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BN Travel: Kehinde Smith’s Fun & Adventurous Experience at #AfroPunkAfrica Festival in SA



Wow! What a weekend! Collaborating with Travel2SA for the Afro-Punk Festival in Johannesburg was one of the most amazing experience for me to end my 2017!

Arriving at the airport in Lagos was totally stress-free for us. We checked our bags in and of course Kiitan & I had our vlogging moments. #Fun!

Day 1 (Friday)

We landed at Tambo International Airport Johannesburg on Friday around 5:20 am and went straight to our hotel (Manslow Hotel) to freshen up for our first activity in Soweto. Although time wasn’t on our side we managed to eat breakfast & get dressed so we wouldn’t miss out on our scheduled activity for the day.

We finally arrived at “Soweto Outdoor Adventure” and the first thing I couldn’t help but notice was the 33 stories high Orlando Towers. I heard a few of the girls mentioning something about us going bungee jumping so I put two and two together and already knew what time it was. The list of activities at Soweto Outdoor was Quad Biking, Bungee jumping, Free Falling, & Paint Ball Gun.

We were given the option to choose between Bungee Jumping or Free Falling, We decided to go for the free fall which we believe would be less scary than the 100m Bungee Jumping & of course we were dead wrong!

The next activity we did was Quad Biking! This was my ultimate favorite activity because of course I’m a chicken and it wasn’t so frightening for me. After spending a few hours at the park, we were getting a bit exhausted which led to hunger, so we decided to head to Vuyos Restaurant on Vilakazi st to have lunch. We had a nice traditional meal which included: Pap, grilled lamb, sausage, ribs, baby potatoes & more.

Our final adventure for the day was the Nelson Mandela House tour. I couldn’t believe I was in his actual home. Viewing how much the world still till today take time to visit and show appreciation to him was deep for me. We took a tour in his home where we were able to view all his recognition from his Nobel peace prize and certificate.

Before Afropunk, we took a quick trip to the Apartheid Museum. The moment we entered the gates part of our group were handed a “white “ & “non-whites” entry ticket to differentiate our color. Its crazy to think that this sort of treatment for black people only happened less than 30 years ago!

Then… AFRO PUNK!! Having the opportunity to attend an event where multiculturalism and self-love is celebrated was the highlight for me on this trip. Everyone literally came as themselves. No one was worried about being judged for being who they were or what they had/didn’t have.

We listened to music, ate plenty of food, danced, made new friends, took tons of photos, and had a damn good time! A huge storm came by but that didn’t stop our shine. The second day was my favorite day of Afro Punk. Myself and thousands of others brought in the new year together & during the countdown Kiitan and I held hands to pray.

Hope you all enjoyed this experience with me! Have you ever been to SA? What was your experience?

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  1. Ec

    January 15, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    I am done 90 percent of those activities. Was also at afro punk. You guys have lovely photos

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