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Omo goes to Abuja! Premium Detergent conquers Capital Territory

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The people of Abuja received a great proposition recently: how would they like a product that delivers quality cutting-edge technology, handles every tough stain on any piece of their laundry, weighs 100 grams and cost just N50?

The 100 gram Omo Fast Action pack was the centerpiece when the King of detergents went literally knocking on doors in the Land of the (Aso) Rock.

As befitting a King, there was a royal entourage led by Ali Nuhu—the Crown Prince of North Nollywood and Omo Brand Ambassador.

Among the many beneficiaries of this state visit were the residents of the Federal Housing Estate in Kuje. They had no trouble opening their gates, doors and arms to warmly welcome the crew for they knew of Omo’s fame and power.

And they were rewarded for their kindness with complimentary 100 gram packs to keep their outfits spanking and – yes – royally clean.

So, Abuja said a big “Yes!” to Omo Fast Action. Undisputed Champion and King of Detergents. And still the Fastest Tough Stain Remover in the Market.

And, now with the launch of the new 100g pack, it now offers the best value for just N50, there is no better proposition in the market today!

Below, enjoy some snapshots from some of the homes.

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