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CWAY Group celebrates World Water Day With a Focus on Sustainable Water Management

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L-R; Chief Operating Officer, Lagos state water corporation, Deji Johnson; Sales Director, CWAY Group, Abiodun Suleiman; Guest Speaker, Associate Professor, Efe Uwadiae; Director, Land And Water Pollution Control Department, LASEPA, Faderera Koko; Deputy Marketing Director, Cway, Samuel Akinrimisi during the 2023 World Water Day, themed ‘Accelerating Change’ and tagged #Be the Change in Lagos.

CWAY Group, a renowned global producer of drinking water and beverages, held a thought leadership event at its Lagos, Nigeria headquarters on March 22, 2023, in honour of World Water Day.

The event was held to raise awareness about the importance of water and to encourage everyone to take action to preserve the invaluable resource. The conference was attended by government officials, representatives of corporate organizations, members of the press, and other stakeholders.

In his welcome address, Sales Director for CWAY, Abiodun Sulaimon, welcomed everyone to the event and emphasized the importance of education and learning from distinguished guests.

While expressing his gratitude to everyone who attended the event, he highlighted the importance of World Water Day, stating that it serves as a reminder of the need to preserve water resources for future generations.

Associate Prof. Roland Uwadiae, the keynote speaker, spoke on the topic,

Celebrating the Earth’s Most Important Treasure of Inestimable Value: Accelerating Change through Awareness and Value.

He presented some alarming statistics on water scarcity, pollution, and mismanagement, highlighting the urgent need for action to address these issues, and calling for urgent action to preserve this invaluable resource.

Some members of the CWAY Family at the WWD Event

He emphasized the importance of raising awareness and inspiring action, noting that corporate organizations can learn from CWAY’s example in promoting water conservation and sustainability. Prof. Uwadiae also led the audience in taking the water pledge, which was a commitment to reducing water waste and promoting water conservation in their respective communities.

Following the keynote address, Deji Johnson, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Lagos Water Corporation, called for more partnerships between the private sector and the Lagos state government to ensure sustainable access to clean water. He also addressed issues affecting water management and conservation in the state.

The COO who spoke on behalf of the Managing Director of the Lagos Water Corporation, Munimu Badmus, highlighted the progress the Lagos state government has made through the Water Corporation while noting the various challenges it has worked hard to overcome in the sector.

The event ended with a vote of thanks from Deputy Marketing Director for CWAY, Samuel Akinrimisi, who thanked all the attendees and emphasized the importance of collective efforts in accelerating change towards a sustainable future.

The Deputy Marketing Director of CWAY, Akinrimisi Samuel, expressed appreciation to all the state representatives and members of the press, saying,

This day is unique because water is the driving source of all nature.

Samuel affirmed CWAY’s commitment to providing clean and sustainable water to communities and thanked all participants for their contributions to making the event a success.

Cross section of participants Taking the World Water Day Pledge

He added that the CWAY Group remains committed to promoting the sustainable management of water resources and providing clean and safe drinking water to communities across Nigeria.

As part of activities to commemorate World Water Day, the CWAY Group refreshed essential workers across Lagos State with the CWAY-on-the-Go table water brand, among other initiatives.

CWAY Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of drinking water and other consumer goods in Nigeria and other parts of Africa. With a commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability, CWAY Group is dedicated to improving the lives of people across the continent.

As a large and advanced refilling water plant in Nigeria, CWAY Water Company makes significant daily sales that have a profound impact on promoting a healthier lifestyle among Nigerian consumers.

World Water Day: As part of activities to celebrate the day, CWAY Group refreshed essential workers in Lagos with CWAY on-the-go Table Water

The company produces Nigeria’s market brand for the 18.9-litre dispenser refilling water and dispenser machines category.

As a leading producer of bottled water and a responsible corporate citizen, CWAY has been promoting efficient and sustainable water management, by reducing water usage in its operations, promoting recycling and reuse, and supporting water conservation initiatives.

CWAY also raises awareness about the importance of water and encourages customers to adopt sustainable water practices.

CWAY water is available in a variety of sizes, including 50cl, 75cl, 150cl, and 19-litre bottles. The 19-litre bottle, in particular, is a popular choice for households and offices that require a substantial quantity of purified drinking water.

World Water Day: As part of activities to celebrate the day, CWAY Group refreshes essential workers in Lagos with CWAY on-the-go Table Water

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