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Artistic Expressions: Lost In Lagos Plus Magazine Releases Their July Issue

By Lost in Lagos Plus Magazine

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Art allows individuals to channel their innermost thoughts and feelings into a tangible form, creating a unique narrative that speaks volumes about their personal experiences and perspectives.

It is through art that people find a voice to express what cannot be put into words, whether it is joy, sorrow, love, or anger. Design, on the other hand, transforms everyday objects and spaces into meaningful and functional art, influencing the way we interact with our surroundings and each other.

As the latter half of the year begins, Lost In Lagos Plus Magazine uses this issue to document the shared artistic mission of Nigerian artists and designers: to create a dialogue that transcends borders and cultural differences, uniting people through common themes and experiences.

“Artistic Expressions is dedicated to Nigerian artists and designers who use their talents not only to express themselves but also to make a meaningful impact on society.

Their work reminds us of the transformative power of art and design, and their ability to inspire, provoke, and bring about change,” says Elvis Osifo, the Editor-in-Chief.

Not sure where to start? Delve into the serene yet powerful depictions of Black womanhood by Morenike Olusanya, or explore Babatunde Tribe’s exploration of the blurred boundaries between art and activism.

Gain insights from leading interior designers such as Anderson Edewor, Folakemi Oloye, and Nicole Omatsone, whose works seamlessly blend design with function and identity, creating spaces that are both beautiful and meaningful.

Alternatively, take a behind-the-scenes look at the Lagos Street Art Festival, where public spaces are transformed into platforms for dialogue and engagement, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

Every month, a business is featured as the ‘Spot of the Month,’ and this July, Interstyle Home assumes that position. Strategically located at the forefront of Babatunde Jose Street in Victoria Island, Lagos, Interstyle Home is the premier choice for residential and project furnishing. This comprehensive homeware hub provides everything necessary to transform any living space into a stylish and comfortable sanctuary.

Since 2005, Chakra, a Franchise under Interstyle Home has been infusing homes with elegance and nature through its bamboo and hypoallergenic materials. Every item in Chakra is either fully handmade, 100% natural, bamboo-based and completely sustainable, reflecting a deep commitment to both health and the environment.

Click here to read the latest monthly issue of the Lost In Lagos Plus Magazine now.

Ten Brands for Stylish Furniture Pieces

Furniture pieces tell a story of the room they are placed in, creating a lasting impression for the occupants of the room or space. That’s why it’s important to have unique and stylish furniture pieces. Here’s a list of the top 10 places to shop for unique and stylish furniture pieces:

Interstyle Home

The magic of Interstyle Home is brought to life by a stellar lineup of brands and franchises under it that represent the pinnacle of home design; from Kooduu, Les Jardins, Febal Casa, Ezpeleta, Vondom to Chakra, Interstyle Home stands out for its unique and rich home pieces.

You can get everything from furniture, design pieces, window sliders, kitchen beddings, decor pieces, towels made from bamboo and appliances like a smoke extractor, kitchen hood, gas cooker, etc.

Address: 18, Babatunde Jose Street, Victoria Island | T: 08176667910 | IG: @interstylehomenig

Teal Culture

Teal Culture is a luxury lifestyle concept store that brings a touch of sophistication and elegance to any space. The store is renowned for its exceptional art pieces and unique furniture that can transform your home or office into a gallery-like experience.

Address: 84, Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue, Victoria Island | T: 08175706176 | IG: @tealcultureng

Kare Nigeria

Kare Nigeria is a premier destination for furniture that strikes the perfect balance between creating a homely atmosphere and exuding sophistication. Their collection is designed to make any space feel welcoming yet still has a sophisticated outlook that screams class.

Address: 5, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island | T: 08184698684 | IG: @kare_nigeria

Boho Furniture

Boho Furniture is ideal for GenZs and millennials who are just setting up their office or living space. With a focus on DIY solutions, Boho Furniture offers the ease and simplicity needed to create a stylish and functional environment without hassle.

Website: | T: 08172988884 | IG:

Millennia Furniture

Your offices deserve a comely feel. Millenia offers innovative design solutions for all your office and workspace needs. From a sleek phone booth and an open office setup to office lounges, they’ve got the furniture and expertise to make office spaces super comfortable to aid productivity.

Address: Spar Store, Lekki and Spar Store, Adeola Odeku | T: 08129936917 | IG: @millennia_furniture


Taeillo has masterfully combined budget-friendly pricing, minimalist design, stylish aesthetics, and sustainability in its furniture offerings. Their pieces are ideal for those who appreciate unique, minimalist furniture without compromising on quality or style.

Address: 56, Billings Way Oregun, Ikeja | T: 08096753355 | IG: @taeillonigeria

Like a Home (LIKEA)

You’re familiar with IKEA, right? LIKEA is a retailer that sells IKEA products, including ready-to-assemble furniture pieces. These items are renowned for their versatility and multiple uses. There are shelves that transform into beds (brilliant, isn’t it?) and chairs that morph into sleeping spots.

Address: 35A, Saka Tinubu Street, Victoria Island | T: 09087081119, 09087098169 | IG: @likeahome.nigeria

The Mimọ Brand

The Mimọ Brand focuses on designing products that support a mindful and intentional way of living. Each piece is created to enhance daily life through simplicity and functionality.

T: 08104418441 | IG: @themimobrand

Vava Furniture

From stylish sofas and armchairs to chic coffee tables and media consoles, Vava’s furniture collection is thoughtfully chosen to enhance aesthetic and functionality, creating a welcoming and stylish environment.

Address: Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island | T: 08098777666 | IG: @vava_furnitures

Idea Home Design

Idea Home Design is a furniture chain store that manufactures an array of furniture types, including living room, bedroom, dining, and office furniture. With stores conveniently located near you, finding their beautiful and functional furniture is easy and accessible.

Addresses: 27/29, Allen Avenue, Ikeja | 307, Adeola Odeku Street, Victoria Island | 19b, Sabitex Road, Lekki
T: 09099991380

Top 5 Picturesque Galleries in Abuja

Abuja brims with artistic brilliance. For art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, we’ve curated a list of the top 5 picturesque galleries you must visit. Each gallery offers unique and captivating art displays that promise to enrich your cultural experience and provide numerous photo opportunities.

Retro Africa Gallery

Retro Africa presents Modern and Contemporary African art in an elegantly designed, tranquil space. The gallery showcases meticulously arranged artworks, with a 15-minute viewing limit per floor. It also features a chic restaurant and a guest inn, offering serene, photogenic settings. Entry is free.

Address: 12 Ukpabi Asika St, Asokoro, Aso 900103 | T: 07082222604 | IG: @retroafrica

Thought Pyramid Art Centre

This inviting, aesthetically brilliant gallery spans two expansive floors, featuring diverse art collections and unique metal fencing around manicured grounds and outdoor artworks.

The ambience is top-notch, and photos are allowed. A restaurant is conveniently located in the same compound. Free entry is from Monday to Saturday, while Sunday visits are by appointment only.

Address: 18, Libreville Street, Wuse II | T: 09060008532, 08033322885, 08094449991 | IG: @thoughtpyramidabuja

Nike Art Gallery

Nestled in a serene environment, Nike Art Gallery offers a cosy ambience for art lovers, even those new to art. Its diverse paintings and sculptures make it an ideal spot to relax and appreciate art. All artworks are for sale. Entry is free, and you are welcome to take unlimited photos, except for the artwork.

Address: Habiba Plaza, 6 Osun Crescent, Maitama | T: 08133098000 | IG: @nikeartgallery_abuja

Orisun Art Gallery

This classy art gallery offers exquisite paintings and sculptures in oil, acrylic, charcoal, bronze, metal, wood, stone, tapestry, and relief etchings. It’s perfect for visual art lovers seeking a blend of classical, intellectual, modern, and popular art trends.

The space also hosts events, allowing you to party amidst the art. Entry is free, but there is a fee for taking pictures.

Address: 1st Floor, Tropic Gallery Mall, Beside Grand Square, Central Business District | T: 08136884645 | IG: @orisungallery

Discovery Museum

Nigeria’s first digital museum blends art, technology, and history in a vibrant, interactive space. The Discovery Museum showcases digital displays from the 1800s to today, each telling a unique story.

A must-visit for art lovers, it offers a captivating journey through time. Entry is paid, but you can take photos with the artwork, but refrain from touching them.

Address: 7, Hombori Street, Opposite Best Premier Hotel, Wuse 2 | T: 07062951710 | IG:

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