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A Perfect Match! Bisola & Corey Found Love on a Dating Site

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On today’s episode of sweet Internet love stories, we’ve got Bisola and Corey taking centre stage! All thanks to a dating site, the lovebirds are now on a forever journey.

It all started when Corey saw Bisola’s photo on Hinge and liked it. It was an instant connection and when they eventually met, this connection was taken even notches higher! Three blissful months after she agreed to be his girlfriend, Corey asked Bisola to marry him and she said Yes! Their pre-wedding photos are a sight to behold and you can’t but get smitten by just looking at these two. They make such a perfect pair and we are totally rooting for them!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Bisola:

Our love story began in October. It all started with a photo like and a ‘hi!’ on Hinge. We matched and did the whole back-and-fort conversations curious about each other’s background, interests, and weekend shenanigans. The defining moment for me was when I spoke to Corey on the phone, heard his voice and he did this fake Welsh inflections that cracked me up a lot. I laughed so hard that night and enjoyed the easy, all-natural conversations with Corey which was different from all I had been experiencing online. We talked some more for two weeks and decided to see one another. Normally, as a lady in the dating space, I like to keep things fair and not set unrealistic expectations for a man. I volunteered to meet Corey halfway because he lived two and a half hours away from me. He told me not to worry that he would come to see me. One thing that shone through the first few moments with him was how thoughtful and intentional he is. I was late for our first date because I was apprehensive about meeting him in person. I was afraid that the magic will end and I will feel awkward so I delayed meeting him after church as proposed on that day. My friends encouraged me and told me not to discount how good I felt around him. So I took their advice. We had our first date and spent hours talking.

One unique thing about Corey is his consistency. He showed me through small and large actions how much he values and thinks highly, consistently of me. He called me at the same time (8:am every morning- to this day), he remembers my favourite things and surprises me with them. For instance I had shown him my photo album from Nigeria where I had this washed-out picture, wearing aso-oke with my mum on my third birthday. It was the only copy I had and it was getting faded. He picked the photograph that day and surprised me with a digitized cleaned- up copy of my favorite childhood picture a week later. Corey heard me describing the satisfying feeling of drinking water from a clay pot (amu) and he contacted someone on Etsy to design me a mini-amphora. Two weeks after we started dating, he collated all our pictures into a collaged, photo-frame and called it ‘the beginning of something wonderful’. I never thought of myself as a romantic but omo, I fell for those lover-boy tactics and I am still falling for them to this day. Three months after we became official, Corey asked me to marry him and proposed to me in our new house. Everyone around me including me was surprised at how fast we came to be. But I knew he is my forever because I would be content doing life with him no matter the good, the bad and the ugly. I was not naive that it takes time to love someone but nothing beats, meeting your person, agreeing on the fundamentals, having the same values and being willing to take a chance on something great!!! Cheers to us and more good years discovering one another, Corey James Snipes!

How we met
By the groom, Corey:

So, there I was, sitting in my friend’s living room for a friends-giving Thanksgiving. Going through Hinge trying to meet attractive women if I am being honest. I came across this beautiful woman but I figured she would not want to go out with me so instead of sending her a message, I simply liked her photo. Little did I know that she would actually reach out to me! From there, we began talking about our holiday and good food and friends. They say you can tell a person by who they surround themselves with. Everyone I have met that is a part of her life is just as wonderful and kind as she is. We spoke for a week before having a video call where we spoke for hours and shared many laughs. She ended up having her friends-giving with her friends a few days after that and when we were talking, I asked her if she still felt full from the day before. She said she ate so much that she drank lots of water afterwards. I thought I had a pretty smooth line and said “Well the bible says to give drink to those who are thirsty and feed the hungry so I guess we should go out for drinks instead.” to which she replied, “I would like to go out for drinks whenever you want”.

We agreed to meet up for brunch but she was almost 30 minutes late. (little did I know she was almost about to stand me up!) We met after church and had a wonderful time talking for over an hour at the table long after we had finished eating. We continued to walk and talk outside both of us seemingly not wanting the date to end. I ended up leaving but we continued to speak every day. I knew it was serious when I stopped talking to everyone else I had matched with and declined the dates I had already planned with others. I knew then that this was something I seriously wanted to pursue. I never had the intention of finding my forever love but they say you find things when you least expect it and I am thankful for every day I have with her. I remember looking her in the eyes one day after a date thinking I love this woman but there is no way I am going to tell her and ruin everything! Right then she actually said she loved me! I told her I felt the same and I made it a point to try to figure out how we could be closer to each other since we were so far away at the time. When we started planning to buy the house we now live in together, I knew if I invited her to a fancy restaurant she would expect or anticipate a proposal. She was entirely caught by surprise when we walked into our new home to see a large banner that said will you marry me! The rest is currently history in the making! I look forward to our life and hopefully a family full of love and laughter like we already share.


Bride @osheebeez
Planner @247sl_events
Photography @c3pictures_gallery
Makeup @bukkyslay_

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