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Global Wissen Consult wants the Teach You How to Make Your Business Flourish during these COVID Times



It has been four months since the impact of Covid-19 first hit and the Federal Government imposed the compulsory lockdown. As businesses around Nigeria shut their doors, many wondered what would become of them and how their owners would navigate the storm. Four months later, most of those businesses never reopened.

Unfortunately, the businesses impacted the most are the small and medium sized businesses – the very backbone of the Nigerian economy. They are the makeup artists and fashion designers that got you ready for owambes on Saturdays. The catering services and event planners that went the extra mile to make your event memorable. The cozy pubs and wine bars where you raised a glass to your accomplishments. Maybe, it was even you.

What is most surprising is that as more and more businesses were strangled to extinction, a select few were having the time of their lives. Zoom communications market value hit the $50 billion mark. Netflix’s revenue soared past $5.7 billion, and Konga, a Nigerian eCommerce platform is said to have recorded exponential growth.

This begs the question: why are these companies recording great successes in spite of the economic havoc caused by the pandemic? Why are these companies growing and recruiting more people while the majority of businesses are floating into oblivion? One may think that the sheer size of these organizations is enough to weather any storm, but the world has seen SMEs thrive during these times as though the pandemic and lockdown never happened. So, what makes them win?

The answer is simple: The Digital World. One thing these winners have in common is that they have a digital footprint and have mastered how to leverage the online world to grow their business. Unlike most businesses, they are not spectators, but players in the digital world, and the knowledge they have developed has given them an edge over the majority.

Spawning from the vision to enlighten Africans with the digital knowledge and skills they need to succeed, Global Wissen Consult is hosting a digital entrepreneurship program for the small business owners who want to win in this ever evolving digital world. This program is self-paced and comprehensive enough to enlighten a complete novice on the subject of digital entrepreneurship and everything it entails.

In this program, you will learn everything from finding your target audience, to creating systems that maximize sales and profits, how to set up high converting social media ads, performing competitive analysis on your competition etc. Whether you already run a business , or you are looking to start a business, this program will equip you with the most accurate knowledge on digital entrepreneurship to enable you to start, grow and/or scale your business.

Global Wissen Consult has also brought together highly successful digital entrepreneurs to educate you [based on their own experiences] on the secrets to making your business thrive online. Entrepreneurs like Steve Harris, Blessing Abeng, Bada Akintunde Johnson, Uwem Uwemakpan, Joke Silva, Kehinde Balogun, Nancy Nnadi and many others have contributed from their wealth of knowledge to make this program all-inclusive for anyone with dreams of succeeding as a digital entrepreneur.

Another time faces us and the decisions we make today goes a large extent in predicting what tomorrow will hold for us. The moment is now to invest in digital knowledge to set your business apart and protect your finances. Would you be a spectator or a big player in the coming seasons? It is all up to you. You can begin to transform your life now. Start HERE.

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