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#FacebookxBellaNaijaSuccessStory: Gina Ehikodi Ojo, CEO Foodies & Spice, talks about her Journey through Media, Raising a Family & Building her TV Cooking Show



From building her business from a locker to owning 2 huge stores, growing from 0 to $100,000 in revenue return, the #FacebookxBellaNaijaSuccessStory campaign has let us in on business stories that are inspiring and encouraging.

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And there’s still more to learn, more stories to tell, like Gina Ehikodi Ojo‘s, founder of Foodies & Spice

Foodies & Spies is a TV cooking show that airs on over 11 TV channels in Nigeria.

A law graduate who has been called to bar, Gina followed her creative dream and found a job at a media house. Here, she not only learned about production and its basics, but also took advantage of this platform to start her own cooking show.

From this starting point, she gathered more knowledge and wasn’t ready to settle for less. She pitched to different production companies to achieve the reach she needed for her dream show. She kicked off in October 2013, and through Facebook as a suitable promotion tool, she gained great visibility and, with feedback, was encouraged to create her second channel.

Marriage and childbirth set in, and she came across a few challenges she had to wade through. Still, she forged on irrespective, and this earned her a major sponsorship deal to get ‘Foodies & Spice’ on more channels.

As a managing director, an entrepreneur, and a mother, the need arose to prioritize and she decided to put her kids first. So, she resigned as managing director with the aim of placing more focus on her brand and her kids.

Her brand grew into handling production for other companies, and also birthed an annual food festival called ‘The Foodaholic Festival

Watch to find out how COVID-19 shook her plans for the brand, the Foodies & Spice Travel Series, getting new investors on board, and how she was able to balance the situation and still sustain her brand.

Also, find out how she was able to utilize marketing tools like Instagram and Facebook to create more awareness for her brand and also promote other businesses as well.

Watch the full video below:


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