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#BNxMBGN19: Breathtaking Costumes, Synchronized Dancing, Energetic Performances… Here are the Memorable Moments from MBGN 2019



The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2019 has come and gone but we all have those moments that simply left us jaw-dropped, excited, laughing out loud and probably screaming.

From the beauty queens, to the stage effects, to the outfits and the crowing of Miss, here are the Biggest moments of the event.

1. The ladies’ choreography to Seyi Shay’s hit single, “Yolo”: The contestants were given the task of dancing to ”Yolo” by Seyi Shay and trust me, they delivered with smiles on their faces and the moment the songstress joined them on stage was epic.

2. The traditional costumes of the ladies: The Contestant’s Traditional Outfit: Its was a show of true African beauty and a display of exquisite cultural attire by the beauty queens, which reminded us of the African Queen in every Nigerian girl.

3. Seyi Shay brought fire on stage! We all know how energetic and daring Seyi Shay is while performing. Well, this time around, she came bearing the message of Love.

4. The Swimsuit segment was lit! The swimsuit is obviously a the part of the event that caught all our attention, especially guys. The ladies strutted the runway in an array of popping colored bikinis as opposed to previous monochrome uniforms.

6. The ladies brought their A-game when it was time to showcase their evening wear. The class they exuded in their lovely outfits was impressive.

6. The Winner that couldn’t hold back tears: When you are given a shinning crown, a huge amount of money, a brand new car and a chance to represent your country on an international level, you just have to shed tears!!! The new queen, Miss Nyekachi Douglas could not hold back her happy emotions but instantly had tears rolling down her smiling face as she wore her crown.

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