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Her father Started Molesting her from Age 6: This 20-year old shares her Story on “The Talk With Vanessa” | Listen

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The Talk with Vanessa is a podcast hosted by Vanessa Willie, a certified Relationship and a Marriage Coach. The show features counseling on real issues being faced by people in today’s society. Contemporary issues like addiction, abuse, and relationships are understandably given particular focus and listeners are encouraged to talk about their various problems to get counseling, therapy, basic help when needed and a support system to get through life’s challenges.

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In this episode, Vanessa Willie speaks to Gift who was sexually assaulted by her biological father from when she was six years. It started when her mother was in the police academy and even when she came back and noticed things were different, Gift didn’t open up to her. Her dad had threatened her with his gun and a knife. He had also threatened to kill her and her mum if she mentioned it to anyone.

Her mum only found out 6 years later, when Gift was 12. She got angry and left Gift’s dad, but family, friends, and their church convinced her to go back to Gift’s dad and she did. This affected Gift badly, and at some point, she took her parent’s names and photos to a herbalist and even contacted assassins to have them killed.

Her mum forgiving her dad and returning to him sent Gift into a life of fraud, robbery, and drug abuse from the age of 12. But today, Vanessa has moved on from that and is living her best life.

See synopsis below:

Three years ago, Gift started her journey of recovery and healing with Vanessa after being abused by her biological father for many years. She was only six years old when the abuse began. First, he used his fingers. Then, it graduated to full-blown intercourse.

It became a regular thing and got so bad that for a period of time, she couldn’t attend school due to a whitish, smelly, purulent discharge from her private part and the unbearable associated pain.

This was Gift’s dilemma for years and her Mom was non-the-wiser initially. She couldn’t open up as her father had threatened to kill her and all she held dear if she dared utter a word.

Gift is a living proof that a little act of kindness and a little show of love, can turn the life of anyone around for good. She’s a single mother of two, who braved all the odds despite the abuse and dysfunctionality of her family to etch her name in the never-ending list of Survivors with Heart like an Amazon.

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