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Dare2Dream Season 3 team concludes the Nationwide University Tour! Get ready for the New Season




The Dare2Dream Season 3 Team started the University Tour in UNILAG and words can’t describe what went down in Afe Babalola Hall during the 3 days selection process.

The brilliance at the third day of Auditions started from the amazing personalities sitting on panel of judges. Azuka Ogujiuba the writer, Donna Ogunnaike partner in law firm and poet who said to the students present; “The Fire has to come from inside of you.” There was also Falana, singer and composer; Ann Flavour, Fashion consultant and trainer; Oluwaseun Ayeni from Imperial Leather and Canoe; Caterina Bortolussi, Kinabuti Creative Director; Rich Tanksley, Head of; Bola Fawenhimi, CEO Few Model Management; Francesca Rosset, Dare2Dream Producer, Anu Akinyemi from FCMB; and Kingsley Ezenwa, Dana Air. They all shared words of inspiration and personal experiences that moved more than one person in the crowd.


The amazing performing artists competing to be part of the Grand finale at the federal palace Hotel and Casino had unbelievable energy to back up their incredible talent. The show ended with so many nominations: the six finalists who will be joining the bootcamp, the performing artists from UNILAG to showcase at the final event and the 3 influencers of style and luxury for Canoe and Imperial Leather in UNILAG.


On the fourth day, after closing selections in UNILAG, The Dare2Dream team alongside Flexx and Imperial Leather reached Port Harcourt via Dana air and started straight away selections in New crab Hall, UNIPORT. Arriving in Port Harcourt felt so emotional for the D2D team, like going back home after being away for a while. That is where it all started six years ago; and in the crowd we can see past participants, and performing artists from past editions; all ready to volunteer and make the project another great success.


Caterina, Kinabuti creative director, shared her emotions on stage and words from Caesar of Wazobia TV also rang true when he said “one is thing is talent and another is character and character matters more than talent.” The participants were nervous but willing to learn and perform in front of the most enthusiastic crowd that has gathered at the New Crab Hall.

On the last day in UNIPORT,the show began with the student MC speaking on the microphone and saying: “Thank you dare2dream for coming again and again and again [to UNIPORT] and we hope again and again to [see you]”.


By Day 7, the Team reached Calabar for the last stop of the university tours. This is the first time Dare2Dream goes to Calabar but the scouting promised to be very successful. Selections started at the New Theatre Art in UNICAL and the crowd was indeed outstanding: cheering, laughing, participating actively in the show. While outside, entertainment took place with the Karaoke at the FCMB Booth, making everybody jump, dance, sing and have fun.

On Day 8, the Imperial Leather and Canoe competition face of campus continues outside the hall, while inside, the selection did not stop.

Finally by Day 9 Dare2Dream Season3 team ended the University Tours in glory, with thousands of students attending the finale at the New Art Theatre in UNILCAL. What an event and what a crowd.


The energy was amazing and the Dare2Dream team loved every moment in Unical and the panel of judges: Lola Egboh, FCMB, Kemi Akinwotu, Flexx by FCMB, Seun Ayeni, Imperial Leather and Canoe, Nana Utomi, Imperial Leather and Canoe and Caterina and Francesca from Kinabuti nominated the hard working 6 finalists who will fly to Lagos via Dana Air and start the bootcamp on Friday.

The bootcamp is about to begin with the 18 finalists from Unical, Unilag and Uniport and so much enthusiasm.

Dare2Dream is powered by FCMB and Imperial Leather, sponsored by Maybelline, Canoe and Dana Air. Media Partners include, Africa Magic, Wazobia TV, Wazobia Max, Cool FM, Wazobia FM, BellaNaija, Onobello, Glamsquad,Pulse.g and The Guardian.

See some photos here:

Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0001 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0002 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0003 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0005 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0007 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0008 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0009 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0011 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0013 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0017 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0014 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0015 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0016 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0018 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0019 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0020 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0021 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0022 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0005 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0023 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0006 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0004 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0024 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0025 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0026 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0027 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0002 Dare-2-Deam-University-Tour-September-2016-BellaNaija0003

Photo credit: Marcello Pastonesi

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  1. Tosin

    September 2, 2016 at 5:41 pm

    beautiful people – Chris Brown

    (though he didn’t “create” the whole song and experience, and i’m going to find a way to stop crediting individuals for the direct work of large groups of people, but anyway, the Chris Brown song)

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