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Lagos Fashion & Design Week Autumn 2017: Post Imperial

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See the Post Imperial ready to wear Autumn Winter 2017 collection for Heineken Lagos Fashion and Design Week. When speaking to the designer behind the brand Niyi Okuboyejo, here’s what he told BellaNaija Style;

What is the inspiration behind your A/W collection?

A/W17 is inspired by the African immigrant’s integration process into western society. Many immigrants from the diaspora leave their native country for the west to seek better opportunities for their legacy. Some seek citizenship within these countries by applying for the military. During that cultural exchange, there is a fine line of conforming to new surroundings while still identifying with ancestral roots. New traditions are formed while others are dissolved. It almost feels like creating pocket universes by redefining their cultural identities.What can we expect to see at the presentation?

Read the full interview here.

Lagos Fashion & Design Week: @lfdw_ng
Designer: @PostImperial
Creative Direction: @OnyinyeFafiObi
Photographer: @KosolOnwudinjor
Model: @VcheUba

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