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#BellaNaijaWCW Oluwatoyin Oshinowo of Fieldinsight is the Sickle Cell Warrior Helping Businesses Solve their Logistics Problems

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For our #BellaNaijaWCW feature this week, we shine the spotlight on, and celebrate Oluwatoyin Oshinowo, a product designer and product management profession who is the co-founder and Vice President of Product at Fieldinsight, a company that helps large organisations use data collection and analysation to manage and monitor their distribution and logistics operations.

What Fieldinsight does is to eliminate resource wastage in delivery/onsite processes and keeps businesses notified, every step of the way

Oluwatoyin had always been interested in technology, and that was influenced by her father who she describes as a very hands-on handyman and gadget geek. Growing up, Oluwatoyin was her father’s unofficial personal assistant around the house.

Ouwatoyin went on to bag a B.Sc in Computer Systems Engineering from the University of Warwick. She became obsessed with modelling problems to find solutions and this influenced her decision to work on “The registration of images obtained from a digital ophthalmoscope” as her undergraduate project. The project became a Ph.D thesis and she learned biology, physics principles, camera technology, image processing, pattern recognition, fourier transforms and C# .NET to complete the work.

Today, after an MEng in Computer Systems Engineering and a Ph.D. in Engineering from the University of Warwick, Oluwatoyin still uses her skills in modelling problems to find solutions within business and technology. Answering the questions: What is the goal of your business? What are your customer pain points? What is the value proposition of your solution? Would people be willing to pay for your proposed solution? What technologies should you use? How do you define your product roadmap etc.

Oluwatoyin is a sickle cell warrior who lives with Sickle Cell Beta Thalassemia (SBThal), a rarer type of Sickle Cell Disease, but she doesn’t consider this a weakness.

She’s using it to focus on her strengths and influence her work ethic and one of the ways she does this is being clear about defining her goals, documentation, collaboration, and accountability, so that if she’s out for a few days due to a crisis, her business still runs.

Oluwatoyin lead Online Infrastructure Management at GTBank Nigeria, and was the product lead for the Nigerian Stock Exchange website.

She’s one of the 50 women profiled and celebrated in TechCabal‘s Tech Women Lagos series which aims to show the next generation of women and girls that careers in technology are possible and diverse, and that there is space for them within the industry.

We celebrate Oluwatoyin for her strength, for pursuing her passion, and for using her skills and knowledge to impact business and technology in Nigeria.

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