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Dorcas Shola Fapson, Lynxxx, Beverly Osu, Shaydee & More at ‘The Truth Pool Club’ Pool Party



bankhead-entertainment-pool-party6There are pool parties, and there are POOL PARTIES!

But The Truth Pool Club is in a world of its own as it, presents a spectacular blend of epoch-making glamour and modern day luxury.

And as such, party lovers in the Lagos were indeed in for a treat like no other, as the first ever Miami style pool party held the city down, and without mincing words, it was an experience next to none.

Being the first of its kind to be hosted at the luxurious world class pool club of The Federal Place, you could tell it was without a doubt, a party like no other.

What’s a pool parties without the hottest of ladies, swimwear models, guys with the well chiseled Abs, and loads of bubbly?

Well, the party had beautiful models attired in Kamokini Bikinis dipping in the pool, sipping on the Moet Ice Imperial champagne, the guys on flex with their ribbed Abs with aim to woo the ladies, the big boys who saw no reason in getting wet and decided to chill in the VIP Cabanas, and Day beds provided, as they bumped fist to the music causing ripples in the water.

The energy of the party was at an all time with HKN‘s DJ Olu, House Maven’s DJ Oluwabruce, DJ Debby and DJ Skura taking center stage to deliver nerve racking tunes, with hype men Ben Forster, Elzo and Jimmie keeping the party charged up.

It wasn’t just an evening for the cool kids of Lagos to come have fun, but also your favorite celebs were seen basking in the euphoria of the evening and amazement at the ability of the organizers to pull off such a feat at the luxurious Federal Palace Hotel.

In attendance were Dorcas Shola Fapson, DJ Caise, N6, Lynxxx, Elma Godwin, Obafemi Martins, BOJ, Beverly Osu, Special Spesh, Shaydee and more.

The Truth Pool Club will back in December and hold on the following dates   17th, 24th, with a grand climax  on  the 31st as we usher in the new year.

See photos below:

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bankhead-entertainment-pool-party7 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party8 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party9 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party10 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party11 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party12 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party13 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party14 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party15 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party16 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party17 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party18 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party19 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party20 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party21 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party22 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party23 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party24 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party25 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party26 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party27 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party28 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party30 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party31 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party32 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party33 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party34 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party35 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party36 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party37 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party38 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party39 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party40 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party41 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party42 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party43 bankhead-entertainment-pool-party44

The Truth Pool Club is brought to you by Bankhead Entertainment

Partners include – The Federal Palace Hotel, Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial, Kamokini, Bustaid Brothers, Blind Spot, Bizzle Osikoya, Mayor’s Office, Garm Spot, DRE Entertainment and Miss DSF.

Media Partners – Trace Naija, BellaNaija and Urban Radio

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