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Something For Brides & Grooms! Ric Hassani Features in This Classic H.A.T Collection by Hebrew & Toys

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When it comes to weddings, there are many highlights on that beautiful day. However, two people carry the bulk of it. Of course, we’re talking about none other than the couples! The two lovebirds are the reason there’s a wedding in the first place, so it’s a given that the spotlight rests on them. Now, with the spotlight on them, it is only natural that they want to own it to the best of their ability.

Ace Nigerian fashion brands, Christiana Hebrews and Femy Toys clearly understand how important it is for couples to appear their utmost best and so they came through with this collaborative collection, H.A.T weddings. With exquisite and elegant outfits for both bride and groom, the collection is a handy go-to for couples who truly want to dazzle as they walk down that forever path.  Uber talented Musician Ric Hassani models the collection with so much suaveness, showing us that music is certainly not the only thing he’s amazing at! You definitely want to go through this lookbook if your wedding is on the way.

Here’s how the brand designs describe the collection:

From deep down our HEARTS; we bring forth masterpieces of ART called HAT. Ladies and gentlemen; we present you HEBREWS AND TOYS. A bridal; sartorial and traditional collaborative showoff. In this display of cosmic visualization of the dressmaker’s soul, my mind is screaming to be worn; an attempt to clothe the timeless man with my imagination. I tapped into another realm of creativity to birth smart, functional, and culture-inclined pieces made of plain/floral jacquard fabrics, cashmere, velvet and aso-oke. This ceremonial showoff of spousal aesthetics is a call to the modern bride with a flair for the extravagant. One who’s bold to serve ravishing pieces representing both immense power and beauty. With this presentation, we explore the magnificence of details and measured opulence. Our all-around seasonal collection ( HAT WEDDINGS) by CHRISTIANA HEBREWS & FEMY TOYS is aimed at promoting collaborations amongst fashion creatives and projecting an array of clothing ideas for the potential bride and groom.

Check out the entire collection lookbook below and be inspired!



Female designer: @christiana.hebrews.bridal
Male designer: @femytoys
Photography: @spotlightpi
Female model 1: @amanda_dara
Female model 2: @kbsmodels (Victory)
Male model: @richassani
Shoes: @martinsjohnsonofficial
Makeup: @bukekayoo | @tyfablooksmakeover
Hairstylist: @hairbyseraphic_
Gele: @adufegele
Bouquet: @allbellaz
Trad jewellery: @_luideo_
Hair accessories: @Hallesbridal
PR: @moafricapr


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