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Nothing Is Unreal: Watch Out for West Africa’s First Hyper-Realistic Immersive Experience

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In a bold move for the world of entertainment and technology, Colorean Bay proudly introduces “Nothing is Unreal”; West Africa’s first hyper-realistic immersive experience. 

Set to be held from December 1st to the 9th at SOL Oniru, the experience promises a paradigm shift in how audiences perceive a surreal Lagos day, from dusk to dawn. This installation invites participants to embark on a unique personal journey through a fusion of soothing visuals, ambient sounds, and interactive elements crafted in a serene space that draws visitors back to nature and stirs cherished childhood memories.

A team of exceptionally skilled creatives from across Africa came together to spearhead this groundbreaking venture. The collaboration boasts the talents of Creative Director Mai Lasan; Director Dammy Twitch; Dancer Hermes Ileye; Art Director Anita Ashiru; Muralist and Sculptor The Flying Bushman; Digital Artists Gabriella Solanga & Papapdu; Composer and Sound Designer Claus Vega; Architect Kelechi Odu; Musician Lady Donli; and Lighting Technicians from Lightspeed Imaging. Together, these creative luminaries form an extraordinary ensemble, pushing the boundaries as they seamlessly blend their expertise to produce an unparalleled sensory adventure.

Mai Lasan, Founder and Creative Director “Nothing is Unreal”, shares her vision:

“Nothing is Unreal” (NiU) invites the guests to nurture their sense of wonder and allows them to be curious and explore a new yet familiar world through the fusion of technology, art, & culture.”

With the help of three connecting grand screens, participants are immersed in a hyper-realistic wonderland realm, encouraging deep heritage exploration, wonder, and introspection. They will be transported individually or in pairs to foster an exclusive and intimate experience in the captivating world of NiU. 

Join them in shattering preconceptions and ushering in a new era of entertainment. Tickets for “Nothing is Unreal” will be available on their website and at SOL Oniru from the 1st of December, 2023.

To join the conversation, follow @nothing_is_unreal and @mai_lasan on Instagram.

NiU Team: Mai Lasan, Lady Donli, Hermes Ileye, Papadu Papadu, Gabrielle Salonga, Kelechi Odu, The Flying Bushman, Anita Ashiru, Claus Vega, Damilola Olomolehin, Mena Kezia, Femifala, Dammy Twitch, Muhammed Atta Ahmed, Agbaje Halimah, Katy Sade and Blossom Amaka.

Supported by: Sol Oniru, Light Speed Imaging, AA Creatives, Whispering Angel, Public Ambition, Cececa Scents, AYKO Agency, Engage Space, Blue House Studios, Pulse NG, BellaNaija, and NativeMag 

About Mai Lasan
Mai Lasan is a colourist & curator from Berlin, Germany influenced by her multicultural and multi-ethnic background. Mai has worked on global campaigns with leading brands such as Dior, Mercedes Benz, Gucci, Coca-Cola, BMW, Nike and more.

BellaNaija is a media partner for Nothing is Unreal

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