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Everything the Shine Your Eye Geng Won from #BBNaija Season 6 Tasks

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The Big Brother Naija season 6 saw many wins from the Shine Ya Eye Housemates and we’ve provided a run-down and accumulation of all the cash and gift prizes they won from each task they performed.

Here you go!

Housemates showed their cognitive abilities in Glover Task

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng is up for another Task this fine Saturday and we can’t wait to see what they come up with. The Task which is courtesy of our Associate Sponsor PATRICIA, was set up to test the Housemates’ courage and cognitive abilities with the spotlight being on the Glover App. Glover App is a Gift-cards and Digital Assets service.

The presentation was to be done in groups, therefore a box containing different colours of cards was provided with each Housemate picking one card from the box without peeping inside. The colours were Blue, Pink, Green, Orange and a fifth colour— Black.

Housemates who picked identical cards automatically became a team for the duration of the Task. In total there were four teams, with each containing five Housemates. Housemates who picked any other colour apart from Black would participate in the Task while those who chose the colour black, would be exempted from the Task and become Biggie’s assistants.

After picking up cards from the box, the Housemates fell into the following teams;
Blue Team: Maria, Tega, Boma, Jackie B, Princess.
Pink Team: Saskay, Emmanuel, Niyi, Arin, JayPaul.
Green Team: Nini, Angel, Cross, Perrie, Sammie.
Orange Team: Beatrice, Liquorose, Yerins, Saga, Peace.

Whitemoney and Yousef picked the black cards and were automatically excused from partaking in the Task and promptly assumed their position as Biggie’s assistants.

The task was divided into two parts with the first part focused on each group making a five-minute presentation promoting the use of gift cards as part of the gifting culture of the average Nigerian, and how adopting gift cards can improve relationships.

The presentation could be in the form of drama, music, or poetry. The first team to give their presentation was Team Blue, followed by Team Pink, Team Green, and finally Team Orange.

The Housemates took a short break after which the second part of the Task started. The second part of the game involved different games that happened over six different rounds. The games played in the second part include;

“The more you see, the less you know”
“Drop the Stick”.
Party Fllop.
Canon Ball.
Ping Pong Game.

“Drop the stick” was played by members of teams together, while every other game was played only with representatives from each team.

A brief was later given to the HoH containing the results of the game. The first round saw Team Pink emerge as winners with a total of 8 points. Teams Blue and Orange scored 6 points respectively while Team Green scored only 3 points.

Team Pink also came out with the highest points in the second round with 59 points. Team Orange had 31 points, while Teams Green and Blue garnered 35 and 40 points respectively.

The overall points scored by each team are as follows:
Team Orange – 37 points
Team Blue – 41 points
Team Green – 43 points.
Team Pink – 67 points.

Team Pink which includes Jaypaul, Saskay, Arin, Niyi and Emmanuel were awarded three thousand five hundred dollars to be shared amongst themselves. Biggie’s assistants aka Team Black were also to get a share in the reward.

The Airtel Task

The BBNaija Shine Ya Eye Housemates have their hands full with the Airtel Task.

After completing their first Token Challenge, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates have another Task on their hands and this time, it’s the Airtel Task. This Task has been divided into 3 parts. The instructions for each activity will be given to them when the time comes.

The First Task
Attached to the Brief was a big airtel envelope containing 22 smaller envelopes for each Housemate. The Head of House, Boma proceeded to distribute the envelopes to all Housemates with their corresponding names. Inside each small envelope were instructions for the first Task.

They were not allowed to discuss or disclose the information written inside their envelopes. Any Housemate who breaks this rule will automatically be disqualified from the Task. The Housemates had only one hour to complete this first Task. The sound of the buzzer will signify when they were to start and when to end.

Airtel merchandise was also provided for them. It wasn’t too long after each Housemate got their merchandise and envelope that the buzzer went off. Not wasting any more time, the Housemate got down to the business of executing their first Task.

The Hidden Instruction

For Arin and Saga, they were Tasked to ensure that the House remained lively for the one-hour duration. It was their responsibility to ensure that the Housemates interacted and were in high spirits. They had to come up with ways to carry this Task without being obvious about it.

The rest of the Housemates

They were to completely ignore Saga and Arin. No interactions, no touching, no eye contact, nothing. They were to act as if they do not exist while going about their regular activities. They were not to talk, smile, play, blink, or even give as much as a sign to both of them.

The Second Task

Done with the first part of the Airtel Task, the Housemates soon moved to the second part. For this part, all the Housemates were asked to gather in front of the TV in the lounge to watch a video.

Immediately after they finished watching the video, they each had to take turns answering if they had ever been ghosted on before due to network issues and their first reaction was when they found out they didn’t have access to the internet. They had only 30 minutes to carry out this activity and they were to be guided on when to start and when to end by the sound of the buzzer.

The Final Task

For the final part of the Task, the Housemates were asked to divide themselves into three teams. Each team must comprise male and female members.

Once formed, they have 90 minutes to create and write a perfect sequel to the Airtel Ghost advert played for them. Once the 90 minutes elapses, all teams must proceed to the arena to make their presentations wearing the new merchandise. In the arena, the Head of House will coordinate the entire process by calling the teams one after another to make their presentations. Each team had five minutes to make their presentation.

Saga, Whitemoney, Arin, Yerins, Angel, Beatrice and Tega all comprising of Team Three were crowned winners of the Airtel Task. To reward this feat, they were awarded the sum of One Million Naira. The entire House also got an Airtel Mifi each as a reward for their efforts in completing the Task.

The WAW Task

The Housemates have a colourful Task to tackle thanks to WAW Nigeria

To conquer this Task and claim the juicy prize, the Shine Ya Eye Housemates will be needing some dose of creativity, originality and teamwork.

Today’s task will have the House play in teams. The team names for today are as follow:

  • Team Colourful WAW
  • Team WAW Effect
  • Team Classic WAW and
  • Team Amazing WAW

To determine their respective team, the Housemates played the “lucky dip” game. A box containing the team names was made available for this purpose. They all took turns in picking one card from the box. After this, each team proceeded to nominate a leader for their team.

Their first activity was to write a song or a poem on the WAW brand and its unique offerings. WAW brand information materials were provided for them to study carefully.  A video was also played immediately after the brief was read.

Housemates were expected to equip themselves with the information provided in the video to further guide them on song or poem creation. Their songs or poem were to be written clearly on a single notepad.

They had 60 minutes to complete this task and the time started after they have determined team members and watched the video. The sound of the buzzer guided them on when to start and when to end.

Jaypaul’s team had an exceptional jam session where they explored not only word use but harmonies. The jingle took a familiar route of a reggae fusion, a sound we have come to know as authentic to Jaypaul. Their excitement as they took turns to build their song was one of the most interesting moments the Housemates shared today.

In an unexpected plot twist, the second brief advised the Housemates to exchange their songs with each other and create a rendition of each team’s jingles. This exchange had Arin a little shocked and confused but she wasn’t the only Housemate that took this badly.

Boma came back to confront Team Classic WAW over the poem they received and ended up in a heated exchange with Angel that left her feeling quite emotional after being riled up.

Tempers flared as Housemates had to start over and figure out how to make their new lyrics more musical. The third brief gave Housemates a chance to once again showcase their acting skills. We can’t help but wonder if the next Nollywood superstars will arise from this WAW Task?

The AmazingWAW team – Peace, Nini, Sammie, Pere, Jaypaul and Yousef – eventually emerged winners of this task and won the sum of 1 Million Naira for their amazing performance, while all housemates get one year supply of WAW detergent.

Day 19: ‘Black Shines Brightest’ with our Housemates – BBNaija

Day 19: 'Black Shines Brightest' with our Housemates – BBNaija

The theme for this task was “Let Your Black Shine Through” and it was coined from Guinness’ brand campaign – Black Shines Brightest. The campaign celebrates individuals coming together with creativity and optimism to make an impact in their world.

The House was divided into three teams, each representing one of the 3 Guinness variants: Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Team Guinness Gold and Team Guinness Smooth.

The task showcased the Housemates creativity through their diverse expressions in music by tapping into their creative and authentic expressions.

To help the Housemates, a beat was played intermittently within the House, serving as an opportunity to create the song and rehearse their presentation as a team. The teams had to use the manifesto as inspiration for their lyrics and execution. Housemates were required to perform their song live over the beat and each team judged on how well they creatively shine through the lyrics and their stage performance.

Team Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, was off to a great start with Cross as their MC but showed how Pere’s calculation of the verse-to-bridge ratio fell off the bandwagon with their limited time. However, they received a generous score of 21 points. Given their competitive spirit, Team FES thinks they lost because they didn’t finish their song.

Team Guinness Smooth nominated Yousef as their MC and he was lively as ever with his intro, illuminating the viewers with his exaggerated gestures and roaring voice. JMK and Jackie B stole the show with their choreography on Boma as he stood in his stillness just casually showing off his snatched body. Although this interesting bit caught most of our eyes, they received a score of 13 points for their creativity, style and rhythm

The winner’s circle

Team Guinness Gold picked Peace as their MC and gave an interestingly rhythmic performance with bold stage presence and an illuminating articulation of their lyrics. With a score of 23 points, they won the Challenge and received a beautiful commendation for internalizing the manifesto.

Congratulations to Nini, Princess, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Peace and Tega for winning a cash prize of 500 000 Naira each and a six months’ supply of Guinness.

The Unbeatable Football Task by Supersport

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng were taken through their paces via the ‘Unbeatable Football’ Task, courtesy of SuperSport. The Task was divided into three categories with the first two being a cross-word puzzle and a jig-saw puzzle. The third part was an Art Task. The Task happened in two phases with the first two categories taking place within 60 minutes.

The Housemates were divided into four groups in order to take part in the Task. The groups were; Team Premium, Team Compact, Team Max, Team Jolly. A box containing the team names was provided and each Housemate picked one card from the box. Housemates who picked the same team names played as a group.

The team that accurately solves their puzzles in the earliest time would win the round. If at the end of 60 minutes, no team was able to solve the puzzles, the four teams would automatically earn zero points for the round.

The second phase of the Supersport “Unbeatable Football” Task involved the Housemates performing an Art Task where they creatively explained what “Unbeatable” meant to them, through painting or drawing. Their painting must exude what they felt “Unbeatable” meant to their team from their experiences around family, work and lifestyle in general.

1628784219 56 puzzle 5

Housemates had 60 minutes to brainstorm and discuss their ideas before proceeding to the Arena for the painting challenge. Each team was given one hour to make their painting.

After the painting session, each team had 5 minutes to present their painting and share with Big Brother the inspiration behind their art piece.

Team Jolli wins first challenge

Day 19: Team Jolli wins first challenge – BBNaija

The Unbeatable Football Task came right on time for the English Premier League. It was a true test of speed and football knowledge with a touch of creativity.

The Shine Ya Eye geng had to dig up their football trivia in an effort to solve football-themed crossword and jigsaw puzzles.

The Housemates were divided into four teams:  

  • Team Premium
  • Team Compact
  • Team Max
  • Team Jolli

For the crossword puzzle, each team had to solve five clubs from the 20 English Premier League clubs using the alphabets from the black bag attached to their easel. For the jigsaw puzzle, teams were to identify and complete two football league or club competition logos using the puzzle pieces provided.

1628803131 27 screenshot 2021 08 12 at 17.43.01

The Housemates scrambled to put faces on these puzzles and Team Jolli consisting of Maria, Yousef, Emmanuel, Arin and Liquorose completed the activity first, making it seem way too easy. Biggie then asked them to assist the other teams that had not yet completed their tasks.

We didn’t know that Maria was all clued up on football team names, but the team was bound to be strong since Arin mentioned that Yousef held the team together because he knew everything.

The winning team received a reward of N1 ,500,000 to share among themselves.

The other Housemates, however, seriously need to brush up on their football knowledge because Big Brother even dropped a little shade saying that some of them wouldn’t be able to complete it even if they were given 24 hours to do it.

The Eva Soap Task

What a bunch of babies! The Housemates got dressed up and relived their early years for the task by Eva Soap.

When the Eva Baby Soap task was briefed to the Housemates, it was clear that the day was going to get silly! After being told that they would have to “wind the clock back a few years”, the Housemates were ever-so-casually-informed that they would find in the storeroom their outfits for the day: a diaper, t-shirt, bib, socks, pacifier and bonnet. Bonnets? When they said they would be rewinding back a few years, we think they may have meant a century or two.

“I’ll never take the men in this House seriously after this Task,” said Angel, and we found ourselves starting to agree, especially when we bore witness to Yousef and Michael – both grown men, need we remind you – being dressed by Angel and Tega, respectively. Why would you allow national television cameras to capture you like that?

What really took the cake, though, was the Housemates’ insistence that they absolutely must proceed to wail and scream like the world’s most annoying babies.  Real children aren’t that annoying. Not even close.

Once attired as Big Brother’s bundles of joy, they were told to await further instructions – quite the ask for a series of infants.  Then, after a time of us having to rub our eyes and confirm we were actually seeing a group of adults wearing diapers, those instructions arrived.

In the Arena, the Housemates were told that the Eva Baby bathtub provided contained a certain number of rubber duckies and that each ducky was worth a certain number of points. They were to dive into the tub, collect as many duckies as possible, and then add the points together. What followed was 20+ men and women diving into an oversized ballpit – filled with balloons – hunting plastic toys for five minutes.

Some of the Housemates struggled to carry all the duckies they had collected, but others were more pragmatic; they went straight into the diapers. On a side note, these are some foul-mouthed babies!

Once the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the round, the choice of balloons over actual water was clear; there was barely anything left inside the tub.  When it came to the count, Peace was the clear leader, with a total of 133 points, followed by Angel with 82 and Boma with 79. On the other end of the scale was JMK, with 0 – which is impressive in its own way, really.

Then, came the crawl race. No rubber duckies, thankfully. Instead, it came down to the fastest Housemate, who would have 23 points added to their total for the day. Their times weren’t given to them, but Jaypaul and Cross seemed to be very quick. Then, the Housemates were told to familiarise themselves with the Eva Soap product cards that came with their outfits, head inside and wait for part two of the Eva Baby Task – it seemed that some kind of test was on the horizon.

After getting dressed in gowns and mortarboards, the Housemates geared up for the next part of their Task; reliving another stage of life (although we’re not sure if graduation is a stage of life everybody shares, as there are other ways to succeed). The Housemates were each required to pick a question about Eva Soap products from a box, hand it to the Head of House and then answer it. Each right answer would earn the Housemate in question five points. A wrong answer would… well, you know.

Day 22: Peace wins Eva Soap task – BBNaija

Questions ranged from knowing whether or not newborn’s cried without tears, how old babies could be to use Eva Soap and how to spell “pacifier” backwards. It was a mixed bag of answers, of which we’ll spare you the details, except for the bit where there was some embarrassment – one of the answers provided on the card was, in fact, incorrect.  A simple typo, but still – kinda funny.

Then came the fourth and final part of the Task. Housemates were required to tell each other the names they had been called over the course of their life, which had made them lose confidence or self-esteem, while their fellows wrote those words on their bodies. Some of the phrases included “poor”, “short” and “fat”.

We’re not sure how this part of the Task was scored, but we trust in Biggie’s wisdom.  After that, the Housemates were sent on their way with bars of Eva Soap to wash the negativity off their bodies and to extend the metaphor, a little bit.

The Verdict

After a few minutes, Biggie called the HoH into the Diary Room to retrieve the brief which contained the final results on the winner of the task. The brief was read out by the HoH and he duly announced that Peace was the winner of the Eva Soap Task with a total of 137 points. She was also awarded the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand naira.

Other Housemates were not left out. For participating in the task, they were awarded the sum of one million, two hundred and fifty thousand naira to share among themselves.

What a way to end the day. Who would have thought using a pacifier and wearing adult diapers will be the key to the Housemates earning cool cash.

Unique stories with Darling

The Housemates received a new brief from Darling.

Day 24: Unique stories with Darling – BBNaija

The Brief

Dear Housemates,

Welcome to your Darling “My Hair Story” task!

Over the last few years, Darling has successfully established herself as a trendy brand helping African women find their beautiful with amazing looking hair.

Your task today is to create unique Hair stories using darling hairstyles to portray the Black Girl as Bold, Daring, Unstoppable and Beautiful, while also showing how a queen’s magic is incomplete without a Darling Hair on.

To carry out this task, you will be required to play in teams. The team names for today are Team Crochet, Team Braids Team Empress and Team Natural. Each group must consist of the following personalities:

  1. The Models – All members of each team
  2. The Storyteller – one female member of each team
  3. The Stylists – All the gentlemen in each team.

To determine your teammates for today, male housemates must proceed to pick one name card each from the box labelled “Male”, while the female housemates will pick from the box labelled “Female”. Housemates who pick identical team names will form team members for today.

The task has also been broken down into two stages: The first stage is called Find Your Beautiful which will happen in the salon. You are to create a unique hair story using Darling hairstyles. Your hair story must show how Darling Hair gives the black queen confidence to be unstoppable.

As a team, you will also be required to rehearse a fashion dance routine with the Darling Black Girl Magic theme song, which will be played for you intermittently after you have finished styling your hair.

The second part will be the presentation stage in the arena but more on that later.

For now, you may proceed to the storeroom to collect your customised Darling Boxes containing your outfits and the tools you will need for the task. There is a separate box containing various wigs and attachments. Each team may choose what to use based on their team’s inspiration. You may also utilise the items in the salon to creatively execute this task.

You have 90 minutes to style your hair in the salon and 30 minutes to rehearse your dance routine. The song will come on after the 90 minutes allocated for your hair styling have elapsed.

Every member of each team is expected to be actively involved in this activity, as it determines the outcome of the overall task.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

It’s Darling time!

After dividing into teams and gearing up, the Housemates began preparation for their task. They were given 90 minutes to get their hairstyles and unique stories ready as they awaited their second brief of the night which touches on the presentation.

The second phase of the task was simply called “BLACK GIRL MAGIC” and it featured three different activities:

  1. The storytelling – each team had to nominate a representative who would introduce the team and give a short narration of their hair story. The representative had to explain how a black queen’s magic is incomplete without a Darling Hair on. The story had to also highlight how the hairstyles they had on made the team Bold, Unstoppable, Daring & a Fashionista.
  2. The modelling – All team members will model and showcase their hairstyles in a fashion walk of fame before taking their positions for the fashion dance routine.
  3. The dance performance – All team members will perform their choreographed routine.

Each team’s presentation was not to exceed 10 minutes. They were provided Darling dungarees to match their cool hairstyles. Each team gave it their all telling unique stories that related to their looks and the theme of the evening. After delivering successful performances despite a few hiccups with Team Crotchet who were reprimanded by Biggie for being late.

The results were eventually collated, judged by the criteria which included originality, timing management and teamwork and the Tasks’ winner was Team Braids which included Liquorose, Yousef, JMK, Queen and Michael. They each received the sum of seven hundred and fifty thousand Naira (N750, 000).

Housemates Storm the yard

Body odour is a turn-off and the Housemates got just the right assignment to explain the importance of smelling fresh

Day 25: Housemates Storm the yard – BBNaija

Feeling and smelling fresh is essential for anyone and the BBNaija Housemates had the fortunate task of making this concept a reality with the Storm Body Spray Task.

For the task, the Housemates were divided into four equal teams. To divide the Housemates, a box which contained 16 envelopes with the words “THANK YOU” written on them and another four bearing the word “STORM” was presented to the House.

Taking turns, each Housemate picked one envelope from the box. The Housemates who picked envelopes bearing “STORM” stood aside from the Housemates who picked the “THANK YOU” envelopes.

After that, the four Housemates with the STORM envelopes proceeded to choose their team members by taking turns in picking Housemates with the THANK YOU envelopes.

The STORM envelopes were numbered from one to four. So, STORM one picked a team member first followed by STORM two, so on and so forth…

That is …STORM picker one called a member.

STORM picker two called a member after STORM picker one

STORM Picker three called a member after STORM picker two

STORM picker four called a member after STORM picker three

There were five rounds for STORM pickers to select their team members and in each round, they selected one member each. This went on until Housemates were equally divided into four groups with five team members in each group

The names of the were; Team White Horse, consisting of Jackie B, Maria, Pere, Saga and Sammie; Team Bull Power, with Jaypaul, Liquorose, Nini, Peace and Queen; Team Love with Boma, Emmanuel, JMK, Micheal and Tega; and Team Angel with Angel, Cross, Saskay, Whitemoney and Yousef.


Each team was required to develop and present a creative and entertaining television commercial that included a suitable song or jingle. The duration of the commercial was not to exceed five minutes and had to end with a catchy phrase that promotes the awesomeness of the Storm body spray brand.

The commercial had to also showcase how the Storm body spray affects the Housemates positively as compared to other fragrances.

The first team to give their presentation was Team Bull Power, followed by Team Love. After them, came Team White Horse and Team Angel came last.

Team Love wins the Storm Task

Bad energy stays far away with Storm.

Day 25: Team Love wins the Storm Task – BBNaija

#BBNaija Housemates had to once again dig through their creative toolsets to come up with an entertaining television commercial for the Storm Body Spray.

Team Bull Power

This team had Nini, Queen, Liquorose, Jaypaul and Peace as members. They went first and gave a mime-like performance of different people struggling with bad odour. By the end of their presentation, we’re sure you also couldn’t get their jingle out of your head. “You know you need Storm, storm, storm, to get you through the storm.”

Team Love

Yousef led his team which included Whitemoney, Cross, Angel, Yousef and Saskay. They came up with a story of a guy in love who proposes to his girlfriend but is quickly rejected because of the bad odour coming from his armpits when they hugged. They ended their commercial with a catchy jingle that goes something like, “Bad energy stay far away, stay far away.”

Team White House

Pere led a team with Maria, Jackie B, Sammie and Saga as teammates. Their team came up with a skit about a woman who was troubled by her husband’s bad odour. This woman tells a friend about this problem, and they bump into Storm inspiration in the form of a jingle. This brings her husband a total life change. It was an interesting take on marital affairs and confidence.

Team Angel

This team included Boma, Michael, Emmanuel, Tega and JMK. Theirs was a story of a guy in the gym who tries to approach ladies in vain because of his bad odour. Michael was singing the jingle which ended, “Be wild and attractive, seductive…”

All teams executed the presentation excellently but only one team stood out the most. Team Love which included Angel, Cross, Saskay, Yousef, and Whitemoney won the sum of one million five hundred thousand Naira (N1,500, 000) which they will share among themselves.

Getting progressive with Tecno

The Housemates stopped at nothing in this Task.

Day 26: Getting progressive with Tecno – BBNaija

The #BBNaija Housemates were faced with another challenging, yet exciting Task and this time around, it was proudly sponsored by Tecno Mobile.

We had seen all they can cook up with their theatrical and musical talents, but we were yet to see if the Shine Ya Eye geng has a knack for technology too.

The Brief


Welcome to your Tecno Task!

With “STOP AT NOTHING” as the brand’s essence, TECNO is committed to unlocking the best contemporary technologies for progressive individuals across global emerging markets, giving them elegantly designed and intelligent products that inspire consumers to uncover a world of possibilities.

TECNO is made for the Young at Heart, progressive in thinking and ageless in spirit. They strive for change and to become better versions of themselves, progressing each day in building the life they envision for themselves.

Today’s Task will require the house to be divided into four teams. A box containing the team names is provided. As usual, each of the Housemates is to take turns in picking one card from the box. Housemates who picked the same team names will play as a team for the entire task.

Your task for today will be in two parts – the first part is all about the Tecno teaser games, which will feature two exciting games namely “The X-Rush” and “Word Unscrambler”

In preparation for the games, Tecno Brand Information Materials are provided for each Housemate. As a team, you must study the contents carefully before you proceed to the Arena.

You have one hour before you will be called into the Arena.

The storeroom will be opened for you to collect your merchandise after you have determined your team members.

Yours truly,

Big Brother.

The first game: Unscrambler

The first game was the Unscrambler, where the Housemates required their cognitive strengths. Placed before them was a Tecno Board with 20 hooks. There were four Tecno Phantom cards on each hook, and each card bore a scrambled word or sentence from the Tecno Phantom Brand, Story Material that was provided for them.

Each team member had to pick out a card and display its contents to team members. The team members were then expected to unscramble the word and say it out loud. Once the word was said, the team member holding the card had to immediately peel off the seal under the scrambled word or sentence and reveal the answer.

Each team had four minutes to unscramble 20 words or sentences. If they couldn’t figure out the word on a card, they may quickly move on to the next one.

The second game: X-Rush

X-Rush as the name suggests required Housemates to think and act quickly. There were four X-Tanks before them – one for each team. Each team had to fill up the four arms of the X-Tank using the X-balls provided in a pool of balls. The bottom right of the X would contain blue balls, the bottom left would contain gold balls, the top right with white balls, while the top left arm had to have black balls.

They were given a reference image on the X-Tank to guide them. Each arm of the X-tank had to be filled by one member of each team. This meant, if one team member decided to take on the gold balls, another teammate had to fill the bottom right with blue balls and so on.

When one teammate was done, he or she was expected to return to their teammates and tap the next team member who filled in the next arm of the X-tank with the correct ball colour.

Finally, when all the X-tank arms had been filled appropriately, the fourth team member to fill up the X-tank was expected to run back to their teammates and tap the last team member who then proceeded to search for a black box with gold ribbons containing the two final balls in the garden. He or she had to install one Phantom ball each on the top left and top right arm of their X-tank. The team which filled up their X-tank in the fastest time would win this round.

The Teams

Team Xcellence

JMK, Jaypaul, Angel, Nini and Peace made up this team. During the first game, they started huddled up together on the Tecno Board. Biggie asked them to stop, move back and have a member facilitating as a reminder of an orderly way to play the game. Their four minutes flew by as they struggled to make sense of the scrambled words. It appears they might have forgotten all they were studying including the extra time they got.

Team Xtraordinary

This team included Yousef, Saskay, Maria, Queen and Tega. The team which seemed to have learned from the previous team’s mistakes moved fast as they called out the words they managed to unscramble. They received applause from the Housemates at the end of their turn.

Team Xclusive

They were on fire. Pere, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Whitemoney, and Michael looked prepared after they were quick with unscrambling words like lightning. These students had prepared adequately for the game. They had excellent teamwork and nearly finished all the cards on the Tecno Board.

Team Xceptional

This team with Cross, Jackie B, Boma, Saga and Sammie were members who had a slow game. Some of them were even creating their own words. “Next, next, next!” was their most common word as they struggled to unscramble the words on most cards they picked.

The second game required speed and attention to get as many blue and gold balls out of the ball pit. Each team worked together and cheered on their members as they raced to fill up the X with balls. The competition was tight, but only one team could claim victory over this part of the Task.

Team Xclusive won the first game by unscrambling the most words and sentences within the allotted time. Whitemoney, Emmanuel, Liquorose, Michael and Pere were rewarded with one hundred thousand Naira and Tecno branded items

The second teaser game, X-Rush, required some agility and dexterity; two requirements that Team Xceptional had in abundance. Kudos to Cross, Sammie, Jackie B, Boma and Saga. They each won the sum of one hundred thousand Naira and Tecno Branded items.

Addressing social challenges

Team Exclusive had the task of addressing the social issue of Drug abuse. Liquorose and Whitemoney were the parents of a young man who returned from the city with a drug problem. He has a moment that he uses drugs and dies on the spot causing havoc in his parents’ household.

Team Xcellence told a story about domestic abuse. Nini acted the character of a lady who had been experiencing abuse from her husband – JMK disguised as a man – but has been hiding it. She was confronted by her friends who tried to give her good advice in order to combat the violence. The abused lady remains in the relationship until she is eventually murdered by her partner.

Team Xtraordinary created a play addressing the social challenge of gender inequality. They were very much in character, but they were taken by surprise when the buzzer went off before they had completed their presentation. At least Biggie allowed Sammie to give a low down on how the final scene would’ve played out at the end of the Task.

Team Xceptional came up with a play addressing girl child education. In their story, a girl child – acted out by Queen – was continuously denied access to education by her father – Yousef. The child was eventually exposed to a teacher – Maria – who assisted her with excelling at school. Later in her adult life, the child became an accountant.

At the end of the presentation, the teams went back to the House to return the costumes. They were given time to work on their films and edit them on the Phantom X smartphone. When time was up, the phones were retrieved. Creativity, innovation, clarity of message, phone videography and editing skills were the criteria by which the presentations were judged.

Team Xcellent met all the criteria laid down for the task. Jaypaul, JMK, Peace, Angel and Nini each received the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand Naira and one Tecno Phantom Smartphone.

The Abeg Friday Night Task

The Housemates got together to make somebody smile tonight. Maintaining sound mental well-being is an important part of staying healthy. It helps one enjoy an improved quality of life and is beneficial to the overall well-being of every human being.

1629576236 56 screenshot 2021 08 21 at 21.05.15

Housemates overcome obstacles with Dano milk

Your BBNaija faves showed strength as they overcame obstacles in their Task from Dano Milk.

Day 32: Housemates overcome obstacles with Dano milk – BBNaija

Reminding themselves and viewers that they can achieve their dreams, regardless of the odds was the main idea behind the task the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ geng were involved in last night, thanks to Arla Foods, makers of Dano Milk and other dairy products. The Housemates were tasked to create a 10-minute theatrical expression of their understanding of the “Go For It!” message.

The Housemates had a smooth start to the task as Dano Milk provided them with fruits and milk to make smoothies. What a cool way to start a task right?

The Housemates were instructed to gather in the lounge with their smoothies after it was made so that they could watch a video related to the task they were about to carry out.

After they had watched the video, the Housemates got a brief where they were told to prepare a 10-minute theatrical expression of their understanding of the ‘Go For It’ message. It was also important for each team to call out “Go for it!” in their presentation.

To complete the task the Housemates were divided into four teams which were Team Dano Cool Cow, Team Dano Full Cream, Team Dano Slim and Team Dano Choco.

Team Dano Full Cream was made up of Boma, Liquorose, Nini, Jackie B and JMK, while Team Dano Slim had Angel, Sammie, Pere, Michael, and Peace. Team Dano Choco had Saga, Maria, Tega, Cross, Queen, while Team Dano Cool Cow included Yousef, Saskay, Whitemoney, Emmanuel, and Jaypaul.

Watch the geng prep for the Task

When the Housemates got into the Arena, they met an obstacle course task that represented the daily challenges faced by people in the society. Each team was instructed to present a member to partake in the obstacle course after which they all proceed to make their presentation in the time space of 15 minutes each.

The first team to go up was Team Dano Cool Cow followed by Team Dano Full Cream. The third team to carry out their task was Team Dano Slim and finally Team Dano Choco.

The Result
In the first activity, each team’s representative was able to navigate through the obstacle course challenge without any hindrance and consequently earned their teams 30 points.

For the second activity, each team was required to develop a 10-minute theatrical expression of the “Go For It” message. The criteria spelt out included: creativity, engagement, team spirit and the interpretation of the “GO FOR IT!” message. For this round, Team Slim scored a total of 49 points while; Team Choco 48 points, Team Full Cream 57 points, Team Cool Cow points.

The total accumulated points for each team across the two activities are as below:
Team Choco – 78 points.
Team Slim – 79 points
Team Full Cream – 87 points
Team Cool Cow – 89 points

1629973816 56 screenshot 2021 08 26 at 12.22.52

Clearly, Team Cool Cow won the Arla Dano task. Congratulations Saskay, Yousef, Whitemoney, Emmanuel and Jaypaul. As a reward, they will receive the sum of one million and five hundred thousand Naira to share amongst themselves and one year supply of Dano products. To the other teams, they will be rewarded with one year supply of Dano products for their effort.

The Supa Komando Task

The Housemates showed the stuff they are made of in the Supa Komando Task.

Day 33: The Supa Komando Task – BBNaija

The ‘Shine Ya Eye’ Housemates had an amazing Task with Supa Komando. The drink which has been one of the sources of energy for the Housemates decided to put that energy to the test. The Task was carried out in two parts with the first taking place in the Games Room and the other taking place in the Arena.

In the first part of the Task, Housemates were briefed to get creative with the Supa Komando jingle. The jingle was played intermittently and each time it came up, the Housemates were instructed to proceed to the Supa Komando chiller in the lounge and perform the song. Furthermore, they were instructed to hold a bottle or a can of Supa Komando as their microphone. The lyrics of the jingle was attached to the brief they were given.

After their time in the Games Room, the Housemates were called into the lounge to watch a video made by the Supa Komando before proceeding to the Arena.

Right before the games started, the Housemates were instructed to proceed to the Supa Komando drum chiller at the corner of the Arena to pick a can or bottle of Supa Komando each.

At this point, we were all wondered if the Housemates were going to have a party as their Task.?

Soon after that, however, Biggie got the Housemates settled and read out the rules and regulations of the Task. According to Biggie, there were going to be two winners of the Task; a male and a female Housemate. This ultimately meant that the men will compete with each other while the ladies also compete with each other.

The Task in the Arena which was set to test the physical strength of the Housemates had six obstacle courses that they had to successfully navigate to win the ultimate prize.

The men were the first set of Housemates to undertake the Task with Pere being the first of them all. During the course of the challenge, Emmanuel sustained a light injury and had to be takenout of the Arena for immediate treatment.

After the men, the ladies took their turn to complete the Task with Tega starting things off for the ladies. She however experienced a light injury as well but still managed to complete the Task before Biggie instructed the HoH to take her into the House.

At the end of the obstacle course challenge, Cross, Yousef, Saskay and Queen emerged as the fastest Housemates and therefore qualified for the final round of the Task.

The final round of the Task involved the remaining four Housemates fixing a puzzle to unlock a code. The code was then used as a combination to unlock a box containing silver helmets. Cross and Yousef completed their puzzle and then proceeded to try to open the box set aside for the men. While they struggled Saskay finished her puzzle leaving Queen behind.

The men eventually opened the box but were not sure who the winner was. Saskay on the other hand was able to open the box as Queen still struggled with her puzzle.

At the end of it all, Biggie announced Cross as winner for the male category and Saskay as winner for the female category. They both were awarded with Two Million Naira each, a year’s supply of Supa Komando and were also to be made brand influencers for Supa Komando once they left the House.

What a way to end the day! We hope more millionaires will be made in Biggie’s House.

The Munch It take on non-stop fun

Housemates gave an interesting take on their type of non-stop fun for the Munch it Task.

Day 34: The Munch It take on non-stop fun – BBNaija

The Housemates were split into four teams – Team Crunch, Team Munch, Team Tasty and Team Irresistible. One by one they picked one name card from the box.

The Task 

The Task was divided into two parts, part one – where Housemates showcased their vocabulary skills by building words with available cards and part two with an all-you-can-eat bowl of 20 Munch it snacks. The Teams that won either of the two Challenges stood to earn 10 bonus points from each part of the Challenge.

Team Munch gave an impressive showcase of their vocabulary and leading this part of the Task with most words. This meant Boma, Yousef, Saga, Angel and Queen won the first 10 bonus points. Good vocabulary comes in handy in these times.

Team Irresistible took the lead with the most consumed Munch it snacks in the 20 pack Challenge. This team comprised Cross, Tega, Emmanuel, Saskay and Jaypaul. Their ferocious appetite had them earning 10 bonus points. If we learnt anything lately it’s that they came prepared for this part of the Task #FoodWoes.

For the final part of their Task, Housemates gave their interpretation of non-stop fun from a Games night, Movie’s night, Football and a Music and Dance. Each team received a customized kit. Inside this kit, were notes, materials and props to be used in executing the Task.

Housemates took turns showcasing their talent and in closing the Task Biggie announced the winners.

Team Crunch gave an impressive performance with their exciting take on a football finals game of the season. The performance earned them the winning points from the Task.

Congratulations to Whitemoney, Peace, Michael, JMK and Maria won a whopping One Million Naira to be shared amongst the Housemates team members and a one-year supply of Munch It snacks.

For the rest of the Housemates, their teams walked away with five hundred thousand naira each and one year supply of Munch It snacks.

Fashion meets football with Bet9ja

An odd mix of art, fashion and football made the Bet9ja task an interesting spectacle.

The #BBNaija Housemates had the time of their life all thanks to the Bet9ja Task which was divided into two different unique activities. To carry out the Task, the Housemates were divided into four teams with each team having five members each.

The teams were Team Play Better, which included Jaypaul, Angel, Queen, Peace, and Cross — Team Live Better, which included Michael, Jackie B, Nini, Boma, and Liquorose. The third was named Team Dream Better and its members were Yousef, Sammie, Saga, Tega, and Saskay. The fourth and final Team was named Team Responsible Gaming and its members were JMK, Maria, Emmanuel, Whitemoney, and Pere.

For the first part of the Task, 29 outfits were provided for the Housemates, each with unique artwork. The teams were to use the artwork on the outfits to create an art story that represents their chosen team name. This means, Team Live Better, for instance, had to use the artworks on their outfits to create a ‘Live Better’ story.

1630180648 56 bet4

Each Team was instructed to use a representative to narrate the idea behind the selection of each design, and how the overall collection represents their team’s name. This was to be done while the other members of the team modelled the outfits.

The second part of the Bet9ja Task took place in the Arena. For this part of the Task, the Housemates were provided with customized Jerseys. Team Dream Better and Team Live Better were instructed to wear green jerseys. While Team Responsible Gaming and Team Play Better wore black and white jerseys respectively.

In the Arena, the Housemates met a mini-football pitch which was set up like a ‘human football game’. The second part of the game was divided into two rounds. In the first round, Team Live Better played against Team Play Better, while Teams Dream Better and Responsible Gaming were up against each other.

1630180801 56 bet5

For each game, there were 2 halves of 5 minutes each. After each half, the teams were instructed to change their positions on the pitch. For every game, the House had to nominate an umpire who served as the referee and ensured that the game was played according to the rules.

The nominated Housemate was not to be a part of the team currently playing and his/her decision was final and bickering or arguing with them could result in the disqualification of the team.

After the games were played, the Team that scored the highest number of goals was to be crowned the winners. Fortunately for Team Play Better, they scored the highest number of goals and were automatically pronounced the winners of the second round of the task. For winning this task they were awarded the sum of one million naira to be shared amongst themselves.

1630181468 56 bet3

Judging by the criteria laid down for the first round which were: styling, creativity, message and storytelling, Team Dream Better gathered the highest points in that round and, as such, were announced the winners for the modelling and storytelling session.

Big Brother also acknowledged the outstanding performances of a few housemates during the football session and decided to reward them accordingly:

MVP award – Cross

Fair Play award – Whitemoney

Best Midfielder – Queen

Best Striker – Yousef

Best Defender – Cross

Each of these categories came with a hundred-thousand-naira reward. This means Cross received two hundred thousand naira for winning two of the categories while Yousef, Queen and Whitemoney all received one hundred thousand naira each.

Day 39: The geng get CloseUp

The Housemates got busy with a new Task from Close Up.

The Housemates had another Task to complete – and this time it was courtesy of CloseUp. In accordance with tradition, the Head of House had to read out the Brief to the Housemates. In light of the fact that we had two HoH this week, Jaypaul did the honours.

1630515289 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 18.39.56

The first part of the Task

The Housemates had to divide themselves into eight teams immediately. To do this, the House was provided with two boxes. All the female Housemates had to take turns in picking one name card from the box labelled “Team Names”, while the male Housemates picked from the box labelled “Female.”

The box labelled “Female” contained the names of all female Housemates. This means each male Housemate ended up pairing with the female Housemate they each picked from the box.

1630514903 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 18.44.15

Once they had all picked their cards, the male Housemates were told not to reveal the name on their card to other Housemates until when they were asked to. Thereby making sure the name written on each male Housemate’s card may only be known by the male Housemate holding the card.

For the female Housemates, once they had picked their team names, they collected a card with their corresponding team name from the Heads of House. Each card came with a do-rag which they wore immediately and then proceeded to hold up their cards for all the male Housemates to take note of.

1630516724 56 untitled design

After they had finished picking their partners and identifying their team names, there was a second brief to tell them what was next. This time, Head of House Jackie B read it.

1630517137 56 screenshot 2021 09 01 at 19.17.49

Wooing the ladies

For this Brief, all the female Housemates were asked to settle in the main lounge immediately. Then, the male Housemates were given two minutes to write a cool pick-up line on the CloseUp card provided. The pick-up line must include the team name and end with the name of their partner.

Once two minutes elapsed, the gents then proceeded to the Lounge to reveal their partner by reading out their written pick-up line to her one after another. One by one, the male Housemates filed out to read some of the most romantic pick up lines that had the ladies in a frenzy.

The Closeup shot

For this Task, the Housemates had to work in their respective teams to come up with a photo story that best interprets the Closeup Triple Fresh TV advert. They also had to show how Closeup boosts their confidence and allows them to get comfortable around people. The teams were given 45 minutes to rub minds and decide on a theme for their photo story, and the poses they will strike during their team’s photoshoot in the arena.

Turn by turn each team stepped into the photo booth looking radiant and confident as they created their different themes to interpret the Closeup Brief. From trendy looks to a bit of the old school and even a goth look, the Housemates came out looking like a million bucks. After they were done taking their pictures, the next task was for each team to discuss the idea behind their themes for the photo stories. They each presented quite convincing stories about their photos and it was a thrill to watch.

The Winners

Firstly, Michael and Saga each won a 100, 000 Naira reward for the Best pick up line. The best-dressed team was Team Deep Clean where Whitemoney and Queen also won a 100 000 Naira reward each.

Team Red Hot, Angel and Pere, received 200 000 Naira each for the best pictures. The best story concept went to Liquorose, Jaypaul and Saga’s team and they each received a 200 000 Naira reward. Finally, no one is a loser in the Big Brother Naija House. All Housemates received one year’s supply of Close Up products!

Day 41: Expressing with Boomplay – BBNaija

The geng get to express themselves through music for the Boomplay Task.

Day 41: Expressing with Boomplay – BBNaija

The Shine Ya Eye geng participated in a series of music-themed games for their Boomplay Task. For Housemates who recently found happiness in expressing themselves with their newly acquired musical gadgets, this Task couldn’t have come at a better time. They not only had fun participating but got to have their very own album listening party.

Press play

Each stage of this music-themed Task was divided into three different stages, and they had to participate in each. To start the first Task, they had to head to the Arena where they were divided into teams and each team was given 10 minutes to create and save a playlist on the Boomplay application. Additionally, they had to tell a story with their playlists using the titles of the songs available on Boomplay.

The Shine Ya Eye geng participated in a series of music-themed games for their Boomplay Task. For Housemates who recently found happiness in expressing themselves with their newly acquired musical gadgets, this Task couldn’t have come at a better time. They not only had fun participating but got to have their very own album listening party.

Press play

Each stage of this music-themed Task was divided into three different stages, and they had to participate in each. To start the first Task, they had to head to the Arena where they were divided into teams and each team was given 10 minutes to create and save a playlist on the Boomplay application. Additionally, they had to tell a story with their playlists using the titles of the songs available on Boomplay.

The teams

Batch 1 – Queen, Jaypaul, Angel, and Michael

Batch 2 -Whitemoney, Saskay, Boma, and Saga

Batch 3 – Peace, Emmanuel, and Liquorose

Batch 4 – Jackie B, Pere, and Tega

Batch 5 – Yousef, Cross, and Nini

1630621106 56 image from ios 18

Guessing game

“Guess the Song” was the second part of the Task and was designed to test each housemate’s musical knowledge. The Task was divided into two rounds. For this round, the House had to be divided into three teams.

Meet the teams

Team Afrobeats – Saskay, Cross, Yousef, Nini, Michael, Jackie B

Team Highlife – Liquorose, Queen, Boma, Tega, Jaypaul

Team Alte – Angel, Peace, Pere, Emmanuel, Saga

Each team had to select a representative that was solely responsible for providing the answers. Members of the Team, however, were free to deliberate and provide their representatives with answers. Team Afrobeats went first and got a chance for a do-over because of a minor glitch. Team Highlife went next and guessed the songs quite well before Team Alte had a go.

In the second round, each team once again nominated a representative who selected a theme and also represented them for the challenge. Based on the themes chosen by each representative, four songs were played, and they were required to complete the lyrics, starting from the point the song stopped.

The Tiwa Savage listening party

To spice up the Task, Boomplay gave the Shine Ya Eye geng the opportunity to have their very own Tiwa Savage album listening party. Gathered in the Arena and treated to delicious snacks the Housemates kicked back and enjoyed the very best of Tiwa’s latest EP. The Housemates swayed and bopped as the tracks played. You could tell they really missed life on the outside.

1630624676 56 screenshot 2021 09 02 at 21.53.47

The result

Jackie B has been having a lucky run in the House after initially complaining of being unlucky when it comes to Tasks. She emerged the winner of the playlist round and smiled to the bank with five hundred thousand Naira. For the second Task, Team Highlife emerged winners and they get one million, five hundred thousand to share among each other.

1630621637 56 bbn s6 landscape video overlays green 9

Day 42: Living it up with Pepsi

For this Task, the Housemates spent the day testing their knowledge and having a ball with Pepsi.

The Shine Ya Eye geng turned up the fun with their Pepsi Task. It consisted of a variety of fun activities in which the House played as a team as well as individually. Upon completion of the Task, the Housemates were rewarded based on their points accumulated.

Pepsi Musical Chairs challenge

As usual, the geng had to divide themselves into groups. Here’s how they grouped themselves.

Team 1 – Boma, Nini, Peace and Jaypaul

Team 2 – Saga, Pere, Emmanuel, and Yousef

Team 3 – Cross, Saskay, Angel and Liquorose

Team 4 – Micheal, Queen, Tega, Jackie B, and Whitemoney

After dividing into four teams, the Housemates gathered in the main lounge to participate in the Pepsi Musical Chairs challenge. The game involved one representative from each team dancing around three chairs. One of the chairs was branded with the Pepsi logo. Cross, Boma, Pere and Michael played this game on behalf of their respective teams.

Following a lively dance session, Michael was the lucky Housemate who got to sit on the Pepsi chair earning his team 15 points while Pere and Cross got the other chairs earning their respective teams 10 points. Boma, who was booted out, complained of being shoved and was only able to score five points for his team.

Musical knowledge

For this Task, Housemates tested their knowledge about some of the Pepsi music stars and their popular songs. Even though they played this game as a team, some team members came guns blazing. Michael, Liquorose, Nini and Peace performed brilliantly on behalf of their teams.

The final round of the first half of the Task was to test the knowledge of the Housemates about some of the Pepsi DJ ambassadors. To begin the Task, the teams were each given cards containing phrases that describe the DJ and asked to name the DJ.

Musical performance

Here the Task moved from the show of musical knowledge to the Housemates abilities to perform on stage. The different teams had to perform one song by any of the Pepsi music ambassadors in the Arena. They were given only 60 minutes for rehearsals and the geng didn’t joke with it.

It almost seemed like they were preparing for a sold-out show they were billed to perform at. It wasn’t long after that they made their way to the Arena to deliver a superb performance. All four teams brought down the House with their unique stage performance.

Watch their performances here

Team one consisting of Boma, Peace, Jaypaul and Nini performed Tiwa Savage’s “Kele Kele Love“, Team two, Saga, Pere, Yousef and Emmanuel performed Burna Boy‘s “On The Low“, Team three, Cross, Saskay, Angel, and Liquorose performed Wizkid’s Ginger and Team four, Whitemoney, Angel, Michael, Jackie B and Tega performed Davido‘s “Gobe“.

To top it all off, the geng had a blast with Rema and Arya Starr, the newest Pepsi ambassadors as they performed their latest singles.

The result

Team three emerged group winners and each member gets 500,000, a VVIP all-expenses-paid trip to One Africa Fest Dubai and one year supply of Pepsi. Liquorose emerged as the second runner up in the individual category with 25 points. She won One million Naira and a VVIP all-expenses-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Peace emerged as the first runner up in the individual category with 30 points. She won One million, Five hundred thousand Naira and a VVIP all-expenses-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai. Michael finished first with 35 points and won two million, five hundred thousand Naira, a VVIP to One Africa Music Fest Dubai and one year supply of Pepsi.

1630786145 56 screenshot 2021 09 04 at 18.04.55

Just when they thought it was over, Pepsi decided the Housemates deserved a little more reward. As a matter of fact, the Housemates were already back inside when it was announced that they were to be rewarded. Pepsi believed their energy, stage management and credibility was off the hook.

In appreciation for a Task executed to perfection and dedication. Pepsi decided to reward the entire house with a trip to the One Music Africa feast in Dubai.

1630786177 56 screenshot 2021 09 04 at 18.19.16

Day 47: Housemates get a Grandex retail experience

The Housemates took a walk down the aisle of retailing in the Grandex Store Task

Day 47: Housemates get a Grandex retail experience – BBNaija

The BBNaija Housemates had the Grandex Store Task today and as expected, they were to put their best foot forward in order to win the reward attached to the Task.

Per instructions, the Housemates were to carry out the Task in teams and these were generated via a lucky dip. Three teams emerged after this which were;

Team Widest Variety
Team Shopping Made Easy  and
Team Expect More Pay Less.

The task was divided into two segments with the first being a Quiz Challenge and the second, a presentation by all the Teams in the Arena.

The Quiz Challenge
The Housemates were instructed to watch a TVC and also study the brand information materials carefully as the information contained in them will come in handy during the quiz session.

When it was time for the Quiz, a box containing the various questions was provided. There were 3 rounds and for each round, the Teams picked a representative who proceeded to pick one question from the box and give it to a member of another team to read out while their team answered.

When a question was read out to any of the Teams, they had 30 seconds to answer after which it became void. The readers of any question, used a stop-clock provided for the Task to monitor the 30 seconds allocated for each question.

Furthermore, the answers to the questions were written underneath the questions and each team had to confirm whether the answers provided were correct or wrong.

1631144790 56 store2

The Presentation Task

The second part of the Task took place in the Arena where Housemates gave a 5-minute  presentation on why the public should choose to shop at Grandex.
Each team adopted one of the Grandex flagship products which were;

· Grandex White Bread
· Grandex Wheat Bread
· Grandex Fruit Bread
· Grandex Chocolate Bread
· Grandex Jumbo Bread
· Grandex Banana Bread
· Grandex Bread Roll

1631144999 56 arena3

After a little while, the Housemates got a brief announcing which Team won the Task. All three teams emerged with 15 points each in the quiz session.

For the second part of the Task, Team Expect More, Pay Less. which includes; Pere, Whitemoney, Queen, Nini and Saga were announced the winners. Therefore they became the overall winners and were rewarded with a 3month free grocery shopping voucher that could be used at any of the GRANDEX stores at Lekki, Surulere, Bodija, RingRoad and Abuja.

In addition, they got the sum of one million naira to be shared among themselves, courtesy of Grandex.

Photoshoots with Tecno Mobile

The Housemates needed all their creative juice for the Tecno Mobile Task.

Day 47: Photoshoots with Tecno Mobile – BBNaija

The #BBNaija Housemates had another fun and creative Task to execute with Tecno Mobile. The theme for the Task was “The Phantom Star”.

As with some previous tasks, the house had to be divided into four teams. The team names for today were:

  • Team Xceptional
  • Team Xcellent
  • Team Xtraordinary
  • Team Xclusive

A Tecno bag containing these team names was provided to the Head of House. One after another, each Housemate had to pick one name card from the Tecno bag. Housemates that picked the same team’s name became team members for the duration of the Task.

For this Task, each team had to engage in a product shoot, using both photo and video elements, with the Phantom X smartphone, the star of today’s show.

There were four themed sets in the Arena. Each team had to use two of these sets for their photo and video shoot. Teams were allowed to take pictures and make videos using the two themed sets they selected.

To select themed sets, a box containing the names of the themed sets was provided in the storeroom. Each team had to nominate one representative who picked two cards from the box. However, the cards picked by each representative had to bear different themed sets. If any representative picked the same theme twice, he or she had immediately pick again.

Once a team picked their themed sets, they proceeded to collect two corresponding reference images from the Head of House.

The end goal of today’s Task was for each team to have a final content that is edited containing both pictures & videos – starring the team members and the Phantom X Smart phone.

The Head of House had to ensure that this process was carried out before the Tecno merchandise was handed over to all Housemates. They had 30 minutes to brainstorm and prepare for the photo and video shoot in the arena.

After 30 minutes, they were provided with some costumes for their shoot. Each team had to choose the clothes that best depicted their themes.

The Task

The Housemates got together in the following teams:

  • Team Xceptional: Angel, Nini and Saskay
  • Team Xcellent: Jaypaul, Jackie B and Emmanuel
  • Team Xtraordinary: Saga, Pere and Cross
  • Team Xclusive: Whitemoney, Liquorose, Yousef and Queen

The end goal of today’s task was for each team to have a final content that is edited to contain both pictures and videos starring the team members and the Phantom X Smartphone.

The four themed sets were furnished with relevant props. They were also provided costumes earlier on which they were required to creatively utilise for the shoot.

They were given six Tecno Phantom X Smartphones.

1631224725 28 screenshot 2021 09 09 at 20.33.38

When it was a team’s turn to have their shoot, that team had to use one out of the two remaining phones on the pedestal as a prop for the session.

They had to remember that the star of their content shoot was the Tecno Phantom X Smartphone. There were two sessions for tonight’s shoot and both sessions lasted for 20 minutes each. This meant, two different teams had to shoot simultaneously in every session. In other words, each team was expected to utilise each theme set for 10 minutes.

At the end of their shoot session, the Housemates had to return to the House, where they gathered to watch a video guide on how to use the video editing application on the Tecno Phantom X Smartphone.

After watching the video, they had 45 minutes to edit their content before returning the phones. It was important to add a voiceover into the final edit.

Creative juices flowing

We saw lots and lots of selfies and oh, don’t forget the angles! Angel, Nini and Saskay took us to the beach with their tropical set.  At one point, Angel was the model while Nini and Saskay directed and snapped away.

1631224513 28 untitled design 6

Jaypaul, Jackie B and Emmanuel gave us some football locker room fever in their kits and some shirtless poses from Emmanuel. Jaypaul brought out his director hat and it was fun to watch him organising the team.

1631225120 56 untitled design 8

Team Xtraordinary were bringing their winter Essex and American vibes to their photoshoot. They gave us “friends calling friends” and “guy talking to his girlfriend”, all in a cold-looking, icy set-up. We were also served some interesting angular poses from Saga with Cross catching all his good sides.

1631224579 28 untitled design 5

Yousef the model came out tonight as he struck some poses in their dreamy, themed photoshoot. He and Liquorsoe were floating about on their set, making sure they didn’t leave out any pose behind.

1631224432 28 untitled design 7

The teams had to exchange outfits and sets to produce their own depictions of the scenes. It was exciting to watch!

The editing phase was interesting with Saga constantly worrying about losing the teams content and Cross’ animated voice over. They had confidence in their work, we are yet to find out how they performed. Jackie B, Jaypaul and Emmanuel had their content creator hats on giving us FOMO to watch their final product. Team Xclusive and Team Xceptional were also hard at work making sure they completed their Task before the buzzer went off.

The Housemates became models and photographers for this creative Tecno Mobile Task. “A few moments ago you became excellent models and photographers,” complimented Biggie. It was now time for the result.

The winner for the Task was Team Xcellent. Jaypaul, Emmanuel and Jackie B won 500 000 Naira each. Better luck next time to the rest of the House.

1631224641 28 screenshot 2021 09 09 at 23.15.41

Day 48: The Piggyvest Task

The Piggyvest Task was a fun-filled throwback to the thrilling childhood parties from the pinata to the Piggyvest scale of expenses and income.

Day 48: The Piggyvest Task -BBNaija

Housemates received a Piggy Vest Task for their Friday night Task. The House was divided into two teams and with the Head of House leading Team 1 and the Deputy HoH leading Team 2.

The Task was divided into two parts, part one was a group challenge and the second part required Housemates to participate in their individual capacities.

The Pinata Challenge 

1631314106 56 screenshot 2021 09 10 at 22.11.01

For the first of the Task, Housemates in their groups received an opportunity to beat poverty and gain access to wealth in the Punish Poverty Challenge. For this task, poverty was represented by a pinata, and housemates needed to beat the pinata open to release the flow of wealth.

Well, the Housemates turned out to be a little too excited for this part and the Task and didn’t miss a single swing. Clearly, this part had them reminiscent of the candy they would get at the end.

Given how both teams were passionate about their play, Biggie decided to be the blesser and reward all Housemates for their vigour. Each Housemates was asked to pick at least three cards from the contents of each pinata.

1631314673 56 screenshot 2021 09 10 at 23.42.17

Team Flex 

  • Queen
  • Saga
  • Emmanuel
  • Pere

Team Piggybank 

  • Nini
  • Whitemoney
  • Jackie B
  • Liquorose
  • Angel

The Piggybank scale 

1631314648 56 screenshot 2021 09 10 at 22.35.27

Housemates were tasked with the challenge to balance the scale of expenses and income. This was no easy task for the Housemates as they struggled to find the right balance in their allotted time of three minutes.

We do agree that we may not always find the right balance but this task was a bit of an eye-opener that dished a fair share of the humble pie for us. We learnt that while there’s no clear cut way of doing so, the important part of adulting is learning to save and investing in the future, thanks to Piggyvest.

In the end, Yousef and Angel were both tied in third place with a sum of 100 points each. As a reward for their effort, they each received the sum of N500,000. The second position was Liquorose with a sum of 130 points. Her reward for this effort was N750,000.

Liquorose also discovered the grand prize for one of the games and earned N250,000 vacation funds in target savings, 1000 piggy points, and 50,000 safe lock vouchers on the Piggyvest savings app.

1631314606 56 screenshot 2021 09 10 at 23.39.28

The Arla chefs

Making meals is already their first love, but this time, the BBNaija geng get to do it for Arla.

Day 53: The Arla chefs – BBNaija

Dressed in fancy chef attires, the geng got their cooking on as they put their culinary skills to test in the Arla Task. After preparing and showcasing a range of tasty meals, Team Arla Cheese emerged as the winner. The team consisted of Saskay, Saga Angel and Yousef. They get to share one million, five hundred thousand Naira and Arla range of products.

Before getting started, they did a few activities to spice things up. To begin, they had to divide themselves into three teams, then participate in a quiz.

Meet the teams

Team Arla Butter

Queen, Emmanuel, Nini, Pere

Team Lupark Butter

Whitemoney, Liquorose and Cross

Team Arla Cheese

Saskay, Saga, Angel and Yousef

Quiz time

Just before the quiz started, all three teams spent 30 minutes huddled in different sections of the House studying brand product guide in preparation for the quiz. Turn by turn each team asked each other five questions till the quiz came to an end. Team Arla Butter went first followed by Team Lupark Butter and Team Arla Cheese.

Riddle me this

The next activity was a riddle Task and the Housemates had a fun time solving food-related riddles. The interesting twist was that the answers to the riddles were some of the ingredients the Housemates ended up using for their main cooking Task.

Let’s get cooking

For the main cooking contest, the Housemates were asked to proceed to pick their recipe cards and ingredients before picking any other ingredient from the Arla marketplace and the Arla chiller. Upon watching their video guide, the geng proceeded to cook in turns.

Team Arla Butter and Team Lupark Butter went first, and Team Arla Cheese went last. They all seemed to know their way around the kitchen and took their individual roles seriously as they worked tirelessly to dish out delicious-looking meals.

Done with their dishes, the Housemates were also Tasked to compose a poem and infuse Arla theme in it. Their presentation was absolutely fantastic. While announcing the winner, Biggie stated that their culinary skills should never be questioned and praised their meals.

At the end of the task, Biggie announced Team Arla Cheese as winners of the task and they won the prize of N1.5m and supplies of Arla range of products.

Day 55: The Johnnie Walker Task

The theme for this task was “No Labels”, which is designed to celebrate the journey in navigating through many obstacles and stereotypes to get where they are. The house was divided into three teams, representing one of three Johnnie Walker variants. The team names and members were:

· Team Red Label – Saskay, Liquorose, Saga and Cross.

· Team Black Label – Pere, Whitemoney, and Nini.

· Team Blue label – Queen, Emmanuel, Yousef and Angel.

For the first part of the Task, the Housemates took on an activity called Burst The Labels. For this activity, they were simply required to physically debunk some of the most used stereotypes in society. These labels are represented by the balloons that were pinned on the canvases. Each team was allowed to use only 10 darts available to them.

1631826744 27 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 20.22.27

The second part of the task required the Housemates to use the stickers provided on the team’s pedestal to create an expressive collage artwork that represents a vision board on their canvas. In five minutes the Housemates whipped up some of the most interesting artwork.

1631830207 28 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 20.37.32

The activities forming part of the Task for today tested their creativity, speed and originality. In essence, the Housemates were required to bring their physical and mental abilities to the table. As one of the activities for today, each team was required to use spoken word to develop a Show & Tell presentation that addresses one of the following stereotypes:

1. Team Red Label presented on Tech geniuses who are stereotyped as scammers.

2. Team Black Label’s presentation was on social media influencers or content creators who are stereotyped as slay queens.

3. Team Blue Label presented on creatives who are stereotyped as lazy.

The goal of this activity was to educate the general public about these stereotypes while inspiring and challenging them to tear down these labels, step forward and Keep Walking.

1631830403 28 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 20.52.34

The Johnnie Highball Mix.

For the last part of the Task, each team was required to create a signature Johnnie Walker Highball mix using the ingredients provided in their bar. Each team took turns to spin the wheel at the centre of the Arena to reveal the Johnnie Walker Highball Flavour they will be preparing.

Team Red Label landed on fruity, Team Blue Label landed on Creamy and Team Black landed on Tropical. The teams came up with interesting names for their drinks and continued to present their names as part of their mixology Task.

1631830501 28 screenshot 2021 09 16 at 21.16.56

The Winners

Before announcing the winning team, Biggie made sure to inform the House that mixology was not some of the Housemate’s forte.? We didn’t see this spice coming and for what it’s worth we think they really pulled some interesting stops to create their signature drinks.

Congratulations to Team Red Label –Saskay, Liquorose, Saga and Cross they walked away with 2 Million Naira to share amongst them.

Day 56: Living the Patricia experience

From modelling to acting, archery and charades, the BBNaija geng had a swell time executing the Patricia Task.

Day 56: Living the Patricia experience – BBNaija

The Housemates had an amazing time executing interesting activities from Patricia. The first item on their to-do list was modelling outfits, and they made quite a good impression.

The Fashion Show
The Housemates got into trendy outfits from RooomXIX outfits for the Patricia Task. RooomXIX is a luxury fashion and lifestyle themed store owned by Patricia Universe retailing globally curated products for the style-conscious.

Soon as the buzzer went off, each Housemate strutted to the centre stage to show off their Room XIX outfits. They did not just show off but described their streetwear fashion to fellow housemates so they could understand their style and why their outfits perfectly depicted their personalities. The Housemates demonstrated that they were trendy, fashionable, urban and stylish.

On to the next

For the next rounds of activities, the Housemates were divided into two teams and each team consisted of five members.

Team Ethereum: Saga, Nini, Whitemoney, Yousef, Angel

Team Bitcoin: Saskay, Liquorose, Queen, Cross, Emmanuel.

Pere was the Housemate who picked the ‘Umpire’ card and became Big Brother’s assistant to serve as an umpire for all the activities.

For the next rounds of activities, the Housemates were divided into two teams and each team consisted of five members.

Team Ethereum: Saga, Nini, Whitemoney, Yousef, Angel

Team Bitcoin: Saskay, Liquorose, Queen, Cross, Emmanuel.

Pere was the Housemate who picked the ‘Umpire’ card and became Big Brother’s assistant to serve as an umpire for all the activities.

The Crypto Charade
The next activity was the Crypto Charades. Each team had a total of nine rounds of charades. Each team representative got four verbal clues and team members had only 60 seconds to guess each word. Cross represented Team Bitcoin and they seemed to be doing quite well until the last two words that seemed super challenging.

Although he tried his best, his team only managed to guess one of the remaining two. Just like the first team, Nini represented Team Ethereum and they seemed to have a smooth ride until one word had them going in circles until they finally got it. For this game, Team Ethereum solved all their 9 words and consequently won the round.

The Archery game

For the second activity, the Housemates played the game of archery, otherwise known as “The Bull’s Eye’. For this game, arrows, bows and two Patricia boards were provided for each team to simply hit the bull’s eye, which in this case was represented by the Patricia logo in the middle of the boards.

Team Ethereum went first and after 10 shots, none of them could hit the Bull’s Eye. Team Bitcoin went next and did a lot better. For this round, Team Bitcoin hit the eye twice which was enough to win them that round.

Up next was the crossword puzzle game. For this round, both teams were only able to solve eight words each, therefore, the points are shared.

Find the items

The fourth activity for Patricia’s Task relied heavily on the Housemates’ time management, concentration and retention skills. Each team nominated a representative to find the hidden items in the room by sticking the provided hank stickers on the items.

To simplify this game, the hidden items were written under each banner. Team members were allowed to call out hints or clues to their team representative. Team Bitcoin was a step ahead by finishing first and thus, won the round.

Portraying HANK

For their second Patricia assignment, the Housemates created an original short drama, no longer than five minutes, using the HANK styles shown in the pamphlets included in their Patricia boxes.

The story must portray the HANK product and its various features. Team Bitcoin enacted several scenes where individuals were searching for gadgets that meant the most to them while Team Ethereum enacted a wedding ceremony that almost crashed when the wedding rings couldn’t be found.

1631991447 56 breathe 1

Team Bitcoin claimed all available 20 points in this round for their flawless presentation. Congratulations Cross, Liquorose, Emmanuel, Queen and Saskay. They won five thousand dollars worth of bitcoin to be shared amongst themselves. For being a brilliant umpire, Pere also shares in the spoils of the winning team.

Day 59: Non-Stop Fun with Munch It – BBNaija

It was all fun for the Munch It Task.

Day 59: Non-Stop Fun with Munch It – BBNaija

The task was courtesy of Munch It and it featured some fun and exciting games for the entire Shine Ya Eye House. As usual, the Housemates were divided into teams through a lucky draw.

Team Sweet Surprise – Pere, Whitemoney and Saga

Team Cream & Onion – Cross and Queen

Team Cheesy Stix – Nini and Liquorose

Team Classic Delight – Angel and Emmanuel

After forming their teams, Housemates gathered in the main lounge to watch a video and listen to the Munch It jingle before playing a game of “Ayo”.

Game time

To play this game of Ayo, each team nominated one player to represent their team. Team Sweet Surprise played Team Cream & Onion, while Team Cheesy Stix faced Team Classic Delight. The game got a little challenging when the Housemates were constantly checking to see if they had followed the instructions and the rules.

They soon mastered the game and played it smoothly. Choosing a winner was difficult because the game ended in a tie and deciding whether to play to find the winner caused conflict. What should be done? Should they wait for Biggie to decide, or should they replay until a winner has been determined?

They eventually decided to continue playing after much back and forth. Saga and Nini won on behalf of their teams.

Munch It Jingle dance

The next game was creating a dance routine for the Munch It jingle. Each Team headed to separate sections of the House to practice their dance moves in the hopes of winning this round. One hour later, they were all called into the Arena to demonstrate what they had been practising. Almost immediately each team was called on stage to show their dance routine for the Munch It Task.

Name a song

For this Task Each team had 20 seconds to come up with a Davido song title that begins with the letter displayed for them on the screen. The team had three rounds to sing three of Davido’s songs and each correct song attracted five points. Team Cream & Onion went first, but unfortunately, they couldn’t come up with any song. The remaining three teams were able to come up with one each.

Throw balls

For this Task, Housemates took turns to throw as many balls as possible into any of the big Munch It bowls within 2 minutes. Team Cheesy Stix, unfortunately, couldn’t get any ball in and as a penalty, Biggie made them eat three sachets of Munch It. Team Classic Delight did quite well followed by Team Sweet Surprise.


In this hurdle, each team played a game of charades with a twist. What they had to guess were the names of other Housemates. All the teams did quite well in this round as it wasn’t difficult figuring out each other.

Penalty shots

For the final hurdle, the Housemates had to score as many goals as possible wearing a blindfold. Each team nominated a representative for this game that was blindfolded by a member of the opposing team, then the other members of the playing team had to guide their representative to the marked spot in front of the small goal post.

At the sound of the buzzer, each team’s representative had two minutes to shoot as many balls as possible into the net. Each goal was worth five points. Team Sweet Surprise went first but they felt Liquorose was slow in handing them the ball and they weren’t given a fair advantage. Unfortunately for them, Biggie and other players thought they had an unfair advantage over Liquorose’s team too. In the end, Team Cream & Onion scored the most followed by Team Classic Delight.

Reward time

The Housemates were generously rewarded with sachets of Munch It immediately after the game ended. Team Classic Delight consisting of Angel and Emmanuel were declared winners and got N750,000 while Team Cream & Onion consisting of Cross and Queen won N500,000. Liquorose was named Non-Stop Entertainer and awarded N250,000.

Day 60: The Travelbeta Task

The Travelbeta Task saw the Housemates take up challenges targeted at showing the brand as Nigeria’s premium travelling agency.

The BBNaija geng had the assignment of pushing the Travelbeta brand in their Task for the day. Travelbeta is Nigeria’s online travel agency dedicated to making travel experience simple and fun. To carry out their Task, the Housemates were divided into three Teams via the lucky dip box.

The teams were; Team Visa which included Angel, Cross and Emmanuel. Liquorose and Whitemoney made up Team Vacation Packages. While Team Flights included Pere, Saga and Queen.

The Task was divided into three different activities with the first being an ‘I Call On’ challenge. For this challenge, three boards were provided and on each board there were eleven columns under each of the following words: COUNTRY. CAPITAL. LANGUAGE. CURRENCY. LANDMARK. FLIGHT COST.

Each team nominated a representative who stood in front of the board bearing their team names. Then at the sound of the buzzer, the HoH Liquorose proceeded to call out random “letters” apart from the following letters: D, H, L, N, O, Q, R, V, W, X, Y, Z.

When a letter was called, the representatives filled their boards using the markers provided.  For each letter, teams had 90 seconds to fill their board. Once a letter was called, the buzzer sound was used to indicate the start and the end of the 90 seconds allocated to that letter.

1632341608 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 19.42.39

Team members were allowed to support their team representatives with clues and hints, but only the representatives were allowed to write on the board.

For the second challenge in the Travelbeta Task, the Housemates were instructed to flip the board used in the first challenge. When flipped, they found the word ‘TRAVELBETA’ clearly spelt out on the board.

1632341725 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 19.56.50

A basket full of letters was provided for each team. All they were required to do was use the provided letters from the basket and place them under each alphabet of the word“TRAVELBETA” to reform a new word and the new word had to be the name of a country.

For the third part of their Task the Housemates did a drama presentation depicting the advantages of booking travel tickets via The drama lasted 5 minutes for each team.

1632342051 56 screenshot 2021 09 22 at 20.13.33

For partaking in the Travel Beta task, all the Housemates were winners and each team took home one million naira.

Day 61: A Hawaii experience Task – BBNaija

The House received an interesting Task that had them ready to question just how well they really the Hawaii soap and each other Housemates.

Day 61: A Hawaii experience Task – BBNaija

It was all about experiencing Hawaii and through the Task designed for the Housemates, they took deserved trip to Hawaii in Big Brother’s House. To help do this, Housemates received customized Hawaii travelling boxes for this trip.

In each of the boxes, were travelling essentials to use during the Task including a passport. The Hawaii variant you found in each box represented the team each Housemate will be visiting Hawaii with. This means your team members for today will be the housemates with a similar Hawaii variant in their box. The team names are:

· Team Papaya (Emmanuel, Queen and Saga)

· Team Carrot (Liquorose, Whitemoney and Nini)

· Team Gold (Angel, Cross and Pere)

1632421661 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 18.53.57

For the first part of the Task, Housemates took on the Hawaii Trivia and the “Housemate once said” Challenge. If you can guess, well, they were more prepared for the Hawaii Trivia than the whose line is it anyway? In this Challenge, one ballot box and one sand bucket bearing questions were provided for each team.

The questions contained in the ballot box were centered around the team’s Hawaii variant, which is also the team’s name. In the sand buckets, were questions meant to test each team’s knowledge on how well they know their fellow Housemates.

Each question from the sand bucket contained a statement made by one of them – each team was simply required to do is guess the Housemate who made the statement when the question is readout.

After spending a long time together in the House, it seems the Shine Ya Eye geng was more prepared for the Hawaii Trivia than a game of “Housemate once said” Challenge.? We don’t blame them though, however, the most hilarious was when the people whose written quotes were read to them, couldn’t remember what they had said which gave us a lighthearted chuckle.

From the sensational “You can disrespect me but the Emblem on my neck represents authority” which the Housemates were quick to decipher as a Pere quote to the charming quotable “I do not like to play with my emotions because when I love, I love deeply” which Angel thought sounded more like a Boma quote.

However, the iconic quote from this Challenge was Queen’s quotable statement during one of the heated fights and the Housemates couldn’t help but scream her name the moment Saga read  “Who do you think you are, this is not your House, this is Biggie’s House!

The Arena Vacation

1632421826 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 19.40.13

In the Arena, Housemates were given Four activities for the Hawaii Task. For this part of the first activity, each team had to solve a jigsaw puzzle in five minutes. The team that solved their puzzle in the fastest time would win this round with 20 points. While the second and third teams to finish their puzzle earned 15 and 10 points respectively.

While other teams tried to get all hands on deck with the puzzle pieces some Housemates cleverly tasked one Housemate to hold out the image and ensure that they put the pieces together. However, Team Papaya with Saga, Emmanuel and Queen were the first ones to complete the puzzle and Team Carrot finished second while Team Gold laboured a few more minutes behind and finished last.

1632421936 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 19.45.45

The Dunk and Dive

1632422827 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.03.46

For this game, teams had to dunk their opposing teams into the Hawaii Dunk tank. This meant, when it’s their team’s turn to play, Housemates must select an opposing team, and the members of that team take turns to sit on the Hawaii dunk seat. At the sound of the buzzer, the playing team used 10 balls that were provided to hit the “Splash ME” target in front of them.

By hitting the target the Dunk Tank would release the trigger which enables the other team’s member on the dunk seat to fall into the water to score 2 points for each time this happens. This Task took us to the Theme park and back and we loved every moment of excitement.

1632422852 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.11.04

The Selfie Machine

1632422888 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.21.32

Is it really a vacation if there’s no picture to back it up? Well, Hawaii took this up a notch and ensured that the Housemate’s vacation received the same immortalisation by creating a photo moment for them to memorialise their trip – after all, what’s a vacation without pictures?

One team after another, Housemates were given two minutes to take as many pictures as they would like using the provided Hawaii selfie machine. The futuristic photo machine had the Housemates wondering how they operate it but once they knew how to do so the Housemate worked every angle they could serve and we ate it all up. We are here for the poses.

1632422951 28 screenshot 2021 09 23 at 20.22.51

To conclude the Task, Biggie announced Team Papaya as the Winner of the Hawaii Task and they walk away with 1 Million Naira, In second place is Team Carrot and they walk away with 750 000 Naira while Team Gold walks away with 500 000 Naira. Congratulations to all the Housemates for their winning streak.

Day 62: Queen unlocks financial freedom – BBNaija

Queen wins her first BBNaija Friday Night Task.

After racing against time in a “Journey to Financial Freedom”, Queen emerged as the winner of the Friday Night Task and smiled to the bank with One Million Naira. This Task was courtesy of PiggyVest.

1632514230 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 21.46.33

After spending time going through the PiggyVest pamphlet, the Housemates were invited into the Arena where they hopped over obstacles as they journeyed to the finish point tounlock their financial freedom.

To begin the game and unlock the 100,000 Naira starting bonus in their portfolios, each Housemate had to roll a six.

1632514340 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 20.29.57

Head of House, Liquorose was the first to go and it took her quite a few tries before she eventually got a ‘six’. After evading a few obstacles on the track, she was able to reach the finish point in five minutes, three seconds. Sadly, as a result of using a number she did not spin, she was disqualified.

1632514298 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 20.44.08

Pere seemed to be having a good run, stacking more cash as he journeyed until he landed on a box that indicated he lost half of his winnings. On the bright side, he was able to reach the finish point in three minutes, 29 seconds.

Whitemoney was next and he seemed to be doing a solid job of evading obstacles on the track until he also landed on the box that cost him half of his winnings. Lucky for him, he had no winnings to lose and he eventually made it to the finish point in six minutes, six seconds.

Saga had a hard time getting into the game, but when he did, he kept landing on boxes that increased his winnings… except for one that required him to pay a tax of 50 thousand. The course took him five minutes, 18 seconds to complete.

Angel started off slowly but maintained a positive attitude throughout. Even though the wheel didn’t give her the number she wanted, she enjoyed every moment of it. The forces that be seemed to favour her because not too long after they ushered her to boxes that boosted her earnings.

It was a nice ride until the forces fell asleep at the wheel and landed her on the box that cost her 50k in taxes. They soon made up for it by landing her on a box with 25%interest on earnings. It took her seven minutes, 53 seconds to reach the final point. Cross had a great run and made it to the finish point in six minutes, 37 seconds.

1632514267 56 screenshot 2021 09 24 at 21.12.34


Queen also had a positive vibe about her and completed the course in three minutes, 25 seconds. She was super excited, especially because this was the fastest run so far. Nini finished in four minutes, four seconds, while Emmanuel finished in four minutes, 25 seconds.

Congratulations Queen! That was a Friday Night Task victory worth the wait.

Day 63: The ‘Chop Beta Life’ Task

The Lipton Task was filled with challenges and ended in a soiree the Housemates will not forget in a hurry.

Day 63: The 'Chop Beta Life' Task – BBNaija

Today’s Task in the BBNaija was sponsored by Lipton Ice Tea. The Task was aimed at encouraging the Housemates to “Chop Beta Life”. That also happened to be the theme of the Task. The Task was split into two parts. For the first part, The Housemates were required to work in teams.

However, the points scored in each team will be shared equally amongst the members of the team and will be added to each person’s total accumulated points at the end of the Task. The Housemates created their teams for the first Task with the lucky dip box provided for them.

The first task was for each Team to reconnect the Peace Day Puzzle pieces. The fastest team to reconnect their puzzle pieces earned 30 points, while the second and third teams earned 21 and 15 points respectively. Team 2 which included Saga, Nini and Cross were the first to finish their puzzle and won themselves 30 points.

1632585418 56 j

The next stage of the Task was the Lipton Ice Tea Peace Speech. For this part, the Housemates were required to work in their individual capacity and write a 2-minute speech on what peace meant to them. They had to mention the loved ones they miss and looked forward to reconnecting with. They also had to sign off their speech by saying “Peace Out” and doing the peace sign

1632585579 56 w4


At the end of this section, the Housemates had a mini jam session as a band played for the Housemates to dance their hearts out. Tunes from their ethnic background rent the air as they happily move their feet. At the end of the Task and mini soiree,

1632585845 56 aaa

Biggie announced the winners of the Task and they were as follows;

3rd position Whitemoney – N1 million Naira

2nd Position Angel – N1.5 million

1st position Saga – N2.5 million

Biggie also announced that the 3 winners were going to be brand influencers for Lipton Iced Tea for a year.

Day 66: The ‘Iron Fisher’ Task – BBNaija

Pere turns out victorious as the geng takes part in the “Iron Fisher ” Task by Innosson Vehicles.

Day 67: The Sharelympics Task

The geng had another fun Task and of course, some smiled to the bank.

Emmanuel, Liquorose and Pere won today’s Airtel “Sharelympics” Task. As part of this Task, Airtel showcased its new product called “Airtel Family Plan”, designed specifically for families to stay connected.

To complete the Task, Housemates were divided into two families and required to play a series of games that required them to work together.

Family 1 – Emmanuel, Liquorose and Pere.

Family 2 – Cross, Angel, Whitemoney

Off to the Arena

The first game played by the Housemates was a jigsaw puzzle. They were given two boxes containing the puzzle pieces with a reference image to guide them. It was a fast-paced Task, but Family one was the first to solve the puzzle.

The big foot race

For the second game, each family raced through the track using the provided boards on the floor. Members of each team had one leg on each board and held on to the ropes attached to the boards before they began their race to the finish line.

The egg relay race.

Similar to the game of relay, this time the Housemates were required to run with a spoon and a mockup egg in their mouths. Starting from the spot marked start, one family member ran through the track passing the ball on their spoon to the family member standing on the next spot, who proceeded to pass the egg to the last member of the family.

The blindfold game

For this game, each family nominated one representative who was blindfolded and required to touch the branded airtel milestones to claim the Airtel Family Plan written on them as they made their way to the finish line. Family one chose Pere to be their representative and he hit all the boxes in record time. Family two chose Cross

The Charade game

For the final game of the Airtel ‘Sharelympics” Task, the geng played the “Family Charades”. This game was to test how well they knew their fellow Housemates. A box containing some names of both current and Evicted Housemates were provided and taking turns, they each played four rounds of Charade where they acted out their chosen Housemates. Five points were awarded each time a guess was correct.

Watch the Task here


The geng didn’t have to wait too long before the result was announced. It was no surprise when Biggie announced Family one as the winner. They get a cash prize of one million Naira. Congratulations Emmanuel, Liquorose and Pere.

The entire House will also get the Airtel Family Plan when they get their phones.

Day 69 – WAW Task

The Shine Ya Eye housemates were faced with the Waw task in the final week It was a fun task and the addition of cash prizes to the banks of some housemates in the Shine Ya Eye season of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show.

For the Waw Task, the Big Brother Naija “Shine Ya Eye” Housemates were asked to play individually for the task.

White Money

The housemates were called to the arena by Big Brother to take part in the challenge and when it was completed, Emmanuel won N95,000 for winning the first activity and N1,000,000 for winning the second activity as well, making a total of N1,095,000.

Day 70: A win and treats

What better way to wake up than with money in the bank and delicious breakfast?

Day 70: A win and treats – BBNaija

After an amazing Jacuzzi Party, the geng woke up this morning to great news. Well… Pere, Liquorose and Emmanuel actually. The trio woke up to the announcement that they had won one hundred and fifty thousand Naira worth of shopping vouchers for winning the Amazon Farm Taste Test Challenge.

In addition, each of them also received seventy-five thousand Naira worth of shopping vouchers for winning the second game as well. That wasn’t all though!

Day 71: Cross and Liquorose win the Darling Task – BBNaija

Cross and Liquorose were announced the winners of the Darling Task.

Day 71: Cross and Liquorose win the Darling Task – BBNaija

Today, Emmanuel gathered the Housemates to read the final Darling Task Brief and announce the winners of the Task.

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While it was chilled vibes as Emmanuel read the Brief. He started by announcing the top Female Housemates. Angel accumulated 62 points this season and Liquorose on the other hand won the Task after scoring a tally of 84 points. Cross, Pere and Whitemoney cheered for her as they sarcastically alluded to being shocked by her win. The dramatisation of their shock really left us laughing as Liquorose awkwardly stood up to acknowledge their congratulatory messages.

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For the Shine Ya Eye gents, Emmanuel started with Biggie’s expression: “It may seem as though” and carried on to mention each Housemate’s total points. Pere scored 34 points and Emmanuel scored 56 points.

1633262101 28 screenshot 2021 10 03 at 10.05.15

Before announcing the top Male Housemate, Emmanuel asked Cross and Whitemoney to stand up before he mentioned their final points. The winning top Male Housemate for the Darling Task with just two points ahead was Cross at 76 points and Whitemoney coming in at a close second with 74 points. Pere’s jaw dropped as the news was relayed and proceeded to comment how he honestly did not see those results coming.

1633262076 28 screenshot 2021 10 03 at 10.06.08

Nonetheless, the Housemates have all showed up and have been bold and fierce, rocking many daring looks we wouldn’t ordinarily see. Congratulations to Cross and Liquorose who will receive N4.5 million and N2.5 million respectively.

In all, every housemate was a winner and here are the prizes what they each won during their time in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye season.

Winner’s Prize List (Whitemoney):

*Cash Prize of 30,000,000

*A two-bedroom flat courtesy of Renovation Plus

*Innoson IVM G40

*TravelBeta travel package for two (a trip for two to Dubai, including Airport Transfer and Tours.

*Cash in Abeg Wallet

*Cash prize from Patricia

*A weekend getaway to Seychelles courtesy Diageo

*Arla makers of Dano will provide cartons of Dairy products

*Pepsi supply for 1 year + merchandise

*Packs of Munch It and merchandise

*Tecno Products including the Tecno Phantom X mobile phone

*WAW Detergent Cartons

*Hawaii Soap products

*And other Consolation Prizes.

Task wins:

Whitemoney: $500 + 3,123,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + 1 year Dano Milk supply + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + 3 months free grocery shopping voucher at Grandex Store + Lipton Brand Influencer.

Liquorose: $1,000 BTC + N11,390,151 + N250,000 vacation funds in target savings, 1000 piggy points, and 50,000 safe lock vouchers on the Piggyvest savings app + N225,000 Amazon shopping voucher + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 6 Months Guinness supply + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + 1 year supply of Pepsi & all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + N83,000 Patricia BTC.

Pere: N1,990,151 + N225,000 Amazon shopping voucher + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + 3 months free grocery shopping voucher at Grandex Store + N83,000 Patricia BTC + brand new IVM Innoson motor.

Cross: N 7,506,817 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + Brand Influencer and 1 year supply of Supa Komando + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1. year supply of Close Up + 1 year supply of Pepsi & all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + N83,000 Patricia BTC.

Angel: N5,523,483 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno Phantom Smart Phone  + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + 1 year supply of Pepsi & all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + Lipton Brand Influencer.

Emmanuel: $500 + $1,000 BTC + N4,326,817 + N225,000 Amazon shopping voucher + 6 Months Guiness Supply + Tecno branded items + 1 year Dano Milk supply + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + N83,000 Patricia BTC.

Queen: N3,623,484 + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + 3 months free grocery shopping voucher at Grandex Store + N83,000 Patricia BTC.

Nini: N1,523,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 6 Months Guinness Supply + Tecno Phantom Smart Phone  + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + 3 months free grocery shopping voucher at Grandex Store.

Saga:$1,000 BTC + N4,848,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + 3 months free grocery shopping voucher at Grandex Store.

Yousef: $500 + N2,848,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 1 year Dano Milk supply + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Saskay: $500 + N4,131, 818 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 1 year Dano Milk supply + Brand Influencer and 1 year supply of Supa Komando + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + 1 year supply of Pepsi & all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai + N83,000 Patricia BTC.

Jackie B: N1,256,818 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Jaypaul: $500 + N2,406,818 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent  + Tecno Phantom Smart Phone + 1 year Dano Milk supply + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Boma: N556,818 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Tega: N1,623,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 6 Months Guinness Supply + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Close Up + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Sammie: $1,000 BTC + N423,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It.

Peace: N2,316,666 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 6 Months Guinness Supply + Tecno Phantom Smart Phone  + 1 year supply of Munch It + all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Maria: N556,818 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 1 year supply of Munch It.

JMK: $1,000 BTC + N1,756,818 + Tecno Phantom Smart Phone  + 1 year supply of Munch It.

Michael: N1,456,818 + Tecno branded items + 1 year supply of Munch It + 1 year supply of Pepsi & all-expense-paid trip to One Africa Music Fest Dubai.

Kayvee: _

Arin: $500 + N523,484 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent.

Princess: N556,818 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent + 6 Months Guiness Supply.

Beatrice: N166,666 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent.

Niyi: $500 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent.

Yerins: N166,666 + Airtel MiFi + 1 year supply of WAW detergent.


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