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Nigerian Celebrities condemn Xenophobic attacks in SA

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2Baba, Banky W, Adesua Etomi-Wellington, Toke Makinwa, Iyabo Ojo, among other Nigerian celebrities have condemned the Xenophobic attacks on Nigerians and other Africans in South Africa.

In some viral videos, shops and properties owned by Nigerians in South Africa have been burnt and looted.

Toke Makinwa

The media personality took to Instagram expressing how heartbroken she is by the attacks.

We are all Africans, this is such a huge blow, it’s like we take 10 steps forward and 50 back. We have come so far from the dark ages yet we kill each other, just hearing about the Xenophobic attack in South Africa and my heart is broken, I cannot even begin to watch the gruesome videos, why?

Why so much hate in the world? Why do we compete so much it becomes less healthy and more evil, what exactly is the point to all the killing? I love the people of South Africa, I know so many hardworking South Africans and you all have shown me love and so I implore you all to stand up for what is right.

We all cannot continue in silence, if hate lingers nobody wins. Our doors have been nothing but welcoming to you all, we have so many South Africans living and working here, we make music together, promote our fashion to the rest of the world explore both cultures. Now let’s come together to fight this evil in our midst. We are all Africans, a win for us is for us to the world. United. This is so sad, so disturbing, so painful. One Love

Banky W wrote on Twitter:

The #Xenophobia attacks by some South Africans against Nigerians and other foreign Nationals are completely heartbreaking. Sad to see people that suffered through decades of apartheid, violence and hatred, now turning around to do the same/worse to others.

The people that South Africans look up to should PLEASE speak up and denounce #Xenophobia. The Government, business people, athletes, artists, media personalities, and even the average citizens have a responsibility to stand up for justice the way the world stood up for SA

This is not the SA that Mandela fought and sacrificed for. This is not the SA that a lot of us have come to know and love. I just watched a video of a man burnt alive in front of a crowd. It’s sick, and heartbreaking. “Hell must be empty because all the demons are here”. Sigh

Africa’s problem is AFRICANS. Some in Government, some in the general population.. but Africa’s problem is Africans. I keep pushing for the day that the rest of us will rise to become our solution. May God help us. And may we realize that Heaven helps those who help themselves.

Iyabo Ojo

The actress has joined the online campaign condemning the Xenophobic attacks.

Abeg what is our government doing about the recent killings of Nigerians in South Africa???? why now!! Africans killing each other this is very sad. just saw the video of how they burnt a Nigerian alive couldn’t post the video @muhammadubuhari@profosinbajo
#GeoffreyOnyeama Pls do something fast.

Daddy Freeze

On-air personality, Daddy Freeze has sworn never to travel to SA again.

After seeing the pictures and videos, I have made up my mind! Personally, I have boycotted South Africa and gradually I’m boycotting all South African products. I won’t enrich a nation that treats my brothers and sisters like animals.


The singer condemned the attack on his Twitter and Instagram page.

President muhamadu Buhari, senetors,governors,traditional rulers,ministers,prominent nigerians,inspector generals,PDP/APC.This is becoming too shameful.How can we have no dignity in our polity. Nigerians are being killed home and abroad and its all politics as usual. Shame.

Adesua Etomi-Wellington wrote on her Instagram page:

I haven’t been able to bring myself to watch the videos from the recent attacks against Nigerians by some South Africans.
My heart can’t take it.
My mind can’t fathom how you kill another human being based on their nationality.
My mind can’t fathom how the people that spent years oppressed have become the oppressors.
Businesses burnt down, lives lost.
The people that have died as a result of Xenophobia, whether past or present, were not only sons, daughters, friends, mothers, fathers etc….they were human beings like you and I and their only crime was their nationality.
This isn’t the South Africa that Mandela fought for.
Let’s use our voices and let’s speak against this. We are all members of the same body.
We must do better.
It is my hope that people of influence in South Africa rise up and speak against all that is happening.
Evil only prevails when good men do nothing.
May the souls of the departed, rest in peace and may the lord replenish all that has been lost.
We must…now more than ever…lead with Love.
Ps. It is the responsibility of EVERY SINGLE AFRICAN to speak out about Xenophobia. Not just a select few. There is power in numbers.



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