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TedxNzaStreet announces It’s Third Edition titled Aku di Nulo ‘The Wealth at Home’ | November 27



This year, TedxNzaStreet seeks to transport a general orientation on the possibilities and novel forms of innovation at home, by exhorting the people of Enugu and her neighbours to reclaim her wealth that has been abandoned.  It is by reason of this resolve, that the TedxNzaStreet team, with her well-established internal network of effervescent minds, has invited these powerful and provocative personalities, each with a myriad of experience, to her third edition of TedxNzaStreet, Aku di Nulo ‘The wealth at home’

Centring on African intellectual freedom fighters, Prof. Osita Ogbu, OON, demonstrates the impact made by Africans by reflecting on the preoccupations, held sway on the minds of her intellectuals. Jasmine Naza Onyia, the CEO of Nazmine Media Company further revisits the brewing talent at home by unfolding how local contents are globally relevant.

The technological revolution is at the forefront of expanding our knowledge, easing our mode of living and creating a channel for global connection. Ugochukwu Aronu, the Xend CEO brings to light how Africans can be a leading force in creating technology for global use.

Once a former minister of power, Prof. Barth Nnaji, in his enthusiasm offers different insight on gains of an interconnected southeast. Prof. Dikeoha Okwu of Dikeohamatics Educational Services comes with this univocal concept of demystifying Mathematics, by reflecting a model through which young people can overcome Math phobia and begin to apply it to logical and systematic reasoning.

With her unique sort of humour and charisma, the widely celebrated comedian and singer, Chigurl, brings with her a direct flow of influences on making a success from what makes you unique. The possibility of creating a healthy and comfortable livelihood for both mother and child is made evident by the Medical Doctor, Chudi Igwe Obuba with his manifestation on how the Indigenous Omugwo practice can improve child maternal health, and the effective ways through which maternal mortality rates can be reduced in Nigeria.

In setting up a friendly environment for the people of Enugu, Chijioke Diogu founded Nautical East to promote fitness and tourism in the metropolis of Enugu and its environment. By revealing the possibilities in this sector, Chijioke will be showing ways tourism can be a massive source of wealth creation in Enugu. Joshua Agusiobo, founder Hikerstrail also leverage what we know about tourism in Enugu by focusing on the culture and lifestyle of the Enugu people.

We see in these topics, the full nature of the wealth at home, and how through a precise connection of it all, we can restore harmony at home and also develop the most opportune way in applying them to our individual talents.

TedxNzaStreet with much energy remains devoted to unveiling the secrets of success, by actively forming narratives on human standards of value and living. TedxNzaStreet will be happening this year at Viva Cinema, Polo park mall, Enugu on November, 27,2021 around 10 am. They cannot wait to have you!

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