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From Modelling & Photography to Acting – Malta Guinness Life 101 Cast Member shares his Inspiring #GoodnesstoGreatness Story



‘Malta Guinness gave me the platform to realize my dreams’- Shadrach Iwebendu

malta guiness goodness to greatness

Shadrach Iwebendu has dabbled into everything from acting, photography, marketing and modeling. His opportunity to excel came with the Malta Guinness Life 101 series where he played ‘Mike’. In this interview, he talks about his journey so far and plans for the future.

  • What were you doing before the Life 101 series?

Did a bit of everything, marketing, graphics design, modelling, photography, acting, the whole media package and my education, of course. 

  • Have you always wanted to be an actor?

Yes. Always. I loved movies from time immemorial.

  • How much has your life changed since the Life 101 TV series?

I now have more recognition and respect within the industry. 

  • What was the reaction of your family/friends to seeing you on TV?

Questions upon questions! Lots of ‘na you be that?’ One said she almost screamed! Generally, they enjoy watching me on screen.

  • If you were not playing ‘Mike’ what other character do you think you would have played in the Life 101 series?

Dotun … the club chief 

  • What is next for you?

Making a name for myself not only in the movie industry but also in the world 

  • What role would you say Malta Guinness played in fueling your greatness and helping you actualize your dreams?

Malta Guinness provided the platform and a big one at that. I am really grateful 

  • What is your charge to other Nigerians who are still looking up to actualize their dreams?

Get up and work. Nothing would be handed to you. Most importantly, don’t relent or give up if it’s something you really want. 

Malta Guinness is a premium malt drink, packed full of goodness and energy with vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6. Malta Guinness Goodness has been fuelling the Greatness of Nigerian consumers for almost 30 years.  The “Goodness to Greatness” series showcases Nigerians who have been fuelled to greatness by Malta Guinness.

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