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#BNxBBTitans: Thabang and Nana save Juvone & replace with Juivola

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Thabana won the latest Head of House challenge, taking over from the Royals. As HoHs, Thabang and Nana couldn’t be nominated, and they had the power to save and replace people.

Following the HoH task, the housemates were given an hour to think over their nominations before going to the diary room to put up two pairs for eviction.

Blaqleng: nominated Yelisa and Juvone
Juiovla: nominated Khosicle and Blaqleng
Juvone: nominated Blaqleng and Royals
Kaniva: nominated Juvone and Juiovla
Khosicle: nominated Blaqleng and Maya
Maya: nominated Kaniva and Khosicle
Royals: nominated Blaqleng and Kaniva
Thabana: nominated Maya and Yelisa
Yelisa: nominated Kaniva and Blaqleng

Kaniva, Blaqleng, Khosicle, Juvone, Maya, and Yelisa were placed up for eviction since they had the most nominations. After going back and forth, not sure whether to nominate Juiovla or the Royals, Thabana used their veto power to save and replace Juvone by nominating Juivola in their place. This week’s nominated pairings are:


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