jumbe! Their sweet love story is giving us more reasons to believe that sometimes, the love of your life may be closer than you think!

They met six years ago as neighbours and while Cupid did its magic, the connection between them grew stronger. Now, they are going from just sharing the same neighbourhood to sharing the same home. They look absolutely beautiful in their pre-wedding photos and all the happiness and chemistry they exude will make your day.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Ida:

We first met in November 2017. We shared the same neighbourhood. Days went on and the connection between us grew stronger. Never felt a connection like this with anyone else. In October 2022, he proposed. And that was the beginning of our forever. My neighbour became my partner for life.


Photography @clemence_photography

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