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Stay Woke! Oraimo is bringing ‘The Vibe’ – Be the First to Catch it!



Your entertainment experience with earbuds is about to hit the roof, and it’s all thanks to Oraimo‘s new product. From all our gathered sources, it is believed that this new sound product is codenamed “The Vibe”. Interestingly, you might be able to get your hands on it before the end of the month.  

Yesterday, Oraimo took to its twitter handle to tease about this new product. In its tweet, the smart accessory maker was careful not to give away any crucial information about the product but succeeded in achieving its intent of raising people’s curiosity. 

Over the last few years, Oraimo has built an undeniable reputation in the smart accessory market. Its range of products, including; super-fast chargers, power banks, earbuds, and smartwatches, among others, have all been asserted to be highly durable. 

Oraimo has also made giant strides in the entertainment industry. Apart from the fact that the brand’s uniquely designed earbuds have changed the dynamics of sound and entertainment for every consumer, Oraimo also has a musical icon in its corner. 

The smart accessory maker made a “smart” move, signing 2baba as its brand ambassador last year. The iconic artiste is a quintessential representation of originality, a value that’s in the heart of Oraimo’s product design and operations. Hence, our conclusion that the move was smart, and the match – heaven-made. 

What is known about the product?

Although Oraimo’s tweet reveals the launch day, which – judging from when it was posted on Monday night – should be on Saturday, September 26, 2020, it didn’t say anything about the new product’s specifications. 

However, tipsters have hinted that the earbuds will come in a more fashionable design, made such that it holds firmly to a user’s ear regardless of brisk movements. And just in case that didn’t excite you, they have also said that the air buds adopts a new technology that provides peculiar energy and punches up the usual experience with earbuds to an utterly pleasing height. 

You can stand a chance to win loads of gift items on the launch day if you participate in the online launch. If there’s one thing that’s certain with Oraimo, it surely will be that it’d never go back on its customer reward policy. The brand continues to dish out gift items and other prizes to its customers at every chance that it gets, and this wouldn’t be an exception. As part of the rewards, discount codes for pre-orders will be announced during the launch.

The theme of the launch is “The vibe is coming.” The event will be held online, and viewers might get to hang out with the legendary 2baba and other celebrities at the event.  

How to participate

To participate, click on this link and register with your valid details.

For more information on the upcoming event, follow Oraimo on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook.

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