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Eventful presents ‘Shanty Aesthetic’, A Virtual Exhibition of Paintings by Sylvester Aigbogun | September 15th

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Art is as old as mankind and is considered as a language that goes beyond mere words.

The purpose of art is to communicate and tell our stories and act as a medium that facilitates emotional and intellectual exchange.

It is considered on a very broadscale as the unique and genuine expression of the inner thoughts, feelings, perceptions of the artist as well as the artist’s experience and interactions with the world. The process of communication and self-discovery between the artist and the audience makes art so intriguing!

In the event space, art can be seen and experienced all around and is also fundamental in creating exceptional and unforgettable guests’ experiences especially for art lovers, discerning art collectors, and creative enthusiasts.

Eventful is excited to bring to you a virtual art exhibition experience like no other themed Shanty Aesthetic in collaboration with the renowned artist – Sylvester Aigbogun.

Sylvester Aigbogun is an artist with over 20 years of extensive artistic skills and experience that has grown beyond his work as a graphic artist. 

One of his biggest fascinations and motivations as an artist is the use of colors and how they completely transform surfaces and textures to create a conversation masterpiece.

Shanty Aesthetic is a rich, colorful, visually appealing collection of over 25 oil paintings that showcase interactions between the elements and principles of art organized sensorially to give viewers a framework within which to analyze and discuss the aesthetic ideas portrayed.

This debut solo art exhibition by Sylvester Aigbogun cuts across portraits screaming silently with untold tales, art pieces that speak to trado-modern culture and lifestyle, appreciation of unique shanty structures and architecture, the unprecedented realities and experiences from the COVID-19 pandemic, all of which exude beauty, emotional power and human connection for utilitarian, decorative, therapeutic and communicative purposes.

The Virtual exhibition will be hosted online HERE from Tuesday , September 15th, and will be open to art lovers, enthusiasts and collectors for 10 days for their viewing and analytic pleasure as well as purchase for keeps or gifting purposes for the year 2020!


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