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Njideka Met Her Soulmate in Church! Enjoy The #NJPeter23 Wedding Photos

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There is such a thing as finding a soulmate and Njideka and Peter’s sweet story is proof!

Njideka wasn’t searching for love… well not until she heard a voice speak to her while she prayed one fateful day. Not long after, she met Peter in church and as they grew closer, she realised that the man she prayed for had always been closer than she expected.

Without looking back, they embarked on a forever journey and sealed their love in a beautiful white wedding ceremony. Njideka looked absolutely stunning and Peter made such a fine groom. The love that they share is hard to miss as it radiates in every frame. They also had a vibrant Igbo-Edo trad and guys… nothing will prepare you for the amount of sweetness coming your way! For a fact, these two were meant to be, and we are so excited that love brought them together in such a magical way!

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below:

How we met
By the bride, Njideka:

First, I must state that In God’s time, He makes all things beautiful!!!!.. When God told Abraham that as far as his eyes could see, he would possess. Abraham saw it even before he actually physically saw it. God perfected His word in my life and that is my story. I had decided not to remarry after my first experience. I did not believe any man was true. I was glad and super content as I had a daughter out of my first experience. I decided not to marry again, but then several years later, God spoke to me… I heard God tell me clearly, “You need a man over your head.” Hmm… I fought it soooo hard, but God kept speaking.

I decided to outline a long list of the only kind of man I could marry and I laid it before God. I was very specific with God. In my human mind, this kind of man I asked God for was not even in existence. I literally said to God “If you want a man over my head, then give me THIS man.” It was in January 2022, during prayer & fasting in church that I met my husband again at the end of the church service. We had met several years earlier on a Professional transaction but then we lost contact. We started talking a lot more. We will speak into the night and he will only get off the phone to get ready for all-night prayers… He prays a lot and he loves God.

I realised he was very sincere about everything about himself. At this point all I wanted was to support my friend, Peter to ensure he became extremely successful in his businesses. But then shortly after, Peter told me he was in love with me already. I ignored him and I was still praying to God for the husband He wanted me to marry. Peter had become my good friend. One day, I was praying and still asking God for my husband and God said to me… “Everything you have asked me for is right in front of you” Hmm, that was soooo real. I opened my eyes, paused for a few seconds and concluded my prayers. I went back to my list and I realised that everything I wrote had Peter’s image to it, especially his white moustache… Yes, I asked God for that in the husband I wanted from Him.


I began to see Peter differently. At this point, I realised Peter was deeply in love with me but I was really scared when I realised that. I told my beloved Pastor Sarah and she advised me perfectly. He told her too and she also advised him. I knew I was in love with him too, which scared the life out of me but I couldn’t tell him for several months. He solely planned and executed a surprise proposal on my birthday on October 28, 2022, while I was at dinner with my friends in Lagos. We got married on April 14 2023 (Court Wedding), April 15th 2023 ( Traditional marriage) & April 22, 2023(Grand Finale Church/White wedding). Peter Aleogena, my husband is my completion, my perfection, my confidant, my best friend, my lover, my priest, my soul mate…totally.

My husband lays his hands on my head EVERY morning to pray for me before we leave the house and I do the same for him too. It is so natural to love him… He just gets me and he understands me. He loves my daughter to bits and my daughter loves him right back. God is faithful, God loves us both soo much to have given us each other. My husband is a good man, an amazing man. He loves God and fears God. He loves me excessively and I love him too. I would marry him over and over again. Every morning I wake up, I fall in love with my husband all over again. To everyone who had a hand in all our experiences in the past and orchestrated us together, I say a Big thank you!!!!!! Indeed, IN HIS TIME, HE MAKES ALL THINGS BEAUTIFUL. I believe I was created for my husband and he was created for me too. We connect perfectly in everything. God is a MASTER PLANNER!!! I thank God for finding me worthy of such an amazing human as a husband. I owe it all to God. Someone, please tell my husband, Peter Aleogena, that his wife Njideka Aleogena loves him eternally ❤❤

How we met
By the groom Peter:

I never believed in the meaning of the word “soulmate” until I fell in love with Njideka. I thought it was just a word people threw around when they wanted to appear cute. When I saw Njideka again in our church foyer after prayers on this fateful day in January 2022, I was instantly attracted to her. I said to myself, “Wow, she’s hot!” We exchanged pleasantries, but, of course, I wouldn’t let her go without taking her phone number. We had met many years back purely on a professional transaction.

Also, I wasn’t available at the time. We started talking and our likeness and fondness for each other grew stronger by the day. I realized I was head over heels in love with her. I finally proposed to her on her birthday, which was on the 28th of October, 2022. I got married to my best friend and soulmate in Family Worship Centre on the 22nd of April, 2023, and it’s been one of my best decisions ever. I’ll choose Njay, as she’s fondly called, over and over again.

Time for the bouquet toss!

Njideka and Peter also had their Igbo-Edo traditional wedding and this is how it went:



White wedding

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