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“I Kissed the Feet of a King” – Ibrahim Suleiman Can’t Get Enough of His Baby Boy



Don’t babies just know how to bring rays of sunshine wherever they go?

Nollywood stars Ihuoma Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman welcomed their baby some months ago and the family is still basking in the euphoria of their new addition to the family.

Ibrahim posted this cute photo of himself and his son, and here’s what he wrote,

Today, I kissed the feet of a king
May your feet take you to places your father and his fathers before him only dreamt of.
May these feet only heed the promptings of the Lord.
May every land you set your feet on rise up to greet you. May you walk in the safety of His word.

Your Mommy and I are honoured to be chosen to raise you, King Keon.
We can do this, because we can do all things through Christ, who is our strength.

Photo Credit: @@ibrahimsuleimanofficial

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