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Ali Nuhu is the Latest Brand Ambassador for Checkers Custard

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Top quality food brand and one of the best FMCG brands in Nigeria, Checkers Africa,  producers of Checkers Custard, have once again signed on a 3rd Brand Ambassador, in the person of one of Nollywood and Kannywood’s finest, director and producer, Ali Nuhu Muhammed. This unveiling happened on Wednesday, March 16th, 2022, at the Presidential Suite Hall, Tahir Guest Palace, Kano.

It was a gathering of the management and staff of Checkers Africa, Ali Nuhu and his team, the media and fans of the top Nollywood actor, who graced the signing ceremony.

Checkers Custard is produced by Checkers Africa and comes in three exciting flavours of Vanilla, Banana and Milk 3-in-1.

The convergence of the two kings; Ali Nuhu Mohammed fondly called ‘Sarki Ali’ and Nigeria’s favorite Custard brand, Checkers Custard, gave credence to the fact that both brands have established a good and secure working partnership.

In the words of Ali Nuhu the Brand Ambassador himself,

“Checkers Custard has been a favorite of my family ever since…” its introduction into the market. “I promise to push the brand further with activities that are even beyond what is stated in the contract, and I hope this relationship will pay off for both parties in the long-term”

The Managing Director of Checkers Africa, Karan Checker, stressed that the interest and choice of Ali Nuhu was due to his amiable character, top notch talent and humility. He also thanked the star actor for being agreeable to a cordial relationship with the trusted brand.

He elucidated on the importance of the nutritional benefits of the custard clearly singling out the Milk 3-in-1 variant (the milk custard) which is fortified with vitamins A and D, contains calcium and protein, all essential components for “good diet” and proper bodily functions.

The union of Ali Nuhu Mohammed and Checkers Custard is sure to spark a new chapter in the journey of the Checkers Custard brand as Karan Checker pointed out that,

“In the course of the next few months, Ali Nuhu and Checkers Custard will use this partnership to further bring to the good people of Kano and Nigeria, special packages and opportunities in order to fulfill our respective roles in society”.

The ceremony ended on a wondrous note as the audience had interactions and a Q&A session with the new face of the product. Attendants also had the chance to savor the delicious taste of Checkers Custard flavors as it was adequately provided as part of the refreshment at the parley.


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