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#BNSDigitalSummit23: Everything To Know About The BellaNaija Style x PrettyStylishFinds “Sustainability Corner”

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In collaboration with fashion-conscious consumption brand PrettyStylishFinds, BellaNaija Style proudly presents the Sustainability Corner during the BellaNaija Style Digital Summit, featuring a SwapShop and an insightful session titled “Sustainability Beyond Style.” Join us this Saturday, September 23rd, 2023, at the Ecobank Pan African Centre as we delve into the world of sustainable fashion amongst other insightful panels.

This 30-minute discussion session will be guided by the expertise of Zara Odu, the visionary force behind Designers Concosiate joined by seasoned stylist Veronica Odeka, who is committed to conscious clothing choices. Together, they’ll share valuable insights on embracing eco-conscious choices without sacrificing style or self-expression.

During this, we will further encourage guests to head to the Sustainability Corners and swap clothes or shop thrift items from our partner brand.

But it’s not just about dialogue; it’s a call to action. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are excited to unveil the Sustainability Corner in collaboration with PrettyStylishFinds.

What to Expect at the Sustainability Corner:

  • BNS x PSF SwapShop: swap shoppers/swapshop participants will bring 1-5 gently used pieces of clothing, laundered and clean, to promote circularity in fashion.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to revamp your closet while connecting with like-minded sustainable fashion enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on this unique fashion experience at the BellaNaija Style Digital Summit 2023!

Want to be a part? Send BNS x PSF SwapShop to our DM now or email us at [email protected], and we will send more details.

  • Zara Odu in Conversation with Veronica Odeka:

Zara Odu, a renowned advocate for sustainable fashion education, will be joined by Veronica Odeka, an experienced luxury and retail consultant with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry. Together, they will navigate the nuances of sustainable fashion, sharing valuable insights on how individuals can embrace eco-conscious choices without sacrificing style or self-expression.

Join us in our mission to amplify calls for ethical fashion practices and inspire commitments to Sustainability in Africa’s Fashion industry. Together, we’ll embrace fashion that not only looks good but also does good.





About PrettyStylishFinds:

This growing platform promotes conscious and sustainable fashion consumption through re-rocking, resale, and clothing donation. It aims to reduce fashion waste by encouraging fashion lovers in Nigeria to extend the lifespan of their clothes and facilitate the resale of used items among fashion enthusiasts.

Zara Odu:

Zara Odu is the founder of Designers Consociate, a boutique consultancy specializing in sustainable brand development and communication strategies. With over 15 years of experience in the field, Zara has a proven track record of building brands from the ground up or revitalizing their existing brand equity. Her expertise lies in providing actionable insights, innovative strategies, and compelling narratives that drive the success of sustainable brands.

Passionate about advancing conversations surrounding sustainability and the circular economy in Africa, Zara is a leading advocate in the industry. Through Designers Consociate, she works tirelessly to promote conscious business practices and raise awareness about the importance of sustainability. Zara’s vision and commitment have made her consultancy a trusted partner for brands seeking to make a positive impact while staying true to their values, fueling a greater shift towards sustainability in the African fashion landscape.

Veronica Odeka:

Veronica Odeka is an experienced luxury and retail consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the Fashion Industry. She is a strong business development professional skilled in Personal Styling, Marketing, Business Development, Customer Relation Management (CRM), Personal Shopping, Art Direction, and Fashion Design.

She helps emerging and established retail brands further develop and achieve new objectives with their businesses. With an MBA in LUXURY BRAND MANAGEMENT and over Twenty (20) years of experience in FASHION, LIFESTYLE, AND RETAIL CONSULTING, Veronica has made significant contributions to the industry.

Veronica has also established the VANE POLISH RETAIL STORE, where clients can shop for different brands of clothes, in addition to offering ADVISORY and PERSONAL STYLING services.

She is committed to working alongside multiple Luxury, Lifestyle, and retail brands, including hotels and brands with specific client reach and budgets. Veronica specializes in helping brands understand their core clients and the preferences of these clients by providing strategies, tips, tools, and advisory sessions that have resulted in stronger positioning and sales for brands and entrepreneurs. As a style consultant and retail advisor, she has also worked closely with brands to develop their range, resulting in very positive and lucrative sales over the last 7 years.








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