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She Said Yes! Aderonke ‘Rhonkefella’ Enoabasi is Engaged



Blogger and style influencer Aderonke ‘Rhonkefella’ Enoabasi has announced her engagement to the love of her life, Dee.

Rhonkefella first shared a slideshow on Friday responding to a negative comment made over a year ago, concerning her public show of love on social media. She revealed how happy she is that she showed how much she loved her mom while she was alive, adding that no one on earth will dictate to her how to live her life or celebrate the ones she genuinely loves.

SWIPE for more ❤️. What God cannot keep, can’t be kept.
True love, friendship, sisterhood, partnership is a blessing if I have to hide my relationship just so it survives. It’s not God’s will for me
God’s blessings can’t be hidden❤️. Goodmorning ?#foodforthought #straightfromtheheart #thanksgiving #day33 of thanksgiving

On Saturday, Rhonkefella finally revealed the reason for her previous post and how it came from a place of love. Her now fiance, Dee proposed over two months ago… and she said yes!

In her words:

Yesterday when I shared that bloggers gist with y’all, I was heading somewhere. Some people thought I was bothered, some thought I was aiding negativity.
Whew! Too many of you are impatient shaaaaa? Some of you wanted to go and fight I love you,?❤️? but it was unnecessary; some battles are God’s own

The reason why I didn’t speak on it all this while. I’m at peace fam! I waited on God to complete what he alone he has started. So now that the testimony is complete, I’m so happy to announce to you all that 72 days ago, exactly 2 months and 10 days ago, Dee asked me to marry him and I said YES?❤️?.

The rest they say is history. It’s a beginning of a wonderful journey in our lives. I pray God is going to perfect the wonderful things he has started in our lives. @instagram I do not own the right to this song. This is absolutely #GOD’sPLAN? All glory to him #God’splan2022 #isaidyes #therealrhonkefella

Watch the aww-worthy proposal below?:

Congratulations to the couple ❤️

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