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Episode 3 of “Mum’s Worst Day” circles around Taymi B’s love for fashion & motherhood



In this episode, Nicole Chikwe chats with Taymi B, OAP, creator of the Ndani TV series “Skinny Girl in Transit,” and a fantastic mum, on motherhood, fashion, balancing work, taking care of the home, and much more.

This episode circles around Taymi B’s love for fashion and how that enables her to express herself in line with motherhood.

Women go through a lot in terms of finding themselves and their identity especially when they get married and start giving birth to kids. She advised that women need to put in the extra effort to make sure they feel good about themselves, do what they love to do, wear what they love to wear and still be amazing Mum.

Nicole and Taymi B also encouraged women to motivate each other during the motherhood journey.

Listen to the podcast below:

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