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How to Build a Big Business by Solving Painful Problems | Shola Akinlade talks to Dotun on “Building the Future” Podcast



Hello BellaNaijarians,

We’ve for a while now been hosting a new podcast series: The Building the Future Podcast with Dotun Olowoporoku.

We have entrepreneurs, industry leaders, founders of startups who are writing the narrative that will be told about the African continent, telling their stories directly.

Shola Akinlade, co-founder of Paystack, the very first Nigerian company to get into Y Combinator, is the guest on this episode.

Akinlade is a software engineer by training, and his foray into software engineering began when his uncle gifted him a computer.

Akinlade, in this episode, discusses the most important lessons he learnt at Y Combinator; Paystack’s growth metric; the relationship between Paystack and Flutterwave; and how working consulting jobs for banks and a little tinkering with Mastercard’s API led him to what is now known as Paystack.

Listen to the episode below:

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