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I will take a bullet for #ResumeOrResign Protesters – Charly Boy



Charly Boy

Veteran entertainer Charly Boy has said that he’s ready to take a behalf of protesters demanding that President Muhammadu Buhari resumes office or resigns.

Buhari had been away from the country for almost 100 days on medical vacation.

Speaking to PUNCH, Charly Boy narrated the incident that led to him slumping at the protest ground on Tuesday after him and the youths he led were teargassed and sprayed with water canons by police officers.

“You know you cannot make an omelette without breaking an egg. You cannot be in this kind of struggle and do not expect people to misunderstand you, twist your intentions and roughen you up a little. These are the kind of things that happen especially when you are fighting a good fight and that is what we are doing. I am used to being roughened,” Charly Boy stated.

On the police’s report that he slumped for the camera, Charly Boy said:

We have a government of lies and deceit; even the police lie. It was on the social media for everyone to see. They said they were trying to protect people against miscreants but who are these miscreants that 150 policemen could not contain and then they began to spray water cannon on just seven people?

Because nobody paid us to come and talk about how we feel that is why our numbers are small. The few people that have embarked on this protest are those that are willing to die for what they believe in and this concerns Nigerians. Enough of all of this rubbish; the government lies, steals and cheats.

It is an evil government. Although I have a few good people as friends who happen to be policemen but the truth is that the police is nobody’s friend especially the common people.

Charly Boy said he didn’t start the movement, adding that he was roped in by some young Nigerians, a move the presidency has described as corruption fighting back.

“My job as an Area Fada is to guide them because what was missing in the past which made people claim that the youths have gone to sleep is that they did not have the right leadership,” Charly Boy said.

“I have come out to say that I would take a bullet on their behalf because I feel and believe that this country would only be saved by some exceptional youths. If you look at the trend, the youths in this country have really done Nigeria proud, especially when they are abroad.

So why is it that in our own country, the youths do not have any future? It is because the terrain is polluted and infected by all these criminals. I am happy that I am making that connection with some exceptional youths and I am proud to say that it is just a question of time.

We are not looking for a crowd. Like I always say, the people holding Nigeria at its jugular, those who are responsible for the excruciating poverty Nigerians are going through are not up to 50. My own equation is that the people that would rescue this country may not be up to 20 despite the fact that they would try and kill some or throw tear gas at them,” Charly Boy added.

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