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The Maiden edition of the ‘Nigerian For Nigeria Initiative’ honored the contributions of Lade Owolabi to the Society & We’ve got Photos

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On Friday, December 18th, the Nigerian For Nigeria Initiative, launched her maiden edition, under the parent company Life Card Investment, a leading real estate establishment of global impact.

Nigerian For Nigeria Initiative is geared towards uplifting young Nigerians, who dared to return home to Nigeria, after being away for diverse purposes such as academics, business endeavors, etc.

This initiative affirms the support of one Nigeria to another, one hope and one love. The initiative gave a car gift to a highly driven and vibrant returnee, Lade Owolabi who has already marked her place in the sand of time and Nigerian history as a patriotic citizen, who is worthy of celebrating.

She has given back to Nigeria via charitable outreaches and groundbreaking philanthropy, and for all these and more we appreciate her.
As the curtains close in 2020 and we usher in 2021, what do you think the criteria for winning should be?

In attendance were: Grace Ofure (MD/CEO), Joseph Yobo (Brand Ambassador), Loria Nnam (Visionary PR and Media Consult), Blossom Chukwujekwu, Tim Adeleye, Derin ‘Caise’ Phillips, and the celebrant Lade Owolabi.

Click here to register for a mentorship Program by the MD of Life Card the parent company, and stand a chance to walk their corridors of benevolence.

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