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Femi Bakre & Mory Coco’s Daughter Faizah is One Today ❤️

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Today is the first birthday of Faizah, daughter to Kraks Media Founder and CEO Femi Bakre and content creator, Mariam Bakre, also known as Mory Coco.

The couple got married in 2019 and welcomed their bundle of joy on May 22, 2020.

Proud mum Mory shared a series of adorable photos of Faizah on her Instagram page to celebrate her birthday.

“ONE!!!!! Already!! Alhamdulilah Rabil Ala’nmin! I don’t even have words only praises and thanks! My Fiesty Faizy! My Faizy Berry, Faizy Berry! Faizicle My Popsicle! Original Mama Ags! My babezy lolo! My smartie panties (A few of the nicknames I have for her, ” the sweet mum wrote.

My entire heartbeat! You will do great things Faizah Bakre! May you continue to be the coolness of my eyes and the calmness of my heart! I hit the jackpot with this one! I pray you never stop looking at me the way you look at me!! May the Almighty protect you from the evil of what he has created! You shall be favored in every way! And may this post skip every evil eye in Almighty Allah’s Mighty Name!

I love you so much my sweet pea!

See more photos of the cute birthday baby:

Happy Birthday, Baby Faizah!

Photo Credit: mory_coco

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