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Feed for Life Foundation kicks off the Back To School Project in Lagos & Ogun State | January 21st- 25th



Feed for Life Foundation (formerly known as Blinkup Foundation) was founded in 2014 to fight against child hunger in Nigeria. Since its conception, the foundation has fed over 15,000 children. In August 2018 alone, the foundation did not only feed 2000 residents of Oko Baba Destitute Camp, but they also hosted the maiden edition of their empowerment program where they trained residents of Oko Baba Destitute camp on skills they can use to earn a living so as to reduce the rate of disabled beggars in Lagos state. At the end of the training, they gave out startup capitals to dedicated trainees.

Feed for Life Back to School Project is a 5-day outreach that would be taking place in both Lagos and Ogun State. The project’s main aim is to reach out to underprivileged students in selected primary and secondary schools in Lagos and Ogun state. As you’d agree, going to school without appropriate materials is waste of time. Most underprivileged students do not have materials to enable them to study in school.

Every child is entitled to inclusive and equitable quality education and supporting them with materials would motivate them to learn. Things are tough generally, but things are tougher for children who want to learn but don’t have materials to learn.

Back to School Project is scheduled to start from January 21st and end January 25th, 2019. The target students we will be reaching out to is 1000. Materials to be given to students include but not limited to: Notebooks, textbooks, school bags, pen, pencil, ruler, water bottle etc.

Beneficiaries include:

  • Kingdom Royal Academy, Makoko (A free public school )
  • Olambe Community School, Ogun State
  • Emmanuel Home For The Deaf, Ogun State.

To volunteer for this outreach, you can register on

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