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Diamond Platnumz and Hollantex Bring Colorful Fabrics to Life in Teaser

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Hollantex, one of the renowned Panafrican textile companies, has just released a captivating teaser video on their official accounts that highlights the importance of tailors in the wax industry. The video features none other than Diamond Platnumz, the Tanzanian singer, songwriter, and fashion icon, who is seen sewing beautiful and colourful Hollantex fabrics.

As Diamond Platnumz sews the fabrics with precision, he hears the sound of a little girl giggling, intriguing him. The teaser ends with the message, ‘Coming soon on June 12th.’

Hollantex is known for its high-quality wax fabrics that are popular among fashion enthusiasts and designers. The company has been at the forefront of the wax industry for several decades and has established itself as a leader in the African textile market.

The new Hollantex teaser featuring Diamond Platnumz sewing beautiful and colourful fabrics are a testament to the company’s commitment to highlighting the importance of tailors in the wax industry. It is a beautiful and heartwarming video that showcases the beauty of African textiles and the people who make them.

Click here to see the teaser.

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