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Everything You Missed from #BBNaija Pepper Dem Reunion ‘Mental Health Evaluation’

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The BBNaija “Pepper Dem” Reunion Show might come to an end this week and will have less drama, but more insight on the housemates before and after their stay in Biggie’s house.

Wednesday night’s show was a continuation of the mental health evaluation by a guest psychiatrist. The show’s special guest took turns discussing some of the housemate’s struggles during and after the game, and this time the analysis was directed to Tacha, Ella, and Frodd.

The doctor analyzed the housemates, and we learned a lot more about their emotions, and if his analyses of them were true or not.

Let’s delve right in!


Ella’s psychoanalysis revolved around issues with the other housemates, family, to building her career. Did leaving early affect her in any way, maybe her self esteem? Well, for Ella the spotlight can really sweep you away, but she has made peace with herself. She’s trusting herself, trusting her voice, focusing on the music: Go into the studio, sing, put out music and continue to grow. That’s the plan!

However, she’s still on the journey to not seeking validation. But the doctor said it’s not necessarily a bad thing to seek validation. We’re social animals – Agreed!


The doctor disclosed he was a Titan even before she got into the house, but he felt Tacha getting into the house was trying to play the “Cee C character”, and after a while, her character began to peek through, showing itself, according to the doctor.

But did Tacha see emotion as a weakness?
For, Tacha she did try to mask her emotions because it was a game. Feelings would complicate things, distracting her. She knows no one is an island, but she tries to not depend on people too much cos anyone can disappoint.

She said her encounters in the house with other housemates was “more of defence mechanism”. Outside the house, when she feels offended by someone, she either lets things go, or she calls the person up to talk it out.

But the one thing that certainly held Tacha after her disqualification, was the love she received.


Who else agrees with the doctor that “Frodd is fraud”. The doctor said, he felt Frodd played into the sentimental emotions of people, and he played the game well.

The doctor thinks Frodd didn’t do too well when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Frodd opened up about growing up, saying his mother taught him to be expressive. He spoke about his journey to the Big Brother house, weighing if he should or shouldn’t leave his mum for the opportunity. He felt the housemates saw everything as a game, and they tried to bully. And he never stood for that.

Frodd explained to the doctor about why he was always afraid during the eviction shows: because he was afraid of his mum’s situation outside the house.


And that’s it for the therapy session! Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

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