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It Was Love at First Sight in NYSC Camp! Enjoy Esther & Peter’s Indoor Proposal

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How do you know you’ve found ‘the one’? For Peter, he knew right from the first day he set eyes on Esther at NYSC camp. 😍

The lovebirds headed North to serve their country and ended up finding love. They formed a sweet bond and Six years later, Peter asked Esther to marry him in a breathtaking surprise proposal. He led her into a candlelit room decorated with beautiful flowers and went down on one knee. Esther said ‘Yes’ to the love of her life and now, these two are on their forever journey! They look so beautiful together and we are super stoked for them! Their sweet #BNBling moment will definitely have you cheesing out.

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

How we met
By the groom, Peter:

I remember the first time I ever saw her. It was in November 2017 at Magaji Dan Yamusa camp in Keffi, Nasarawa state during NYSC. I said a silent prayer that somehow she’d be in my platoon. Things aligned and we both got platoon 6. Luckily, we were both in the parade squad and standing side by side as well. I remember I used to hold her hands during slow match even though our platoon soldier told us not to hold hands (it was worth the risk 😃). Getting to know her in camp was tricky so I had to settle for conversations once in a while, meetings on the parade ground and that one time in NCCF.

Not sure if it’s fate or luck but we both got posted to Lafia and bonded more on the way there from Keffi. I stared at her picture a lot over the Christmas holiday because I didn’t think I would see her again. As fate would have it, January came and she didn’t relocate. She came back to Lafia and we fell in love. She made my service year memorable and when it was time to leave, I lowkey wished the service year didn’t have to end. I remember the day she left, I thought that I was probably not going to see her again for years but God watching out for us.

In 2019, I got a job in Lagos, met her again and I knew right away we were going to have an amazing future together. The decision to ask her out again was a no-brainer. She is smart, beautiful, funny, and adorably stubborn at times and I’ll never trade her for anything. The way she stares when she’s trying to exaggerate a point, how she turns her head to the side to cover her face when she’s trying to hide a blush and the tenacity with which she argues about not being Gen Z . 😂 I’ve been absolutely smitten by her since I saw her discussing with that NYSC official in camp and I still wonder how one person can be so beautiful every time I see her till this day. I can’t wait to wake up next to you for the rest of our lives. I love you, baby girl.


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