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Highlights of the House on The Rock’s “Faith to Faith” Word Conference



House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160031Shouts of praise, hands lifted high in thanksgiving, dance of victory, and screams of joy; these and more were the expressions of what the atmosphere was like at the just concluded Word Conference hosted by House on the Rock Church, Lekki.

Over the years House on the Rock Church has been focused on positively influencing and impacting the community both physically and spiritually. This year’s word conference themed “Faith to Faith” did not in any way go against the goal of the church, with life changing messages and spirit filled ministrations.

The church was able to impact, empower and spiritually refresh the lives of thousands of attendees. Awesome is an understatement of what the experience was like. It was a great gathering of people from all parts of the world; the entire atmosphere was lit up with the Word, Worship and Wonder, and in-depth revelation of the Word of God like never heard before by distinguished revered speakers.

The anointed speakers at the conference were, Pastor Paul Adefarasin, Pastor Mensa Otabil, Dr. Cindy Trimm, Dr. Abel Damina, Bishop David Abioye, and Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo.

Not forgetting the powerful ministrations by great music ministers like Micah Stampley, Sonnie Badu, Onos Ariyo, Sammy Okposo, Tim Goffery, Glowreeyah Braiham, and many more, putting people in the heart of genuine moment of praise and worship.

Here are some quotes from the speakers at the event.

“You live right, because you believe right” – Pastor Paul Adefarasin

Pastor Mensa Otabil speaking on Faith, Prayer and Understanding said “Just praying is not enough; you need to have an understanding.”

Dr. Cindy Trimm speaking on Living Beyond the limits said “Because we are in the same place, doesn’t mean we are in the same space.”

Bishop Abioye speaking on Exploring the 3 Dimensions of Faith said “Faith is a living force, drawn from the living word, which endures forever, to produce living proof.”

“Stop looking for yourself through what people say. Look for yourself in Christ” – Dr. Abel Damina

See photos below:

House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160037 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160036 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160035 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160034 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160033 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160032 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160031 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160030 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160029 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160028 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160027 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160026 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160025 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160024 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160023 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160022 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160021 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160020 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160019 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160018 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160017 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160016 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160015 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160014 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160013 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160012 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160011 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160010 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160009 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160008 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160007 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160006 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160005 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160004 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160003 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160002 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160001 House-On-The-Rock-Word-Conference-20160038

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  1. stefini

    April 30, 2016 at 12:26 pm

    this word conference was for sure AMAZING,the sunday service was just too much,the speakers Abioye,otabil e.t.c mehn i was inspired.

  2. 'Diddie

    April 30, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    wow… i missed. I do hope to get the CDs

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