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Olasupo Shasore’s Book ‘A Platter of Gold’ gets adapted into Documentary Film On Netflix ????



Renowned Nigerian Legal Practitioner, Historian, Writer, Olasupo Shashore has stepped up Nigeria’s recognition in the global arena following the production of his book titled “A Platter of Gold” Into a docu-series by Netflix.

Speaking with Newsmen about the successful production and narration of the book adapted into a documentary, Olasupo Shashore expressed joy at the honor of being one of the core human assets of Netflix, saying the recognition the book brings to his name and the entire nation is expected, as he believes the book is a goldmine.

Shasore who stated that the book which bothers on the unsaid facts about slave trade up to the independence of Nigeria, said it can be enjoyed in equal measure by any race, sex, or gender of people who watches the docu-series titled “Journey of an African Colony: The Making of Nigeria” on Netflix.

While appreciating Netflix for accepting the book amongst so many great books in the world for the docu-series, the former Attorney General of Lagos State noted that this feat raises Nigeria for global prominence even as he has been making Nigeria proud through his legal strides worldwide.

While this documentary sets the record straight about the history of Nigeria as well as its prospects, this is to tell the world that Nigeria through great minds like mine is playing its role in ensuring global sustainable human development, through educational and entertaining resources such as ”Journey of an African Colony: The Making of Nigeria,” He said.

“Netflix being a global platform designed to preach the contextual stories of Nations and individuals through its on-demand movies, documentaries, and the likes, accepted the book for a documentary, so everyone can have access to the historical knowledge shared in the book.”

It serves as a big projection of my craving that Nigerians, especially authors and artists should have unlimited access to a resource such as this documentary, for research purposes and in order for their works towards building a better Nigeria to be rock-solid.

Olasupo’s other books – “A Platter of Gold: Making Nigeria”, “Possessed: A History Of Law & Justice In The Crown Colony Of Lagos 1861-1906”, form the basis of the New Netflix Naija Docu-Series.

Following the world premiere of “Journey of an African Colony: The Making of Nigeria” on Netflix in 2020, The book has since been reviewed by renowned writers and authors on platforms like The New Yorker, American University Radio, etc.

A Dotts correspondent reports that Olasupo Shashore is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria and a partner at Africa Law Practice NG & Co (ALP NG & Co), a leading commercial law firm in Nigeria who has served as Chairman of the Lagos History Committee that produced the seminal work “The History of Lagos; from earliest times” with some of the country’s leading academic historians.

He is the Chairman Nigeria Advisory Board of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council and member of its international advisory board; Chairman of the Nigeria Commonwealth Walkaway Committee; Chairman Lagos Theatre Festival (LTF) Foundation LTD/GTE.

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