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STER’s “The Sexual Harassment Project” wins UN’s SDG Action Mobilize Award



The winners of the United Nations SDG Action Awards for 2021 have been announced.

On the winners list is “The Sexual Harassment Project”, pioneered by Stand to End Rape (STER) which exposes and fights against sexual and gender-based violence in educational institutions in Nigeria. 

Mobilize, Inspire, and Connect are the three categories for the awards. There were three finalists in each category from which winners were chosen.

The Sexual Harassment Project was nominated in the Mobilize category alongside El Avispero and the Sustainable Development Festival.

Fight Forever Chemical Campaign, Rap2Rep, and Sigs TV were all finalists in the Inspire category, which was eventually won by Sigs TV.

Entrepioneers 2030, Equal Measures 2030, and Next Wave Plastics were finalists in the Connect category, with Next Wave Plastics taking home the award.

Announcing the award on Twitter, UN SDG Action Campaign wrote:

Presenting the #SDGAwards Mobilize winner! The Sexual Harassment Project @StandtoEndRape exposes &fights against sexual and gender-based violence in educational institutions in Nigeria, as captured in the #BBCAfricaEye documentary #SexForGrades

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