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House on the Rock hosted its 7th Annual Word Conference with T.D Jakes, Travis Greene & Here’s why it was Remarkably Impactful

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It was indeed another groundbreaking outing for the House on The Rock Church, as it hosted the 7th edition of its now renowned Word Conference, Themed ‘Exceeding Grace in Uncertain Times. The Ministers at the virtual Word Conference 2020, took us deeper into the different expressions of God’s grace.

Since its maiden edition, the word-centric Conference has proven to be a time-honored means of getting deep scriptural precepts and this year’s edition was no different. The five-day program was replete with transcendent music and revelatory messages from indigenous and international Gospel Artistes and Ministers such as Travis Greene, multi-talented singer-songwriter-instrumentalist Nathaniel Bassey, multiple Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Tye Tribbett, songwriter, producer, author Sonnie Badu, and The Lagos Metropolitan Gospel Choir (LMGC  – the HOTR Choir).

The message of God’s grace was brilliantly conveyed in new and profound ways. The Presiding Co-Pastor of all House on the Rock Churches, Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin, edified the Congregation and attendees on the 1st day, by teaching on It’s Yours for The Taking”.

Some highlights from her teaching moment were – Jesus is the representation of all you need; He is your gift of salvation, He is your healing, He is your deliverer, He is your provider, your peace, He is your protector”. “Grace is the attribute of God, it is His nature and it is eternal. From the day God was, Grace has always been. We receive Grace through the Blood of Jesus that sets us free. Grace is given and not earned”. “Destiny has an appointment with you, Grace is calling on to you, saying, “It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, it doesn’t matter what you have been through, God has need of you. There is a faith you have that cannot be insulted. There is a faith you’ll have that ensures that no one can hurt your feelings or wound your pride” and so much more. You can follow her @ifeanyiadefarasin or @houseontherockchurch on IG to get more.

Day 2

Dr. Mensa Otabil, of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Accra, expounded on the “Grace will lead us home” on the 2nd day. Some highlights were –  “The world may see all the calamity and all the crisis, but we see God opening a new way for His people”. Grace will bring you through the difficulties that our world is encountering and we are affirmed in our faith that God is Sovereign, that He rules over the affairs of life. He’s on top of this situation and we trust the Lord to lead us through and that His grace will bring us through”. “God’s nature exemplifies Grace; we see His Grace right from the beginning. Faith is not bravado; Faith is doing what God says you should do. When God says run, and you do, that’s Faith!”.

Day 3

Dr. Creflo Dollar of the World Changers Church International, Atlanta, provided an in-depth exploration into “Freedom from Performance-Based Religionon the 3rd day. Speaking in his usual calm demeanor but passionate style, he was able to break down the difference between God’s Grace and Performance-Based Religion. Some highlights were It’s time for you to come to the place where you believe and have faith in what Jesus has already done for you rather than following rule-keeping or performance-based religion”. “Faith is obedience under the Covenant of Grace. You achieve obedience under the Covenant of Grace by having faith in what Jesus has finished”. “To fall from grace doesn’t mean to fall back into sin. To fall from grace means that you went back to trying to obtain your righteousness by the works of the law. The only thing God has asked us to do is believe in the one that He sent – Jesus Christ”


Day 4

Bishop T D Jakes, the Senior Pastor of The Potter’s House, Dallas, TX, USA, took us into another mind-blowing time of Grace with the topic, “Grace Wears A Veil” on the 4th day. This held on Saturday morning, 9 am right and it was in true Bishop Jake Style. Speaking from the empty auditorium of The Potter’s House Church, the excitement to teach was the same. Some highlights were –  God puts His treasures in earthen vessels that the Excellency of the power and glory will be for Him and not us. He however crushes the vessel to allow what He had put inside, out”, Grace always wears a veil and as such, we don’t always know how he is revealing Himself”. “Christ is unchanged by times, seasons, weather, or diplomacy. He is unchanged by any of it. What has changed is your vision of who He is, which has been affected by your perspective and background. God has a way of leaning into your destiny and not your history: of looking beyond your current mistakes and seeing what you could be rather than what you are”.

Day 5

The 5th day which was the grand finale was taken by The Convener of the Word Conference and Senior Pastor of all House on the Rock Churches, Pastor Paul Adefarasin. He is recognized for his passion for unveiling deep truths in God’s Word for excellence in life and ministry. A preacher and a seasoned teacher of the Word of Grace, he seemed to be in his comfort space teaching about Grace. Some highlights were – “The law is a big impediment to the flow of grace, but grace replaces the law. That’s why God wants you to understand that, if you stay under the law, you cannot receive the benefits of the rich, exceeding, and largess of the grace of God toward you. Jesus did not come to destroy the law but to fulfill it”.

This year’s conference was a transformational experience and one that will never be forgotten. As always, House on the Rock in its ground-breaking style, have brought the class to this event and we look forward to so much more from them. The production was of a standard expected of them and much more and the seamless manner in which it was streamed showed how much attention to detail when into its production.

We hope these messages of Grace stay with us and guides us into living the best versions ourselves.

To get a full copy of the messages, visit HERE

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