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Orijin presents #LiveOrijinal Aso Ebi Styles! #OrijinalAsoEbiBella Week 2 + Find out the Winner!

AsoEbi Bella



Orijin and AsoEbiBella are celebrating the festive season with a BANG this year!

Did you know? You and your tailor could win AMAZING prizes – Click here for all the info or see a summary below!

How to Participate!

  • Share your best #OrijinalAsoEbiBella looks on Instagram and/or Facebook
  • Tag the tailor and tell us why you make the perfect Orijinal pair. If the tailor is not on Instagram, make a hash tag for him/her, e.g. outfit by #Rose
  • Use the hashtags #OrijinalAsoEbiBella and #LiveOrijinal and stand the chance to win amazing prizes! ?


5 pairs of Bellas and their Tailors will win the following –

  • for 5 tailors you will win shop upgrades – we will transform your space in an Orijinal way!
  • the 5 bellas will win a trunk each of fabulous fabrics – to keep making those show-stopping Orijinal styles!

All entries close by Thursday January 12, 2017

All entries will also be featured in a weekly Saturday Special #OrijinalAsoEbiBella edition on!

If you didn’t win this time, don’t be discouraged, you can enter as many times as you want.

Here’s a compilation of the second week (from Thursday to Thursday) style slayers!

First off, here’s our Winner for the week chosen by a panel of judges! 2 more to go! Here’s @Lopelewa –


@lopelewa : The world falls silent as I step in, Grosses of eyes transfixed, I in my dress is blinding, I free innocent souls jinxed, They ask me, who is your tailor?!!! Each dress is a story, Soar elegance, apt classic, In O’dunne, i’m in all my glory, Her Royal muse never has to panic. You ask me, who is my tailor?!!! She’s a beauty to behold, On her wheels and in her works, She’ll make you worth a lot more than gold, So you’re certain you’re nothing short of a zillion bucks. I ask you, who is your tailor?!!! The brightest witch sewer, She’ll cast you with a smile, My fondest dress maker, She’s a winner forever and then a mile. @Olabisiodunne, She’s my tailor. #OrijinalAsoebibella #liveOrijinal #Asoebibella


@_oredapo : I remember @teeshogsclothier taking that bold step. Leaving your 9-5 job to start off your own fashion business. Was I afraid? Heck yes, I was afraid daily. 5years plus and I am so grateful you did that girl. I don’t only have a fashion designer that gives me the most comforting Look in my asoebi outfits but one that also pays attention to details. Thank you for always choosing my designs, sketching and sewing to perfection. @teeshogsclothier thank you for always making me a very happy customer. You deserve to win this if not for anything but for your tenacity and consistency. @asoebibella @orijin_nigeria #liveOrijinal #OrijinalAsoEbiBella


@2ndfebruaryeffect : I lost all confidence in tailors….then on this faithful day i went out with my friend to see her tailor…..that’s how my journey with Ese began….I have never tried out a dress made by her and complained….she’s one smart and perfect lady over a sewing machine…. #ese’scouture……my tailor my pride #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@adeyemidamola : @envoguestitches My Wife made all these !!! I was her first customer and model and now most of my friends are very confident about her job, sometimes they get their clothes at the event and they are always very satisfied. Her creativity on fabrics is amazing .. I can never find a better designer than My Woman !!! Sometimes I just give her a description of what I want in my next Aso ebi and trust me i get more than i always expect … she’s simply amazing walai !!! #orijinalasoebibella #liveoriginal


@akpanevbuak : My #OrijinalAsoEbiBella My outfit by #Martinz Fashion House. I and my tailor makes the perfect Orijinal pair because we believe in our rich culture and lifestyle. We are blessed by our artistic styles and creativity and using our made in Naija materials to make the outfit brings out the richness in us! Proudly Nigerian! Proudly African! #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@aminatatolagbe : My Tailor is #MummySamad I call her My Tailor friend when I want to introduce her to my other friends They be like…”Iwo ati Iya Samad yii Sha! No.1 thing about her: she has lots of customers who patronize her but still whenever i send my fabrics over to her shop (which is most of the time 2-3days to when I’ll be needing the clothes) she always come through for me. This Lady is far older than I am (married woman with 3kids) but still, she talks to me with so much respect as if I’m of her age. Everyone in her line at the Ademuyiwa Tailor Market knows me whenever i come to her shop(they call me Ore Iya Samad) She is always very patient with me when I’m choosing the style I want for my clothes because she knows/understands how I want my fittings. Every last minute adjustments always happen as a result of my indecision sometimes and she won’t complain even if she has finished with the fabric in her side but at the end of the day….my Owambe is always lit because I am always comfortable in my clothes . Did I mention that she is very affordable too? Because I can act like an Ijebu sometimes @orijin_nigeria #OriginalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal @asoebibella


@augustaonyinye : It’s been an amazing year filled with events that requires what I call ‘total slaying’ from the outfit down to accessories and makeup. To achieve this gorgeous and beautiful slaying look I work with the best.Am quite picky with the kind of tailors to work with. So wen my lil sister decided to become a tailor, I was skeptical at first but finally decided to try her. 7 months in the business and she has exceeded my expectations. Her creativity infused with my carriage,poise and stylish nature has made me the belle of the ball. We combine our creativity to produce d best. The compliments keep flowing after each events…I don’t say this often but am proud of how far you have come @stitchesbyvsj..and I believe both of us are the #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@beautifulonyinye_ : *Picks up mic and clears throat*?? Let me take this time out to appreciate one person. Not only is she my tailor, today I’m parading her as my #WCW. Y’all know how I slay week in week out?, lol, and its all thanks to le designer extraordinaire @identitybyfifi??. People who know me know how much of a perfectionist I am but her patience with me just makes us perfect for each other. Goodness gracious! Sometimes i walk into her shop and have no idea what i want sewn but she just comes up with something I love and is totally FLATTERING!?? She might be my sister but when its business, that’s what it is, business! One day, she was thinking of how to meet up with deadlines and I said “you can delay making my dress” and her response surprised me. She said “You are a customer like everyone else and i won’t take advantage of our relationship. I must treat you right”. I was like ?. I’m sure she has no idea I picked that up. I have a crazy schedule but somehow, her patience, precision and amazing customer care always jumps in to save the day even at the very last minute. Is it clothes for weddings? Dem plenty for inside my wardrobe. Clothes to wear to work? Too many @pholuwakemei can testify! Clothes to glam events? Dinners? All dey. Lord knows how hard it was to select these pictures cause the perfect clothes you’ve made for me are way too much. ??One day she came to me and said “This fashion designing business is so hard rn but it’s what i want to do” and she broke down. I sat there and told her “I don’t patronise you cause of who you are to me; I do so cause you get it right everytime whilst being patient, understanding and calm (and thats not to me alone)”. Needless to say, I’ve gone to her store severally and met people whom i referred sitting to pick multiple clothes after their first purchase??? Like Oliver Twist, they went back for more. @thefifi__, you were made to do this! On this day, I celebrate you. I’m thankful for this #OrijinalAsoEbiBella platform cause it just reminded me of how faithful you’ve been. I’m sure seeing this post will shock you but yes, I hope i win this so you get an upgrade and help be make more clothes. #LiveOrijinal.



@buqolami : My lovely outfit by #muwasfashioncenter …. my tailor is really good and have tried my best in persuading her to join instagram so maybe winning this contest would be enough reason for her to join and advertise her works. #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@damilolaodewole : #stylebybukky #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal #asoebibella Now, I got introduced to my tailor, Bukky through my mum. I absolutely love her, she totally gets me, my style, my size, it’s not easy making clothes for a plus sized mamma like me, but she keeps delivering. With the advent of 4 yards asoebi (blame the recession), she knows how to maximise any fabric I give her in very creative ways. She has never disappointed me, she’s honest about what she can do and is never afraid to take up new challenges. Our relationship has gone beyond tailor – client, she’s now a good friend. She operates from one tiny room (should I say roomlet), because it’s really tiny, with a wooden extension somewhere in Iponri and I’d absolutely love for her to win this competition, she really needs it. I’m doing this for her. Thanks #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella


@dareygold : #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@debolus_hof : #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@deraybis : My designer on point, #zammie always making sense and creative, don’t know what to do without her. #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@emila.luv : My tailor rocks! She is the reason behind the smile on my face….i could go on and on with this look on my face as long as am wearing this agbada dress. Indeed, new look dresses up women. beLahdesigns rocked my day! Go gurl! #orijinal #orijinalasoebibella @asoebibella @__belah



@estherasegun :To most people good cloths is a function of how much money you are willing to spend when in actual sense it is a function of how good your tailor is. A good tailor can make a cheap material look like it’s worth a billion dollars, make your cheap material turn tables without breaking your purse or bank account. Put on your 5 million naira lace from dubai and I would get a lace as cheap 2000 naira from tinubu square and trust me my #orijinal tailor would make me turn more tables than your billion dollars lace can ever dream of. My #original tailor with a perfect combination of good tailoring and fashion designing skills is the bomb. #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal @the7thbrooche @asoebibella @orijin_nigeria


@fbaqueen_signature :
#OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@fumsydolls : #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal All honour to God , am my own designer, I make what I wear, I learmt within a month and am able to put my outfits together . always slaying at all occasions. From wedding to birthdays to.dinner ,every ouyit was a hit back to back . so thanks to me,myself and I @fumsydolls and tnks to my boss @olan_collections . shez the best


@hee_vi_ay :
#OrijinalAsoEbiBella @orijin_nigeria. So my tailor’s name is; @jeny_dc!!! We’ve known for so long buh never did business with her until Dec 24th 2015. We are celebrating the anniversary soon..? See, Jennifer knows her job so well! I just tell her how serious the occassion is and how i am gonnna see a lot of “tueh tueh” people and my phone starts buzzing with pics; “Ivie, do you like this?” “Ivie, see this one, it wont show your arms”..?? We fight, we quarrel, we argue! Buh she always have a way of making things up.. when she says; “Oya, nor vex.. i will remove 1k from your money or i will buy peanut for you..” And i start to smile again…? Alot of other stories tho! #Goodbye I hope we win this competition!!


@herofaleye1 : Going in for the @orijin_nigeria #Orijinalasoebibella #Liveorijinal competition…. I pray I get picked.


@houseofnavayle : You slay like @oruare when you wear House Of Navayle #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@hullersignal : #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal His name is lukumon,he was my senior back then in sec school. I get to see again after about 4 years and ever since,he has been my number paddy when it comes to aso ebi. The secret of our friendship is understanding,sometimes he will call me to ask if I’m free to come over to his shop. He got my back though we sometime fight over delay but he always win by telling me that he don’t want any of his apprentice sew my cloth. He will say “ola I don’t want you to curse me,I always try my best to do your cloth myself,so don’t rush me,lemme do it my way”


@hyceprincess : @Orijin_Nigeria
They say 20children can’t play for 20years but mine and lade’s @lade_d_tailor is an exception.Shes so loyal and true to my slay that she became my tailor. That moment when you have to get ready for a party in two days but you don’t have a cloth neither do you have a style,the very busy lade @lade_d_tailor will get the cloth and make you slay in a fine style. And the one that amazes me most is that even without upfront payment,you can sure count on lade @lade_d_tailor to get your clothes ready. My 2016 won’t be complete without this pretty lady that helps my shine. Thanks boo @lade_d #orijinalasoebibella


@iam_bubblecheek: My Tailor is so gifted. #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@iam_jahdiel : #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal Outfits by @long_stiches Had to post this cos my mum nd her tailor r d best pair….. Even if they quarell cos madam @long_stiches changd her design or didnt deliver on tym they still work together witout killing dem selfs…… Thank u @long_stiches For always making mumsy to compete with me fashionwise.


@iambubublaq : #ORIJINALASOEBIBELLA #LIVEORIJINAL | ….When you find that tailor that understands how you think and does an excellent job of bringing it to life, you know everything is alright with the world. To say I trust @mzlyth with my designs is an understatement. I put her through a lot of last minute stress and the darling never complains. A friend once said to me that “the way your tailor brings your designs to life is freaking amazing”….but that’s my tailor for you. With her, I don’t have to scream or have a fit because I know that my sketches on a paper will come out just the way I imagined. I’m excited to expose her talent because she is the first Nigerian tailor I’ve worked with that isn’t your typical Nigerian tailor: lateness, panic attacks, high blood pressure, 500 adjustments, disappointment etc…. she’s my I-need-an-outfit-delivered-in-12-hours tailor, she’s prompt, understanding, creative, and very easy to work with. Peace-of-mind should be her middle name. She’s teamed up with my sister to call me the fabric constructor but she’s the ultimate fabric manager. She’s my fabric-must-not-waste assistant… There’s no outfit she makes for me that doesn’t trend or gets complimented a thousand times. She tailors it perfectly and all I have to do is wear it and SLAY!!! Sometimes, people try to replicate what she’s done for me but……”IF E NO BI PANADOL, E NO FIT BI LIKE PANADOL”. I can’t begin to count the referrals she gets for anything….I mean anything (even the outfit you feel isn’t “all that”) she makes for me. There’s no doubt @mzlyth and I are the perfect #OrijinalAsoEbiBella Dynamic Duo… #LiveOrijinal and I sure hope she wins this because people like her should shine…..


@ineffablesalt : Dresses made by @rubies_22 Her designs are simple and so neatly done and her attention to details make her outfits desirable.Her brand shows a lot of promise and also gives top notch customer satisfaction to me, colleagues and others whom I have referred to her. As someone who is fond of her quality and style, i can say her designs reflect beauty and she satisfies my personal needs. Asides being a friend, I’d say modelling her outfits in our spare time makes me want more beautiful designs all day, everyday. #orijinalAsoEbiBella #liveOrijinal


@jdebby13 : When your tailor knows what suits you. All you have to do is dress up and slay. Tailored by #carlistercouture_16 #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@jesuis_joanne : So I just learnt of this competition and I would typically not enter for competitions (cos I’m shy like that )…but I have to do this for my girl @mjhainee (Mechanical Engineer turned Tailor) her passion for fashion keeps her up at night, and she is relentless! She is a professional and totally gets me! Prior to now, I was never a fan of having my clothes sown by any tailor but Jane has made me a believer! #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@jumokeokusaga : #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal My amazing tailor @CountessFashion is the best!!! I’m always confused on the style to make with my aso Ebi for occasions and this is always my biggest challenge. #CountessFashion will draw styles, send me pictures, ask me how I want it…. when it gets too confusing, I’ll simply say “I think I just want a long dress or a skirt & blouse, u choose the rest” lol. It has never gone wrong, knowing I like it simple and classy.


@kabeerahcignatures : This look was inspired by Christmas #orijinalasoebibella #makeupby @kabeerahcignatures. Outfit tailored by @Nikkyfashionz. @asoebibella @lagoslately @ms_asoebi @owanbeuk @welovenaijaweddings @luxurious_fashion_ @ #eventsandpartyslayers #asoebibella Enjoy your holidays beautiful people and expect my epistle to round up the year.


@kennysparklez : The amazing thing about working with @xquisitestitches is that he carries out my outfits just the way i’ve imagined, his work is very neat and detailed and he can work under pressure perfectly well and unlike some other tailors his timing is also perfect, he doesn’t disappoint with time which is what makes him different. #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOriginal Outfit by @xquisitestitches


@kristylicious1 : Actually I have two tailors a lady and a guy. Both of them can’t stop amazing me because I can be so annoying and worrisome. My late hour change of styles even when they have finished cutting the materials. Thanks to #Nienge who made this one. #Dumbei and #Nienge the duo is da bomb. #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #Liveorijinal


@lakesidebaba : #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal outfit by #Laolu #Rocked this to the office and the rest was waohhh…


@lylyanadie : Aso Ebi Styles
Instagram media by lylyanadie – Outfit by #LilysPieces @lylyanadie #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #liveorijinal


@mhisoby : And yes I knew I had to do this when I saw the post in bella naija .. My tailor @firstlady7315 is just the bomb.. Funny enough shes my aunty and I was glad when she started learning.. After few months,she became really good at this, I knew she was just called into this.. As her number one model, I dnt fail to always support her and give her constructive criticism when need be.. She’s just the bomb.. We make an original pair.. You need to see more of my dresses she made.. and I know this would be a great opportunity for her..Thank you orijin for this opportunity.. #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal @orijin_nigeria


@misizbee : I feel like I’ve known @moofadesigns for a lifetime. I moved to the Island with no idea who could cope with me and she came to my rescue. How she deals with my forgetfulness, style-cluelessness, constant size fluctuations.. I don’t know! But she sees the fabric, and listens to whatever disjointed sentences I have about how I want to look and produces results that are amazeballs. Its one thing to have the dress look beautiful on a hanger and it’s another thing for it to hug and fit the required curves. Thank you for understanding my body and allowing me model your thoughts in the best #OrijinalAsoebiBella way. #LiveOrijinal #moofadesigns @moofadesigns


@mz_toribel : #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@nellygracecollection : #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


@okeyinfu : I slayed on my 40th because @mjhainee hooked me up. She tailored the perfect outfit with no input from me. She not only tailors well, she is fuses her clients personality into her designs. I am forever grateful for her talent and her precision. As a mechanical engineer she undeestands the importance of precision and perfection. She deserves to win this because she is relentless in keeping her promises and she is never tired of learning how to beat her achievements. Kudos @asoebibella for this initiative. @mjhainee , I love you. #asoebibella #orijinal #orijin #orijinalasoebibella #asoebibella #liveorijinal


@oloye_zana : Africa’s Top Wedding Website
Aso Ebi Styles
Instagram media by oloye_zana – Ever worked with a young talent? ??? That is my relationship with my tailor @louycreativz Louyi who is not even upto 20 yet can create wonders with ankara. She makes the simplest and most classy outfits that makes me standout whenever I patronise her, which of course is all the time. Of course she also made a phone pouch for me using ankara and denim amongst other creative ideas she is blessed with. I rep my tailor. #orijinalasoebibella #Liveorijinal @louycreativz @orijin_nigeria


@omoba_adeotiabegbe_2nd : #orijinalasoebibella #ajokeAdeCouture My lil sister is my tailor, just outta secondary school and already doing wonders with the scissors and sewing machine…. Please feature her… Her designs are #orijinal… Let her win oo…. #liveorijinal


@omotinuolaji : #LiveOrijinal #orijinalasoebibella #MummyMichael That woman is just fab wen it comes to interpretation and regeneration of styles. Her shop is a small place she sometimes use as her house, but den all u av to do is av an idea of what u want and be sure she’ll deliver. Ve know her for 3 yes and she has never ever disappointed me even @ short notice. Shez fam now and she deserves d best. Thank you Mummy Michael


@oyinlolus : I have seen so much growth in @teeshogsclothier and I’m proud of where she’s going! When she told me she was going to face fashion designing full time, I was worried (obviously considering she had a 9-5), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. She’s trained to be where she is right now and I’m sure there’s still so much left in store. Well done my darling… I hope you win Dress by @teeshogsclothier #OrijinalAsoebiBella #LiveOrijinal


@pikkypyces : Crushing on my dress by my very own sister @hoepeey @hoepeey #liveOrijinal #orijinalAsoEbiBella #AsoEbiBella


@praiz__ : #orijinal #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal @_favvee_ Dress by @lumie_couture (new to IG?) . Making this short @lumie_couture is a wonderful DESIGNER. she takes her time, put her energy, mind and gives you the very best of wat you want. Even at the last minute, she still wants to please you. She sews with all her heart which bring out her good handwork. Like she always says sewing is life and she loves wat she does which means she derives joy and happiness from it. Even after all my complaint, she won’t just sew’s it well but also make sure the cloth fit in perfectly and properly. She is my number slayer partner because she always makes me slay in my outfit She is the number ORIJINAL tailor , like Orijin is Orijinal inside. #orijinal #orijinalasoebibella Dynamic Duo @lumie_couture and I #liveorijinal


@queennylee09 : Outfit by @niksin_taylor #orijinalAsoEbiBella #liveorijinal …I made this perfect original pair because I love simplicity..simple yet cute,d style do not have too much drama on it…also simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication..


@rasheedollar : Proudly Rasheedollar #orijinalasoebibella


@robinhowalcottmamma : Outfit by #mamaayostitches #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal cc: @orijin_nigeria My tailor my everything when it comes to sewing clothes, always down to earth and ready to learn new styles, when u meet her in person it will be difficult to believe she can do it as her shop is not d classy one bt then for her it is an adage that says “ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD” that is why I can’t trade her for a cup of tea in China, apparently I dove my hat for her.


@rolidede : Ok,here’s my story. My tailor is @eromaxcouture she’s such an amazing human being,you cant meet her for the first time and not love her. We have known each other for some time but got really close few months back. I can just think of a style and explain to her and she gives me exactly what i want,i can also bring a fabric and tell her i need it before i leave and she immediately leaves what ever she’s doing and attend to me. These are some of the few outfit she has made for me and i wont lie,i dont pay for most of them,isn’t she amazing cc @orijin_nigeria #orijinalasoebibella


@ruvero_j : Bibi and I are a good pair , we not just friends, we Av a tailor student relationship , I couldn’t trust any other designer for my big day, then the amazing bibi, my boss and friend , So passionate about her work, so creativity , pays attention to details , her finishing is top notch , fitting is , not only a good manager of fabrics, but a good fabric handler, she brings every idea I Av to life with her the making of my dress is fun , cos there is always something new to learn from her as an x student Neva stingy wit her knowledge , I tell my friends, if you don’t want your delicate fabric ruined choose bibi , every collabo wit her has been a hit bAc to bac trending for weeks thank you @bibilawrence #liveorijinal #orijinalasoebibella @orijin_nigeria @asoebibella


@scarlet_nigeria : Let me start by thanking my designer friend @heiresscouturenigeria for everything (from making, designing and styling). I met #heiresscouturenigeria through my sister after a tailor disappointed me and since then I have stopped stressing about making my fabrics. She makes almost everything I wear from my asoebi’s to my casuals. You know that feeling when you know that you asoebi/fabric is well made and designed by the best (if I do say so myself ) you just flaunt yourself like its your big day. Thank you #heiresscouturenigeria for always coming to my rescue, for tolerating my plenty ‘wahala’ and for always making me stand out at any occasion. From your very own ‘Kim k’ (inside joke) cc @heiresscouturenigeria #OrijinalAsoebiBella #LiveOrijinal #bestof2016


@segxysnazee : Outfit by @segxysnazee #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@sheezoyindamola : Dress BY @houseofdace #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal We @sheezoyindamola And @houseofdace Recreate Beautiful Fabrics Into Amazing Outfits,Looking Like Ready Made Dresses! Every Single Outfit Have Worn That Has Been Made By Her For Me,Has Been Complimented All The Time Not Knowing What I Go Through With Her When It Comes To Time And Some Little Corrections Because She’s Always Quite Busy With Several Outfits..(I Know She’s Gonna Strangle Me For This Part) This Piece Was Drawn By Me Even As A Bad “Sketcher” n She Did A Great Work On It Even If I Kept Asking Her If It Was A Good Idea And A Good One! #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@tboslina : Outfit by #OGA TAILOR#..always giving dem Men style with great Fashionistic ideas..My Tailor# My OGA. #orijinalasoebibella and #liveorijinal


@teddyvirgo : I’m a creature of habit and a perfectionist to boot. I find something good and I stick with it while guarding it jealously. When it comes to my clothes, I am very design-specific. Fate brought #BrendasCouture my way. I named her this myself Brenda is quiet, jovial and detailed. She takes my wild ideas and makes them into works of art. I don’t even go for fittings! Ever since the first full measurement she took of me years ago, all I do now is send her my fabric and tell her “sis I’ve lost weight oh” or “sis I’m now fat! ” followed by a picture. One time my friend wanted bridesmaids dresses made and she called on me because “my outfits are always on point”. Her bridesmaids were scattered around Nigeria. We sent Brenda measurements and she proceeded to creating magic. I’d love her to get a shop upgrade because she deserves to grow even further. #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@tianahz_ent : OUTFIT BY @stylediary_couture #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@tiraya_asooke : Not everytime lace and ankara, sometimes asooke! Photog: @chuvenphotography #tirayaasooke #orijinality #creativity #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal #tailoredbyoke no one interprets my style like she does, and she ain’t one of those ‘i can sew it tailors’she can actually sew it and do better.


@toffee_laddddddy : #orijinalAsoEbiBella#LiveOrijinal…What can I say other than my Tailor is bae. I met #Oge few years back when she came as an apprentice to a shop close to my house, and we hit it up so fast. I am a Lover of Evening gowns and English wears, whatever I see on the red carpet I love to make it. I was so blessed when I came across Oge who could make me slay at weddings without me buying a dress. So many Ladies would walk up to me and ask me please where did you buy this dress and I will be like it was sewn. I could see the surprises on their faces. One of my best memories was when I attended an event Miss Ambassador for peace and the white lady behind me told me pls hold your dress before it is stepped on it looks very expensive. I felt so good. Whenever I wear an outfit made by #Oge I turn heads . she delivers a job so fast in like 3 days she is done. She has got good taste with fabrics that I don’t stress myself getting them she does that on my behalf and am always impressed. I will be happy if she gets an upgrade because she is such a young girl in her early 20’s trying to find her feet. Thank you for this opportunity.


@toseenblack : So this is actually my first online competition….. I woke up to this one and I tot let’s do this…. So my tailor @lifestyleclothier Is a very good friend and she’s the best tailor there ever was and it goes beyond the sowing…. She will turn ur remaining material to extra cloth for you and she’s ready to sit down and listen to whatever dreams u have on the cloth u want to sow…. I mean some tailors will tell u outrightly ‘madam kolewerk’ her charges are super affordable and omo in this recession period o ‘pay baje’…. I can rem asking her one day’ ‘that place u learnt tailoring was one shop in Agege o see how ur clothes are ‘Turnt’ and she said I even sow cloth for the madam wey I learn from….. She sows from traditional attire to English wears and makes u look unique and classy…. too many things to write but I will stop here…. #orijinalasoebibella #liveorijinal


@zitu_diary : So before I meant the CEO of @toritseju__ Her designs caught my attention like she was in the army. So attractive like her beautiful personality and with high level creativity! So different and also trendsetters. So I decided I needed that magic in my life. There is something about her outfits it does not only change my look but my attitude, I mean that self esteem go from 0 to a 100 real quick.. Trust me when I say you can never go wrong wearing @_toritseju When Bae is my stylist, making me look like one celebrity What do you think? BeauTHINful right? : @hobelleza : @_toritseju : @pweetie_jay #CongratstoPipi #Toritseju #Asoebi #OrijinalAsoEbiBella #LiveOrijinal


  1. EE

    December 31, 2016 at 5:14 pm

    The winner’s getup was/is cool, but surely Jesuis joanne has to be second.

  2. Drew

    December 31, 2016 at 9:47 pm


  3. Nnechi Spicy.

    January 2, 2017 at 6:23 pm

    @lopelewa, you come online advertising your tailor with big big grammar and end up posting just one outfit? Pray tell, how is Orijin going to be sure that what you say is true?
    @2ndfebruaryeffect its ‘fateful’ not faithful.
    ‘…on that FATEFUL day’
    @fumsydolls your pics are too much. You’re not helping yourself by adding too many photos. 3 or 4 should do.

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