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Noor Takaful Educates Entrepreneurs on Importance and Benefits of Takaful insurance

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Last week, Noor Takaful Insurance the pioneer composite Takaful Insurance firm in Nigeria, hosted young Kano entrepreneurs to an informal
hang out to deepen awareness on the importance and benefits of Takaful insurance.

While delivering his presentation during the hangout, the Vice-Chairman, Noor Takaful Insurance, Aminu Tukur, explained the concept of Takaful insurance.

Tukur stated that it was imperative for Nigerians,especially residents of Kano, to take advantage of the unique opportunities the company has provided by subscribing to any of the numerous offerings.

He said it was important for business owners to take a particular interest in insurance to save them from unwanted losses.

According to him, Takaful insurance operates in line with the principles of Sharia, stating that all non-permissible elements of conventional insurance have been filtered to enable them to subscribe.

He further disclosed that the offerings available under Takaful insurance were open to Muslims and non-Muslims,urging every Nigerian to subscribe to any policy.

A raffle draw was held at the event, and three people emerged as lucky winners. Each of the lucky winners got the opportunity to pick any insurance policy worth N50,000.

The event also offered an opportunity for attendees to network and see areas where they could work together to unlock opportunities.

Some of the attendees commended the organizers for the illuminating session.

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