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Words of Wisdom, Knowledge & Revelation Impacted at the Spirit Life Conference themed Glory to Glory

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It was indeed a powerfully packed week as the Spirit Life Conference impacted words of wisdom, knowledge and revelation on all those that attended. In a way that was never seen before, God’s word and teachings were deftly dissected to benefit the lives of everyone tuned in. It was indeed a journey from glory to glory.

The conference opened up with an electrifying word from Dr. Abel Damina whom many describe as a radical but dangerously rooted teacher of the scriptures. He opened the congregation’s eyes to see the different relationships and covenants that were cut with the people of God in the Old Testament and New Testament. “There is a level of the glory in the Old Testament (which is a relationship built on man’s abilities) and a higher level of glory in the New Testament (a relationship built on grace and what God can do)”. The scales fell off the eyes of everyone in the auditorium as the light of understanding flooded their hearts.

Dr Abel Damina

Dr Abel Damina

The United States sent in one of her finest preachers to feed God’s folk in Nigeria. Dr Jamal Bryant exposed the incredible reality that Africa will soon be the focal point of global development. Amidst rounds of prophetic declarations, he gave the congregation a reason to hope against all hope and believe that the glory of our nation will soon be manifested to the world.

Jamal with quote

Dr Jamal Bryant

Dr Jasmin Sculark was an unstoppable powerhouse. Her teaching on the second day of the conference, with focus on painful sacrifices for a greater good stirred a lot of deep resolve in the heart of the congregation. Bishop Tudor Bismark was unapologetic in his sermon where he established God’s desire for His children to have not just good gifts, but perfect gifts. He reminded the folk of Christ how gifted they kings. He listed out these gifts to include gifts of salvation, the Holy Spirit, ministry, health and wealth and the gift of leadership and Power. It was almost too amazing to comprehend but with his skillful delivery of God’s word and the Holy Spirit, the household of God easily grasped his teachings.

Jasmin with quote

Dr Jasmin Sculark

The host, Pastor Paul Adefarasin rounded off the condescending on Sunday with a thunderous sermon straight from the oracle of heaven. His sermon, titled Living in glory, was beautifully tailored for such a time as this. He shared great insights on how blessed we are though our circumstances may say otherwise. He further encouraged the congregation not to loose heart but to make declarations of goodness and blessings as kings that they truly are. For they have been given dominion over everything in the earth and should represent the glory of God in this present time.

Pastor Paul Adefarasin

The incredible duo, Nathaniel Bassey and Micah Stampley were present to bring heaven to earth with soul-stirring ministrations. Emo Micheal and Sammie Okposo, together with the host of House On The Rock choir were immaculately divine in leading the congregation is worship.

The Spirit Life Conference 2016 tagged ‘From Glory To Glory‘ was an amazing reminder that there is hope for a better future both for the church and the nation. While we regurgitate on the ‘strong meat’ that was served at this year’s Conference, we eagerly anticipate the next edition.

See more photos from the conference:

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Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey

Micah Stampley

Micah Stampley

Jasmin Sculark

Eno Michael

Eno Michael

Eno Michael and the crowd Dr Jamal Bryant 2LMGC- CHURCH CHIORPastor Paul and crowd

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