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Taymesan’s Accelerate TV Cover Is Here and It’s a Must-See!



On “The Cover” of Accelerate TV‘s April 2022 issue is media presenter, actor and podcaster, Taymesan.

In his exclusive interview, he opens up on some tough questions like who would he prank, his favourite guest on his podcast, one person he’s envious of, and one person he would apologise to.

For the cover, the style star looks amazing in a multicolour jacket, rocking striped pants and tea while accessorizing with yellow sunglasses.

Read excerpts from the interview below:

On what went through his head on his way to Lagos after finally deciding to move:

To be honest, I just wanted to be a star. There was something in me that just knew if I entered this Lagos, I will never remain the same. So I kept moving. I said, “You know what, if I have to be inside the bus for six-seven hours make we reach this Lagos.” And once I landed, there was just an air. I just knew that I was going to work so hard to get here. I was so ready. Although, Lagos kick me from nyash sha but we still prevail.

If he could punch anyone in the face, who it would be:

There are too many people I want to punch in the face so I will not give you guys any satisfaction of knowing them. Love and light here. Please don’t put me in trouble

On who he would rather pull a prank on:

Maybe my grandma. I’m in charge of my brother right now and I can tell her that he’s gotten someone pregnant. She’s going to freak out. I’m the good one so I don’t think she expects me to be doing that but my brother will do that.

One opinion he’s glad he no longer holds on to:

That I’m not enough. That I have to do extra. That I have to always overcompensate. There are so many opinions I let go of when I
turned 25 and I’m happy that I’m finally in that headspace where I really don’t care about a lot of things. I care small about the
people that I love and how they feel about certain things but to a large extent, I don’t really care anymore.

Read the full issue here.

Watch his interview below:


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