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Mariam Bakre’s Sweet Note to her Baby Girl Will Make You Beam ?



Mariam Bakre is such a happy and proud mum!

A few days ago, the content creator and her husband Femi Bakre, welcomed a beautiful girl!

The new mum has now taken to Instagram to pen down a sweet and heartwarming note to her newborn. She’s also giving us more adorable photos of the bundle of joy and she’s so adorable. She wrote:

After watching about a hundred birthing videos and using about 3 different birthing apps, none of it prepared me for your arrival. .
When the doctor put you on my chest, I knew right there and then that you have my heart forever.
Tbh, I’m looking for words to describe how you make me feel, but I can’t seem to get my self together. Your cry already makes me cry and your smile makes me laugh. You make dady blush so hard I can almost see his cheeks turn red (hard guy hard guy ??)
You came at such a different time for the word and made me realize the strengths I didn’t even know I had. Because of you, I’m now somebody’s mumy. ?❤️❤️
I can’t wait for us to start matching outfits and for me to start saying stories of how my 6 months old baby told me ‘mummy you look tired, you should get some rest, and continue tomorrow ??)
My darling child, May Almighty Allah protect you from the evil of what He has created, May you always be happy and be a source of happiness to everyone you come across. Been praying for you even before I met you, I’ll always pray for you. .
Your dad will most like be the cooler parent but I promise to love you with every I have!! You already make me want to do so much more! .
(Even typing this is already making me teary ?? ) I bless the day you came into my life Faizah, my precious Fife ❤️ Thank you for choosing me. .
Like play like play, I’m somebody’s mum! You’ve made me realize that I can actually survive on 4 hours of sleep ??
PS: I’m going to be the mum that screams her lungs out (saying that’s my girl) anytime you’re having a stage presentation at school ??‍♀️
Thank you everyone for the love! God bless you!

Check out the photos below:

Photo Credit: mory_coco

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  1. Temi Tope

    May 31, 2020 at 7:36 am

    Amine Yaarabi! Yarabal Alamin, May the child be blessed. Good luck and much love to her.


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